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“Tracking equipment would be difficult and expensive to replace. This led us to turn to itemit.”

Equipment Tracking for Restoration 


Action Dry provides emergency response to flood damage and restoration services. As a result, they rely upon a large number of tools and equipment to deliver their critical service and restore homes and buildings following a disaster.

Priding themselves on their rapid emergency response, Action Dry helps a wide range of buildings to recover, from domestic properties to business properties. There isn’t a job too large or too small. The critical nature of Action Dry’s business means that their rapid response times are crucial. It’s paramount that at a moment’s notice, the team can find the equipment they need for the job.

Due to the specialised nature of flood response services, a lot of Action Dry’s equipment is bespoke. This means not only is it valuable in terms of cost but also in the sense that it can be challenging to replace quickly should a critical asset go missing.


The Problems

Action Dry leaves many pieces of equipment on-site for the duration of a restoration job. The duration of a job can vary drastically in length, depending on the severity of the damage caused. Tools and equipment will remain on-site until the job is completed, to allow for remedial works to continue.

As a result, the company faced a few issues. Firstly, if the equipment was left on-site and not seen for a few days or a few weeks, then there was no guarantee that the team would be able to find the asset at the end of the job. In addition, with many jobs ongoing at the same time, too many tools and critical equipment were being taken to jobs with no record of which job the kit was being used for. Any equipment lost as a result of this lack of accountability and traceability was very costly to replace.

What’s more, is that this lack of visibility over where assets were presented a significant inefficiency. If equipment continued to be unaccounted for, customer service was at risk. Clients may find they have been left with a piece of equipment after the job should have completed. Or, the team at Action Dry may not have been able to find critical bits of kit when they needed them urgently.

Action Dry sought a solution to these problems that would allow for complete visibility of where tools and equipment were and a system that would increase accountability within the team. That’s when Action dry found itemit.


The Solution: Equipment Tracking

The itemit asset tracking solution allows for transparent and straightforward equipment tracking. First things first, Action Dry logged all of their tools and equipment in itemit, creating an asset register of all critical assets.

Next, each asset was tagged using QR code asset tags. This means that the team need only scan a tag to update the asset’s location. In e background, itemit also records who has the asset and the time and date that the asset was seen.

Every piece of Action Dry’s critical kit and equipment is now tracked, and its location is updated when it arrives at a restoration job. Not only that but the equipment is scanned periodically by staff to ensure that it is still where it is supposed to be.

In addition to equipment tracking, itemit offers Action Dry a solution for managing PAT tests and equipment servicing.


The Results

Action Dry now have a centralised asset registration system that allows for 24/7 monitoring of asset whereabouts and condition. The whole team have access to itemit and can scan assets not only to identify them but to update locations and check critical PAT test and servicing schedules.

The asset tracking software increases accountability for the Action Dry team as each piece of kit has an audit trail which documents not only where the asset has been, but also which member of staff had it. As a result, tracking down equipment is far easier.


Return on Investment

The ability to use equipment tracking to identify where an asset is instantly and to create a more efficient retrieval process saves Action Dry significant amounts of time on an ongoing basis. The savings are two-fold. Firstly, in the case that a piece of equipment is left on-site, time is saved because the team can identify the location of the asset immediately. Before itemit, the only option was to look back through site records to work out which site the piece of equipment was most likely to have been left at, with no guarantee the asset is actually there. Secondly, instead of manually recording where assets have gone to, the team just scan their assets and the location is automatically.

Assuming that a conservative number of one asset was ‘left behind’ each week before using the new tracking solution and that itemit, therefore, saves the company 1 hour a week, this equates to a saving of 52 hours in a year which is nearly 7.5 working days each year.

In addition to this time saving, for every piece of equipment that would otherwise have been lost, Action Dry also saves in the region of £2,000 in replacement costs. If one asset each month were lost or misplaced, this would result in replacement costs of £24,000 each year. 

Thanks to itemit, assets are fully traceable. With indicative savings of over £25,000 per year, it’s easy to see why Action Dry has been a loyal customer of itemit for over two years.



Equipment tracking can help all manner of industries. It is helpful for restoration and remediation, but if you’re in the construction industry or simply have tools that you need to track, itemit can help.

Better accountability with itemit’s equipment tracking capabilities will mean that you save thousands of pounds a year as you won’t need to splash out on unnecessary replacement assets. 

With the additional time savings, the asset tracking software delivers, you’ll be able to serve your customers to a higher standard and consistently scale your company.

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