Royal Signals Are Using itemit For Insurance, Location, And Asset Audits

The Royal Corps Of Signals Are Using itemit For Auditing Purposes

“itemit’s solution is easy to use and easy to set up.”

Wally Drain, Corps Property and Heritage Officer

itemit has teamed up with the Royal Corps of Signals to assist in their asset tracking and management. The Royal Corps of Signals are leaders in IT, Telecommunications, and Cyber within the British Army.

itemit was referred to the Royal Signals team by REME who recommended itemit as a better way to track and manage collections of furniture and artwork as well as other fixed assets. The itemit team helped the Royal Corps of Signals set up their fixed asset register and start tracking their assets.

Alex Wong, co-creator of itemit, said of the deal: “The itemit team is thrilled to be working closely with another member of the Ministry of Defence and helping them preserve historic assets.”


The Challenge

Before the implementation of itemit, the Royal Corps of Signals faced a lack of transparency related to their assets. The challenge was presented as an archaic access database was in use, meaning there was no ability to update in real-time as audits were being undertaken. Without automation, the manual input quickly became unwieldy and incredibly lengthy.

On their asset register, the Royal Corps of Signals has a wide range of different assets from books to paintings to furniture to fixtures. Without a cloud-based system, no real-time updates could occur. This meant asset records quickly became out of date and inaccurate.

All of the Royal Corps of Signals’ assets needed to be tracked down to their location for auditors and insurance purposes. With the number of sites that assets spread across, this quickly became an insurmountable task with their previous access database.

The assets needed to be segregated, too, so that it was clear which were stored on each site. In addition, a member of staff at each site needed to know what they had onsite in order to accept responsibility for those assets and collections. Therefore, a solution was needed that allowed staff to view assets only at their own site.


itemit’s Fixed Asset Register Solution

The Royal Corps of Signals were recommended itemit by a similar organisation. itemit’s fixed asset register solution would give them a clear view of what they own, with images, and help track the minutiae related to assets.

itemit’s system streamlines many auditing and accounting operations as the use of asset tags, in this case QR codes, allows for an in-app scan to make any edits that are required. 

After discussing the requirements with the Royal Signals team, the itemit team also improved the implementation of itemit’s locations feature to include a simple and powerful way to track the locations of assets from room to room.

The Results

With the Royal Corps of Signals asset register uploaded onto itemit and working effectively, there was nothing left to do but to start using the system.

Wally Drain, the Corps Property and Heritage Officer, says “itemit’s solution is easy to use and easy to set up. The reports and asset register is always accurate and up to date for auditors, which saves us a lot of time!”

Since using itemit, the locations of assets have been much easier to maintain and track regardless of which building or regiment the assets are currently in. There is more transparency over what the corps owns.

With itemit, the Royal Corps of Signals can:

  • Audit which assets are in each location, across all of their sites
  • Track the data they need for auditors and insurance purposes

  • Segregate views for security and privacy reasons

  • Make changes in real-time, across the board, from any of their sites

  • Export and customise a report for auditors and insurers to use with the inclusion of images and asset data

The itemit team looks forward to future developments and discussions with the Royal Corps of Signals and rolling this out to many more similar organisations in the near future.

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