Forget everything you think you know about RFID.

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The World’s Simplest
RFID Asset Tracking System.

Crafted by RFID experts with 25+ years RFID expertise.
Everything you need – readers, tags, software and support.

Created by RFID experts. Off the shelf. Quick & easy set up.

RFID specialist badge

Created by a team of world-leading RFID experts.

A spin out from the University of Cambridge, the team started out as architects of RFID and IoT standards.

Designers of bespoke global RFID solutions.

The team have delivered RFID asset tracking systems to Boeing, Rolls Royce and the United Nations.

Powering the world’s largest RFID deployment.

itemit creators are also responsible for powering the world’s largest RFID network. Across 60+ countries.


Choose a scalable solution. Ready to use today.

itemit enables you to be up and running faster than any other RFID solution.

See itemit RFID in action


What does the itemit RFID tracking system give me?

itemit is your one-stop shop for RFID readers, tags and software. Get everything you need to
manage your readers, collect tag reads and deliver useful information to the business.

RFID readers to suit your needs.

  • Over the years we have worked with RFID reader manufacturers across the world. We have our favourites (!) but will advise those most suited to your requirements, based on our extensive testing and experience.
  • To go with those readers, you’ll also need RFID antennae. Think of the RFID reader as the brain which tells the antennae what to do and the antennae as the arms which send out the radio frequency signals to the nearby RFID tags and receive information back.
  • Our standard reader packs come with all the antennae, readers and cables you’ll need. So don’t fret.

Get your fixed RFID Readers here

Get your handheld RFID Readers here

RFID software - a beautiful management portal.

  • Forget the complex, ugly and unintuitive software associated with RFID. itemit is a breath of fresh air. Available on iOS and Android apps and a desktop web portal, the simple interface makes it easy to find the information you need. Coupled with powerful reporting, you have everything you need in one modern, low cost RFID system.
  • itemit was designed and created by the team at RedBite Solutions Ltd. RedBite was founded in 2006 as a spin-out from the University of Cambridge. The founders are a team of RFID experts that collaborated as part of the
    Cambridge Univeristy Auto-ID Centre, where the GS1 EPC standards were established.

Find out more about the team behind itemit →

RFID tags in all shapes and sizes.

  • Wether you’re familiar with RFID technology or you’re still wondering what does RFID stand for? you’ll know that finding the right RFID tags can be a minefield.
  • We provide a wide range of tried and tested RFID tags and will happily recommend those best for your requirements.

Find out more about RFID tags and costs →

World-class and friendly support and advice.

  • RFID runs through the core of everything we do and have done for the past 20 years. We are passionate about providing solutions that deliver the results you need. And what’s more, we really care about ensuring your solution is an undeniable success. You have our unconditional support.
  • The itemit RFID solution is available off the shelf. If you need something a little more specific then we will ensure you get that too. Having delivered bespoke solutions for the United Nations, Boeing and Rolls Royce (to name a few!) you’re in very safe hands.

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Choose the solution that’s right for you.

Handheld RFID
scanner system

A simple, easy to use solution for stocktaking many assets. Ideal for assets that need a concealed tag.

Isn’t it time your life was easier?

Starting from £19.99 per month*.

Fixed RFID reader solution

Powerful automated RFID tracking. Stop searching for equipment and let your assets tell you where they are.

Ideal for warehouses, store rooms, hospitals, laboratories and more.

Insane time savings await you.

Starting from £249.99 per month*.

Personal RFID inventory tracking system

Do you dream of a world where you can walk into your garage and know where that box of tools is?

Now you can.

Starting from £19.99 per month*.
* All packages are billed annually. Excludes hardware.


A solution for any use case and industry.

Track any asset using itemit. Whether it’s expensive artwork, equipment or critical hospital and medical devices, you can track any asset using itemit’s RFID technology.

Managing high value asset collections

Tracking personal home inventory

RFID hospital and medical device tracking

Tool & equipment RFID tracking

Managing high value asset collections

Tracking personal
home inventory

RFID hospital & medical
device tracking

Tool & equipment
RFID tracking


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A simple, easy to use solution for stocktaking many assets. Ideal for assets that need a concealed tag.

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