How Honeyguide Are Using itemit For A Not-For-Profit Fixed Asset Register Solution

How Honeyguide Are Using itemit For A Not-For-Profit Fixed Asset Register Solution

How Honeyguide Are Using itemit For A Not-For-Profit Fixed Asset Register Solution


“itemit is easy to use and has the best, quick customer support.”

Samwel Shaba

Programs Manager


“itemit is easy to use and has the best, quick customer support.”

Samwel Shaba

Programs Manager


Honeyguide is a non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation efforts in Tanzania. They work across nearly 1.2 million acres of wilderness in Tanzania, and their aims include enterprise development, management & governance, communications, human-wildlife conflict prevention, and wildlife & habitat protection.

As their efforts span such a wide area, it is critical that they track their assets effectively. This is as the risk of losing assets is increased due to consistent movement, creating a need for effective asset management operations.This is where itemit comes in. itemit is a scalable and shareable asset tracking software that allows you to track multiple assets across the globe with ease. When tracking assets across a wide area, a robust, customisable tracking software is essential.

honeyguide conservation asset tracking

The Challenge

Honeyguide have a wide variety of assets over a spread out area. This increases the risk of lost assets, a loss of accountability, and a loss of clarity very heavily. The need for a robust asset register is critical.

The challenge is clear. With assets spanning any distance, gaps in accountability are much more likely. This leads to inaccuracies in accounting, loss of assets, and the purchasing of duplicates.

When assets are used to protect wildlife and for conservation efforts, lost assets can slow down the success of conservation. Also, with the need to purchase replacements quickly, costs can add up.

A loss of accountability, therefore, slows down the efforts of any company due to knock-on effects in terms of cost and time, but with such an important cause, this can create bigger risks to an ecosystem.

itemit’s Fixed Asset Register Solution

Honeyguide found itemit and purchased the fixed asset register software to increase their accountability over assets and reduce the risks related to gaps in asset tracking. itemit provides Honeyguide with the ability to log their assets and track them with their existing barcodes.

itemit is used worldwide, and companies are using the asset tracking system to track assets across the world. This means that it is fit for purpose when it comes to tracking and managing asset data over a wide area.

With years of development behind the system, it has grown into a capable system that makes tracking sparse assets simple and effective. 

Honeyguide also use itemit to run audits on their assets. These audits verify that assets that should be in a location are still there, meaning that fewer assets go missing or become unaccounted for.

Then, as the day to day tracking updates reporting data, it is simple to retrieve reports of asset movements and asset information, such as issues and maintenance. This gives Honeyguide a quick and easy way to better monitor and control their assets.

The Results

Honeyguide have expanded their use of itemit to include bookings and equipment check in, check out data. They can track their assets when they move between employees with ease, therefore, meaning they get a granular view of their assets’ movements.

Honeyguide are also using itemit to add information to their assets, such as item specifications and accessories. This has created a robust, accurate, and very easy to use asset register.

Overall, itemit allows Honeyguide to monitor their assets’ movements and information, whether the assets are moving between employees or across 100s of acres. The reporting and fixed asset management tools available give Honeyguide the visibility they need to ensure that assets are less likely to go missing.

Samwel Shaba, the Programs Manager at Honeyguide, says:

“itemit is easy to use in any platform and has the best, quick customer support any time we’ve had an issue.”

honeyguide conservation lookout team

How can itemit help you?

itemit is helping charities and not-for-profits across the globe, from Honeyguide to Tanzania to cancer research in Australia to autism support in the UK. We’re proud of our work with charities, and offer a 30% charity discount on our Pro packages.

itemit offers a powerful system that you can use to track and manage your assets, allowing you to log your assets, their data, and then track all the movements and changes your assets go through on a daily basis.

To find out more about how itemit can help you, you’ll be able to contact the team at You can also start a free trial by completing the form below.

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How Chichester Festival Theatre Are Using itemit For Fixed Asset Management And Prop Tracking

How Chichester Festival Theatre Are Using itemit For Fixed Asset Management And Prop Tracking

How Chichester Festival Theatre Are Using itemit For Fixed Asset Management And Prop Tracking

“We’ve seen huge benefits in having an accurate, up-to-date overview of our stock and where it is.”

Katie Hennessy

CFT Props Store Co-ordinator

Chichester Festival Theatre are using itemit to track and manage their prop and furniture store, IT assets, and equipment. Beforehand, props and other fixed assets were logged sparsely and one system was needed to track locations, damage, depreciation, and other fixed asset management operations.

Chichester Festival Theatre is one of the UK’s flagship theatres, renowned for the exceptionally high standard of its productions, which range from star-studded musicals to exciting new plays, as well as its work with the community and young people. Many of the shows that originate in its two theatres go on to the West End or tour nationally and internationally.

itemit’s asset tracking system is a powerful software where you can log your asset register and view and update asset information in real-time. Using apps and a web portal, itemit allows you to retrieve, view, and edit asset information, such as location, condition, and financial data in an instant. If you imagine a world where you and your team can see what props and equipment you have, what’s available and book it – all done remotely and from an app, instead of needing to be onsite, then itemit is for you! Since its inception, itemit has grown into an effective fixed asset management system with a range of helpful location tracking, auditing, and depreciation features.

theatre asset tracking software

The Challenge

Before using itemit, Chichester Festival Theatre was faced with the challenge of logging, monitoring, and tracking crucial asset-related data. With a register of equipment, props, and fixed assets to monitor, any changes or updates would require manual edits.

Therefore, if any of these multiple assets moved around, it would become more likely that they would be unaccounted for. This risk could create inaccurate asset-related finances and problems related to auditing, insurance, and tax. Any damage was more likely to go unnoticed, too, which is a huge issue for props that need to look fresh and authentic.

The ability to log props and fixed assets, track their movements, and monitor prop condition and asset finances all in one place was needed. This way it would be possible to ensure everything is up to date, accurate, and visible in both financial terms and in terms of use and condition.

One system would be needed to scale Chichester Festival Theatre’s fixed asset management, too, as the use of various features would help with further accountability and transparency over their asset register.

itemit’s Fixed Asset Management Software

Chichester Festival Theatre found itemit as a solution to their asset tracking challenges. itemit is an effective solution that allows users to log their assets as unique items and add data to their respective profiles. 

It is then possible to implement asset tagging to link physical assets to their digital counterparts. This way, any time a prop or fixed asset undergoes a change, such as if it gets damaged or if it moves location, the process is a simple case of scanning, then using one of itemit’s features to log the change. The logged change then updates in real-time and across the entire itemit system, meaning anyone on-site can indicate damage to any remote parties that need to know about a prop’s condition.

Chichester Festival Theatre has also added multiple departments to the itemit system, showing the range of benefits. Not only is itemit being used by the props team, but its usage has spread to different departments including the finance team.

Scanning an asset’s tag updates an asset’s last-seen location and opens the asset’s digital profile simultaneously. On an asset’s digital profile, it is then possible to use a variety of features, such as issue reporting through an issues management system.

A complete asset register is automatically updated and created with every change, too. Therefore, whenever a new asset is added to the system, all of its data and information will be added to a visible, streamlined, and automated asset tracking system.

Chichester Festival Theatre are currently scaling their itemit usage and will make use of helpful depreciation features to monitor asset finances with greater ease. They will also be using the bookings feature to track where assets are being booked out to, who is using them, and when they’re due back. This is highly effective when props are hired out to other theatres or companies as it ensures transparency for when props are needed for Chichester’s own performances.

The Results

The results are an effective, singular system where Chichester Festival Theatre’s users can view information related to their fixed asset register, props and IT assets with ease. They can track a variety of different asset-related information automatically and at speed in a way spreadsheets won’t allow for. This gives the teams visibility over what props are available ahead of time. Simply by checking the itemit app on their phone, they can look through all available props when planning and designing performances.

itemit is benefitting multiple teams within Chichester Festival Theatre, too, providing ROI in multiple different areas. This includes when managing IT assets, managing the theatre’s financial records, and keeping control of props to ensure they’re available, undamaged, and viable for use onstage.

Chichester Festival Theatre are planning on scaling their usage and the itemit team is looking forward to closely working with them while they spread to more prop hiring, more fixed asset management, and more effective IT asset management operations. With the use of more features, Chichester will roll out a fully transparent asset management system that updates in real-time, indicating any changes any of their assets go through.

Katie Hennessy, CFT’s props store co-ordinator, says:

“itemit allows us and the wider team to instantly and conveniently see what assets we have, which is particularly important when it comes to props. Now our team can browse through the props available to them from their phone, instead of needing to physically visit our off-site store and rummage through them! We’ve seen huge benefits in having an accurate, up-to-date overview of our stock and where it is. We are looking forward to expanding usage into booking and checking out assets too”

The itemit team looks forward to a close relationship with Chichester Festival Theatre and are thrilled with the opportunity to assist with the tracking and management of theatre assets and props.

How can itemit help you?

If you need a solution to track inventory, props, or fixed assets, book a demo of itemit here and we’ll show you everything it will do for you. You can also contact the team at

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Moving House Using itemit’s Asset Management System

Moving House Using itemit's Asset Management System

A Customer Has Used itemit To Assist With Their House Move

We greatly appreciated the versatility and usability of itemit”


 itemit has been used to help a customer move house. The customer wished to verify that their belongings had been transferred effectively after the move and were still accounted for. Therefore, they searched online and found itemit’s asset tracking system.

itemit’s asset tracking system is built for a variety of different uses and operations. At its core, itemit was developed to ensure that assets are in the correct place and accounted for, too, which is how it can be applied to so many different use-cases.

Charlotte Ellarby, co-creator of the itemit app says “it’s thrilling to see itemit being used by so many different people and for so many different things. We’re very keen to see itemit continue to grow and continue to help so many different people!”


The Challenge

The challenge the customer faced was the risk of losing assets during the move. Assets are most likely to become lost or unaccounted for when they’re in transit. Without a system in place, it would be a very manual process to verify that all assets have arrived.

There is a clear challenge in auditing and verifying assets still exist either physically or on your asset register whenever something moves, hence the unfortunate prevalence of ghost and zombie assets on manual systems.

Automated systems, however, provide more visibility, more transparency, and more accountability over your assets. Whether this is when they’re physically in front of you or if it’s in an auditing process to verify that they’re where they should be.


itemit’s Asset Auditing Solution

itemit’s asset tracking software allowed the customer to log all of his assets onto itemit. They could then use their own asset tags to link their physical assets to the digital assets on the system.

They could then also use collections to monitor which assets were in which boxes for more clarity across the board. Now, they’d be able to look at the itemit system and see exactly which assets should be in which boxes and, therefore, have a much clearer view of everything overall.



The customer would be able to create a simple asset register, add granular information to assets, track the locations of assets, and assign certain assets to certain boxes. This would work in much the same way as any other asset management operations, as it would allow the customer to keep a closer eye on where their assets are and how they’re being interacted with.


The Results

itemit provided the customer with a simple, cost-effective system that could give them more visibility over which assets they own, where the assets are specifically and more generally, and where the customer could verify that everything was correctly moved.

The customer said: “We greatly appreciated the versatility and usability of itemit. It was easy to use and saved us time and effort in the long-run in terms of finding things after a chaotic home relocation. We appreciated the support of itemit, and would recommend the app for keeping your things organised.”

With the amount of control and clarity the system provided, the customer also said they “saved many hours of searching” before adding that they also saved “many hours of frustration”.

The itemit team wishes the customer all the best after the move and looks forward to continuing to assist a wide range of individuals and businesses.


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Royal Signals Are Using itemit For Insurance, Location, And Asset Audits

Royal Signals Are Using itemit For Insurance, Location, And Asset Audits

The Royal Corps Of Signals Are Using itemit For Auditing Purposes

“itemit’s solution is easy to use and easy to set up.”

Wally Drain, Corps Property and Heritage Officer

itemit has teamed up with the Royal Corps of Signals to assist in their asset tracking and management. The Royal Corps of Signals are leaders in IT, Telecommunications, and Cyber within the British Army.

itemit was referred to the Royal Signals team by REME who recommended itemit as a better way to track and manage collections of furniture and artwork as well as other fixed assets. The itemit team helped the Royal Corps of Signals set up their fixed asset register and start tracking their assets.

Alex Wong, co-creator of itemit, said of the deal: “The itemit team is thrilled to be working closely with another member of the Ministry of Defence and helping them preserve historic assets.”


The Challenge

Before the implementation of itemit, the Royal Corps of Signals faced a lack of transparency related to their assets. The challenge was presented as an archaic access database was in use, meaning there was no ability to update in real-time as audits were being undertaken. Without automation, the manual input quickly became unwieldy and incredibly lengthy.

On their asset register, the Royal Corps of Signals has a wide range of different assets from books to paintings to furniture to fixtures. Without a cloud-based system, no real-time updates could occur. This meant asset records quickly became out of date and inaccurate.

All of the Royal Corps of Signals’ assets needed to be tracked down to their location for auditors and insurance purposes. With the number of sites that assets spread across, this quickly became an insurmountable task with their previous access database.

The assets needed to be segregated, too, so that it was clear which were stored on each site. In addition, a member of staff at each site needed to know what they had onsite in order to accept responsibility for those assets and collections. Therefore, a solution was needed that allowed staff to view assets only at their own site.


itemit’s Fixed Asset Register Solution

The Royal Corps of Signals were recommended itemit by a similar organisation. itemit’s fixed asset register solution would give them a clear view of what they own, with images, and help track the minutiae related to assets.

itemit’s system streamlines many auditing and accounting operations as the use of asset tags, in this case QR codes, allows for an in-app scan to make any edits that are required. 

After discussing the requirements with the Royal Signals team, the itemit team also improved the implementation of itemit’s locations feature to include a simple and powerful way to track the locations of assets from room to room.

The Results

With the Royal Corps of Signals asset register uploaded onto itemit and working effectively, there was nothing left to do but to start using the system.

Wally Drain, the Corps Property and Heritage Officer, says “itemit’s solution is easy to use and easy to set up. The reports and asset register is always accurate and up to date for auditors, which saves us a lot of time!”

Since using itemit, the locations of assets have been much easier to maintain and track regardless of which building or regiment the assets are currently in. There is more transparency over what the corps owns.

With itemit, the Royal Corps of Signals can:

  • Audit which assets are in each location, across all of their sites
  • Track the data they need for auditors and insurance purposes

  • Segregate views for security and privacy reasons

  • Make changes in real-time, across the board, from any of their sites

  • Export and customise a report for auditors and insurers to use with the inclusion of images and asset data

The itemit team looks forward to future developments and discussions with the Royal Corps of Signals and rolling this out to many more similar organisations in the near future.

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Cambridge University Is Using itemit’s Asset Tracking System For Asymptomatic Test Kit Tracking

Cambridge University Partners With itemit For COVID-19 Pool Testing Programme

Cambridge University Is Using itemit’s Asset Tracking System For Asymptomatic Test Kit Tracking

itemit allows us to be extremely adaptable to address the constant challenges of the pandemic.

Rob Glew

University of Cambridge

Cambridge University has implemented a pooled testing programme to provide asymptomatic COVID-19 tests to its students regularly. The testing programme aims to make the University a safer environment, mitigating the risks of an outbreak, allowing for consistent study and research. itemit is assisting in the University’s efforts by allowing for more communication within the supply chain and by providing the ability to monitor the movements and stock levels of the test kits.

The operations work on a pooling basis. Various “households” of 6-10 students have tests delivered to them. Each student then takes the test and places it in a collection box. These boxes are then collected daily ready to be analysed. If any of the test results are positive, that household is told to isolate, while individuals are tested to identify who has the infection. Overall, this increases the effectiveness of the testing capacity of around 2,000 tests a week as minor outbreaks can be identified and addressed.

itemit’s asset tracking software allows Cambridge University’s testing team keep track of test kits from a central hub to 37 Cambridge colleges across over 50 sites in a closed-loop logistics effort. Test kits are tracked in boxes, each with an itemit QR tag, and scanned by delivery drivers as they are moved between locations. 

“At the very start of the pandemic, we donated use of the itemit asset tracking system to the University of Cambridge to provide an instant solution to tracking PPE stocks, initially, and test kits more recently. This powerful collaboration ensures tracking of critical test kits that allows the University to detect and control outbreaks of COVID-19.” Dr Alex Wong, Co-founder and CEO of RedBite says. 

The Challenge

On any scale, supply chain management and mass testing have many challenges that need to be addressed. Creativity and innovation are often required to overcome challenges related to communication, transparency, and performance.

The most pressing challenge is ensuring each household receives the correct tests on the correct dates and to ensure that these tests are promptly collected and analysed. A manual system would not allow for the flexibility and real-time nature required to keep an accurate history of test kit movements.

It was essential for the University to ensure that every step in the logistics process worked as quickly as possible, with under two weeks to put all necessary processes in motion. From preparing kits to delivery, to the collection of samples, to the delivery to testing centres, every step must tightly and seamlessly progress to the next. Without KPIs or an established system, any improvements or changes would be slow and risk a lag in scalability or the overall success of the programme.

Therefore, the main risk was that a lack of communication between steps in the supply network could stagnate the entire programme. This meant that a system would be needed that could track test kits as both inventory and individual assets and that would allow for automated communication between delivery drivers, the colleges themselves, and the testing labs. This system would then have to be scalable to allow for rapid growth, contributing to the success of the programme and allowing for a faster implementation to address this pressing need.

Healthcare Asset Tracking Software At Work

itemit’s Asset Tracking System

The itemit asset tracking software is owned and created by RedBite Solutions. RedBite has over a decade’s worth of expertise solving the world’s most complex asset tracking challenges and supply chain issues. The itemit app was developed as a response to the patterns RedBite found regarding common asset tracking challenges, allowing for an affordable off-the-shelf solution to archaic asset tracking methods, such as spreadsheets.

RedBite Solutions is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge’s Auto-ID Centre and has had a productive relationship with the University since its constitution. As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spiral out of control and the University was inundated with PPE donations, there was an urgent need to manage donations received and deliver these to local hospitals in dire need of PPE supplies. RedBite donated the use of the itemit system to the University in immediate response to the growing pandemic.

itemit, therefore, started a partnership with the testing logistics team by first helping them collect and log donations of PPE before delivering them to Addenbrookes hospital. This partnership has since developed into the tracking of COVID-19 test kits as a result of the University’s impressive testing procedures.

Primarily, itemit provided the logistics team with the system and assisted them in setting up a PPE logistics pop-up warehouse in under three days. Due to this partnership, itemit has since developed new features to assist with the University’s efforts in tracking its test kit inventory. 

itemit is continuing to add additional capabilities as it has been awarded an InnovateUK grant in response to dealing with the threat of global disruption. The project aims to assist with end-to-end communication and inventory management within logistical testing and PPE operations on a national scale. These new features will continue to benefit the University in its testing efforts, but also assist in equipment pooling, allowing different warehouses to communicate their stock levels to ensure there’s no stagnation or shortage in the supply chain.

The University team utilise itemit to track stock levels and test kits when they’re sent out or collected. This way, by scanning a QR code, delivery drivers can verify that the package has either been collected or delivered. Every time a QR code is scanned in the app, the phone’s GPS location is automatically recorded and the last seen location is updated. In addition, the team place itemit’s GPS trackers in test kit boxes to ensure critical test kit swabs are not lost or misplaced. itemit GPS trackers allow for real-time monitoring of asset location and provide much-needed reassurance to the University.

As the system is cloud-based, these updates happen for all users in real-time, allowing for instant verification of delivery, stock levels, and test kit location. Remote verification is therefore possible, too, allowing the logistics team to identify and rectify issues faster and from the testing warehouse.

The Results

The system is an ongoing success. Positive COVID-19 cases are accurately identified and addressed creating a safer environment for both students and faculty. The system has been so effective that in the final week of term 10,000 students were tested without a single positive case.

Rob Glew, a researcher in operations and supply chain management who headed up the PPE Logistics Project, says “itemit allowed us to change our entire operation within a couple of days. It has played a critical role in assisting with wide-scale supply chain disruptions due to the ongoing crisis. Using itemit allows us to be extremely adaptable to address the constant challenges faced by an ever-changing global pandemic.”

The system has proved of vital importance on so many occasions already. For example, when delivery drivers believed some test kit boxes had not been picked up, the team have been able to rely on itemit’s tracking data to see that in fact the boxes were collected. Not only does itemit show the history of the boxes’ movements but it also shows who had them and when. On a separate occasion, the team worried a box of test kit swabs had gone missing, but thanks to itemit, they were able to retrieve the box as a result of knowing its last known movements.

How can itemit help you?

If you need a solution to track inventory or assets, book a demo of itemit here and we’ll show you everything it will do for you.

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Equipment Tracking: How Action Dry are using itemit

Action Dry Equipment Tracking

“Tracking equipment would be difficult and expensive to replace. This led us to turn to itemit.”

Equipment Tracking for Restoration 


Action Dry provides emergency response to flood damage and restoration services. As a result, they rely upon a large number of tools and equipment to deliver their critical service and restore homes and buildings following a disaster.

Priding themselves on their rapid emergency response, Action Dry helps a wide range of buildings to recover, from domestic properties to business properties. There isn’t a job too large or too small. The critical nature of Action Dry’s business means that their rapid response times are crucial. It’s paramount that at a moment’s notice, the team can find the equipment they need for the job.

Due to the specialised nature of flood response services, a lot of Action Dry’s equipment is bespoke. This means not only is it valuable in terms of cost but also in the sense that it can be challenging to replace quickly should a critical asset go missing.


The Problems

Action Dry leaves many pieces of equipment on-site for the duration of a restoration job. The duration of a job can vary drastically in length, depending on the severity of the damage caused. Tools and equipment will remain on-site until the job is completed, to allow for remedial works to continue.

As a result, the company faced a few issues. Firstly, if the equipment was left on-site and not seen for a few days or a few weeks, then there was no guarantee that the team would be able to find the asset at the end of the job. In addition, with many jobs ongoing at the same time, too many tools and critical equipment were being taken to jobs with no record of which job the kit was being used for. Any equipment lost as a result of this lack of accountability and traceability was very costly to replace.

What’s more, is that this lack of visibility over where assets were presented a significant inefficiency. If equipment continued to be unaccounted for, customer service was at risk. Clients may find they have been left with a piece of equipment after the job should have completed. Or, the team at Action Dry may not have been able to find critical bits of kit when they needed them urgently.

Action Dry sought a solution to these problems that would allow for complete visibility of where tools and equipment were and a system that would increase accountability within the team. That’s when Action dry found itemit.


The Solution: Equipment Tracking

The itemit asset tracking solution allows for transparent and straightforward equipment tracking. First things first, Action Dry logged all of their tools and equipment in itemit, creating an asset register of all critical assets.

Next, each asset was tagged using QR code asset tags. This means that the team need only scan a tag to update the asset’s location. In e background, itemit also records who has the asset and the time and date that the asset was seen.

Every piece of Action Dry’s critical kit and equipment is now tracked, and its location is updated when it arrives at a restoration job. Not only that but the equipment is scanned periodically by staff to ensure that it is still where it is supposed to be.

In addition to equipment tracking, itemit offers Action Dry a solution for managing PAT tests and equipment servicing.


The Results

Action Dry now have a centralised asset registration system that allows for 24/7 monitoring of asset whereabouts and condition. The whole team have access to itemit and can scan assets not only to identify them but to update locations and check critical PAT test and servicing schedules.

The asset tracking software increases accountability for the Action Dry team as each piece of kit has an audit trail which documents not only where the asset has been, but also which member of staff had it. As a result, tracking down equipment is far easier.


Return on Investment

The ability to use equipment tracking to identify where an asset is instantly and to create a more efficient retrieval process saves Action Dry significant amounts of time on an ongoing basis. The savings are two-fold. Firstly, in the case that a piece of equipment is left on-site, time is saved because the team can identify the location of the asset immediately. Before itemit, the only option was to look back through site records to work out which site the piece of equipment was most likely to have been left at, with no guarantee the asset is actually there. Secondly, instead of manually recording where assets have gone to, the team just scan their assets and the location is automatically.

Assuming that a conservative number of one asset was ‘left behind’ each week before using the new tracking solution and that itemit, therefore, saves the company 1 hour a week, this equates to a saving of 52 hours in a year which is nearly 7.5 working days each year.

In addition to this time saving, for every piece of equipment that would otherwise have been lost, Action Dry also saves in the region of £2,000 in replacement costs. If one asset each month were lost or misplaced, this would result in replacement costs of £24,000 each year. 

Thanks to itemit, assets are fully traceable. With indicative savings of over £25,000 per year, it’s easy to see why Action Dry has been a loyal customer of itemit for over two years.



Equipment tracking can help all manner of industries. It is helpful for restoration and remediation, but if you’re in the construction industry or simply have tools that you need to track, itemit can help.

Better accountability with itemit’s equipment tracking capabilities will mean that you save thousands of pounds a year as you won’t need to splash out on unnecessary replacement assets. 

With the additional time savings, the asset tracking software delivers, you’ll be able to serve your customers to a higher standard and consistently scale your company.

Find out more about how itemit can help you and your company either by contacting us or by filling in the form below.

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