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Getting started

Using itemit

What is itemit?

itemit is simple asset management software. Available on iOS and Android, the itemit mobile app lets you keep track of your assets on the go.

itemit is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Upgrade to itemit Enterprise and you’ll get all the standard features, plus the ability to collaborate as a team, free QR codes and help migrating your existing asset database. Start your free trial now!

Who is itemit for?
itemit is for anyone who wants to get organised, whether that’s at work or at home. itemit has been designed flexibly so that you can tailor it to suit your needs. Keep track of your personal collections, manage the items in your office or workplace and organise the things you need to remember at home.
What is itemit Enterprise?

itemit Enterprise is the collaborative asset management app for busy teams that are on the move. itemit takes care of the things that keep your organisation on track. With Enterprise, you’ll get access to all the standard features, plus some awesome extra ones, including:

  • Team-wide collaboration – Collaborate with your whole team to get real-time insights of your things!
  • Hassle-free migration – We’ll help you import your existing asset database into itemit
  • Free QR labels – We’ll give you the first 100 labels free when you order your first 1000 labels
How do I upgrade to itemit Enterprise?
Drop us an email – and we can get the ball rolling!
Can other people scan my QR codes and see my item profiles?

Nope, negatory,

All of your items are kept private and secure.

Do I have to have phone connectivity to access my item records?
No. The beauty of itemit is that you can access your item records, wherever you are and even while offline.
How do I order more itemit QR code asset tags?
Simply drop us an email – and we’ll get to work on it right away.


Locations & Mapping

Assign a location to an asset, so it has a place to call home. If your items are on the move, you can see the item’s last seen location so you’ll always know where to find it – thanks to itemit, you’ll never lose an item again!

Choose to view your assets on a map and, even more convenient, view those that are near to you!

Reminders and Notifications
Let your items remind you when they require attention. You’ll receive a notification when a reminder is due! You’re free to add as many reminders as you need, even repeat reminders – whatever makes your life easier.

Add pictures, pdf documents, Excel files and Word files. Attachments can be added in the attachments section of the item profile page or when adding a comment. Your attachments can be photos from your device’s photo library, new pictures you’d like to take there and then and documents.

You can also manage your attachments from the side menu. Here you can view all attachments. Simply click on each document for more info, such as the file’s format, size and to see which items the attachment is currently assigned to and to add it to more items. Use the nifty QR scanner to instantly assign it to the item that’s in front of you.

Tag your assets with itemit QR codes so that you can quickly identify the item in front of you. Our customised and secure QR codes contain a unique URL. Scan the QR using the itemit app and you’ll be taken straight to that item’s profile page. You can also attach multiple QR codes so it’s even easier to identify your items!
Add comments on your items’ profiles pages, rather than on post it notes and bits of paper that often go astray. This way, you’ll always be able to find all the information you need!

Collections have been flexibly designed so that you can easily categorise and organise your items. For example, why not create a ‘Maintenance’ collection and assign it to any items requiring maintenance, or perhaps you’d like to differentiate between those items tagged in your office at those tagged at home, just create and assign a collection for each to the corresponding items.

You can also create collection hierarchies to better categorise your assets. For example, you can start with a type of asset, such as “electrical” and then further categorise into “laptops”.

You can create as many collections as you need. Head to the side menu to configure the collection’s names, colours and whether or not the collections appear in the side menu – great for quickly finding the items you need.


From the time you create an item, every edit, action and change is recorded as part of that item’s history. It is not possible to edit or delete historical events and records, this ensures your records are full and complete!

Historical events will be recorded along with the date, time and location of the actions – especially useful for organisations that need real-time insights into their items. With itemit for Enterprise you’ll also see who carried out the action and who had your items last!

Record any piece of information you need for your items. Choose to add a date instead of text and name the information type anything you like, from purchased from, to purchase date, colour, asset owner – the possibilities are endless!
Offline Access
Thanks to itemit’s nifty offline capabilities, you’ll have the things you need anytime, anywhere.

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