So, how did itemit come to be?

“Somewhere in between the laughter, creativity battles, board games and coffee, itemit was born.”

Our Story

itemit was envisioned and created by the team at RedBite Solutions.

RedBite was founded in 2006 as a spin-out from the University of Cambridge. The founders are a team of RFID experts that collaborated as part of the Cambridge University Auto-ID Centre, where the GS1 EPC standards were established.

The team spent over a decade working with some of the largest organisations in the world, including Rolls Royce, Boeing, the United Nations and Sony. During this time, RedBite designed, developed and provided bespoke asset tracking and management solutions to each organisation, to solve the world’s most challenging asset tracking problems.

As you’d expect, we learnt so much form working with these amazing organisations. The biggest thing we took away was that no matter what the organisation or the industry, the same fundamental problems were seen in every scenario. Answers were needed for what may appear to be fairly simple questions:

  • What assets do I have?
  • Where are my assets?
  • Who has my assets?
  • What condition are my assets in?
  • What assets are available for use?

itemit was created to provide answers to these questions and more. The easy-to use and low-cost SaaS solution makes enjoyable asset tracking accessible for every organisation.

We are proud to support these amazing organisations around the world.

Meet the itemit Team

Get to know the team that pour their hearts into the software you love.

“Captain of the ship. Serial innovator.”
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“Go-to itemit guru. Games Master.”
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Lead Server Developer

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Software Developer

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Lead Web Developer

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Associate Director

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Marketing Executive

“Expert developer. Board game beginner.”
Most likely to try and speak on video chat while muted.


Software Developer

“Mobile developer extraordinaire.”
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Mobile Developer

Solving the world’s most challenging asset tracking problems


of the planet

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