How Honeyguide Are Using itemit For A Not-For-Profit Fixed Asset Register Solution

How Honeyguide Are Using itemit For A Not-For-Profit Fixed Asset Register Solution


“itemit is easy to use and has the best, quick customer support.”

Samwel Shaba

Programs Manager


“itemit is easy to use and has the best, quick customer support.”

Samwel Shaba

Programs Manager


Honeyguide is a non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation efforts in Tanzania. They work across nearly 1.2 million acres of wilderness in Tanzania, and their aims include enterprise development, management & governance, communications, human-wildlife conflict prevention, and wildlife & habitat protection.

As their efforts span such a wide area, it is critical that they track their assets effectively. This is as the risk of losing assets is increased due to consistent movement, creating a need for effective asset management operations.This is where itemit comes in. itemit is a scalable and shareable asset tracking software that allows you to track multiple assets across the globe with ease. When tracking assets across a wide area, a robust, customisable tracking software is essential.

honeyguide conservation asset tracking

The Challenge

Honeyguide have a wide variety of assets over a spread out area. This increases the risk of lost assets, a loss of accountability, and a loss of clarity very heavily. The need for a robust asset register is critical.

The challenge is clear. With assets spanning any distance, gaps in accountability are much more likely. This leads to inaccuracies in accounting, loss of assets, and the purchasing of duplicates.

When assets are used to protect wildlife and for conservation efforts, lost assets can slow down the success of conservation. Also, with the need to purchase replacements quickly, costs can add up.

A loss of accountability, therefore, slows down the efforts of any company due to knock-on effects in terms of cost and time, but with such an important cause, this can create bigger risks to an ecosystem.

itemit’s Fixed Asset Register Solution

Honeyguide found itemit and purchased the fixed asset register software to increase their accountability over assets and reduce the risks related to gaps in asset tracking. itemit provides Honeyguide with the ability to log their assets and track them with their existing barcodes.

itemit is used worldwide, and companies are using the asset tracking system to track assets across the world. This means that it is fit for purpose when it comes to tracking and managing asset data over a wide area.

With years of development behind the system, it has grown into a capable system that makes tracking sparse assets simple and effective. 

Honeyguide also use itemit to run audits on their assets. These audits verify that assets that should be in a location are still there, meaning that fewer assets go missing or become unaccounted for.

Then, as the day to day tracking updates reporting data, it is simple to retrieve reports of asset movements and asset information, such as issues and maintenance. This gives Honeyguide a quick and easy way to better monitor and control their assets.

The Results

Honeyguide have expanded their use of itemit to include bookings and equipment check in, check out data. They can track their assets when they move between employees with ease, therefore, meaning they get a granular view of their assets’ movements.

Honeyguide are also using itemit to add information to their assets, such as item specifications and accessories. This has created a robust, accurate, and very easy to use asset register.

Overall, itemit allows Honeyguide to monitor their assets’ movements and information, whether the assets are moving between employees or across 100s of acres. The reporting and fixed asset management tools available give Honeyguide the visibility they need to ensure that assets are less likely to go missing.

Samwel Shaba, the Programs Manager at Honeyguide, says:

“itemit is easy to use in any platform and has the best, quick customer support any time we’ve had an issue.”

honeyguide conservation lookout team

How can itemit help you?

itemit is helping charities and not-for-profits across the globe, from Honeyguide to Tanzania to cancer research in Australia to autism support in the UK. We’re proud of our work with charities, and offer a 30% charity discount on our Pro packages.

itemit offers a powerful system that you can use to track and manage your assets, allowing you to log your assets, their data, and then track all the movements and changes your assets go through on a daily basis.

To find out more about how itemit can help you, you’ll be able to contact the team at You can also start a free trial by completing the form below.

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