Asset Tracking

The QR and RFID Asset Tracking System for your industry.

Construction Equipment Tracking

Keep track of which equipment is on each site. From PPE to cranes and skips, itemit simplifies asset management.

Tools and Equipment Tracking System

Effortlessly keep track of your critical tools and equipment. See where your assets were last and who had them.

NGO and Charity Asset Tracking

A simple way to keep track of your assets and who they belong to – perfect if you have lots of volunteers!

Church Asset Tracking Solution

Join churches around the world that trust itemit’s QR and RFID asset tracking system for their assets.

High Value Collections

Track your High Value Collections for insurance, audit, accountability, and maintenance purposes.

Bakeries and Bread Basket Tracking

Track your bread baskets and gain greater accountability over your assets. Track them from bakery to customer with ease.

Any industry. Any asset. One solution.

itemit is a modern alternative to traditional asset management. Say goodbye to out-of-date spreadsheets. The itemit asset tracking system comprises an iOS and Android app, so your team on the ground have instant access to the information they need and a web portal for those back in the office to run advanced asset management reporting.

Asset tracking software and app

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Asset Tracking for your industry

Construction Asset Tracking

Assign machinery and tools to jobs so you can see where all your tools and equipment are. Ensure your team know which assets they are responsible for to make sure assets don’t get left behind. Keep track of where your assets were last seen and where they’re supposed to be!

NGO and Charity Asset Tracking

Let itemit keep track of your assets so you can focus on what’s important. Allocate uniform and equipment to teams so you know who is responsible for what. The best bit is if anyone comes across a stray piece of kit, they can simply scan the tag to see who it belongs to!

Tools and Equipment Tracking System 

Keep track of your tools, IT equipment and machinery. itemit’s unique offline mode ensures you and your team can access the information you need whenever and wherever you need it! Handy reminders prompt you when assets need maintenance. Your whole team can use itemit straight from their phones.

Church Asset Tracking Software

Church Asset Tracking

Collaboratively manage your assets. You and your team simply scan an asset’s tag to see the information you need. itemit’s last-seen location will ensure you know where your assets were last scanned. Add in handy reminders so you know when assets are due back and when they need servicing.

QR and RFID Asset Tagging System

QR Code Asset Tracking

Choose the tags that are right for you

itemit can be used with QR code tags for our lowest cost solution. If you have more advanced requirements, our RFID solution might be best for you. Both QR and RFID allow you to uniquely tag all your assets. We have a range of asset tags available including, stickers, anodised aluminium tags and iron-on tags – great for clothing items! Let us know which assets you need to track and we’ll recommend the most suitable tags.

Help is at hand

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