itemit QR stickers help to identify and keep track of your business assets and home inventory

  1. Stick QR stickers onto your items and boxes
  2. Scan the QR to see all the information you need
  3. Use the itemit app to find the items you’re looking for

itemit Enterprise

Small business looking for asset management software?

Low cost and easy to use – itemit is effective asset management for SMEs

Multiple business sites and warehouses?

Keep track of what is where by checking items’ last seen locations

Team-wide, collaborative asset management

Ensure everyone’s on the same page – literally!

itemit Personal

Moving house?

Keep track of your things and boxes, especially which box the kettle is in!

Having a spring clean?

Organise the things and boxes in your garage or attic

Just a bit forgetful?

Remember everything you keep forgetting!

We have all kinds of stickers including waterproof ones, rugged outdoor ones, metal ones and tamperproof ones. Soon you’ll be able to look through your options here but in the meantime just drop us an email with what you’re after and we’ll reply with options and prices! Simple.

Or, take a deeper look into our RFID app system.

I need some stickers!