Moving House Using itemit's Asset Management System

A Customer Has Used itemit To Assist With Their House Move

We greatly appreciated the versatility and usability of itemit”


 itemit has been used to help a customer move house. The customer wished to verify that their belongings had been transferred effectively after the move and were still accounted for. Therefore, they searched online and found itemit’s asset tracking system.

itemit’s asset tracking system is built for a variety of different uses and operations. At its core, itemit was developed to ensure that assets are in the correct place and accounted for, too, which is how it can be applied to so many different use-cases.

Charlotte Ellarby, co-creator of the itemit app says “it’s thrilling to see itemit being used by so many different people and for so many different things. We’re very keen to see itemit continue to grow and continue to help so many different people!”


The Challenge

The challenge the customer faced was the risk of losing assets during the move. Assets are most likely to become lost or unaccounted for when they’re in transit. Without a system in place, it would be a very manual process to verify that all assets have arrived.

There is a clear challenge in auditing and verifying assets still exist either physically or on your asset register whenever something moves, hence the unfortunate prevalence of ghost and zombie assets on manual systems.

Automated systems, however, provide more visibility, more transparency, and more accountability over your assets. Whether this is when they’re physically in front of you or if it’s in an auditing process to verify that they’re where they should be.


itemit’s Asset Auditing Solution

itemit’s asset tracking software allowed the customer to log all of his assets onto itemit. They could then use their own asset tags to link their physical assets to the digital assets on the system.

They could then also use collections to monitor which assets were in which boxes for more clarity across the board. Now, they’d be able to look at the itemit system and see exactly which assets should be in which boxes and, therefore, have a much clearer view of everything overall.



The customer would be able to create a simple asset register, add granular information to assets, track the locations of assets, and assign certain assets to certain boxes. This would work in much the same way as any other asset management operations, as it would allow the customer to keep a closer eye on where their assets are and how they’re being interacted with.


The Results

itemit provided the customer with a simple, cost-effective system that could give them more visibility over which assets they own, where the assets are specifically and more generally, and where the customer could verify that everything was correctly moved.

The customer said: “We greatly appreciated the versatility and usability of itemit. It was easy to use and saved us time and effort in the long-run in terms of finding things after a chaotic home relocation. We appreciated the support of itemit, and would recommend the app for keeping your things organised.”

With the amount of control and clarity the system provided, the customer also said they “saved many hours of searching” before adding that they also saved “many hours of frustration”.

The itemit team wishes the customer all the best after the move and looks forward to continuing to assist a wide range of individuals and businesses.


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