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"Camtech Biomedical readily recommends itemit as a solution for laboratory equipment tracking and inventory management."

Using a Cloud-Based Asset Tracking System for your Inventory Management

Camtech Biomedical Pte. Ltd. is a company based in Singapore that focuses on research and development of medical technologies as well as trading of medical devices.

Stephanie is the Compliance Officer of Camtech Biomedical and is responsible for the daily operations of the company as well as the asset tracking and inventory management procedures.

The Problems: Asset tracking and Inventory Management

The company needed a robust asset tracking and inventory management system that could retain and track information on the usage and maintenance of its laboratory equipment and consumables.

Previously, when asset information required updating, users were required to manually update asset records by updating a file stored in a shared drive. The old process caused a great deal of inconvenience for the team at Camtech. Firstly, the process was prone to human errors of incorrect data entry as well as some users forgetting to update the file in the shared drive. The information was also not updated in real-time. As a result, the data in the shared drive could not be relied upon to be accurate and up to date.

Moreover, the software did not have a feature that could alert the company when maintenance of any laboratory equipment was due. In the past, this had resulted in the company overlooking the maintenance of some of its equipment. Having ISO 13485 certification, the company quickly realised that more advanced asset tracking software was needed to solve the above mentioned problems and thus better implement the standard.

The Solution: Cloud-Based Asset Tracking Software

The team at Camtech discovered itemit and found that the asset tracking solution solves the problems the company faced, and more. It allows the company to consolidate various inventory categories into one platform with a simple layout, providing easy access for the whole team. Its syncing capability means that users save significant amounts of time as they no longer need to upload files manually. In addition, the team have certainty that the information they are viewing is up to date and itemit thus eliminates the problems the company faced previously. itemit’s reminders feature allows the company to manage timely annual preventive maintenance of its laboratory equipment.

Having the outstanding problems solved, the company now also enjoys more streamlined operations from other features available with itemit. For example, the new bookings feature enables multiple users to book laboratory equipment while avoiding clashes with other planned usage. The Issues Management feature allows users to report any problems they encounter with the laboratory equipment, simply by scanning the asset’s tag. This allows the team to quickly follow up with corrective and preventive actions (such as repairs or software updates). The availability of the itemit smartphone app (which comes as standard, alongside the powerful web portal) makes it even easier for everyone in the company to update and be updated about the current status of the company’s inventory.


When we asked Stephanie about her experience with itemit, she said, “Camtech Biomedical readily recommends itemit as a solution for laboratory equipment tracking and inventory management as it is inexpensive, easy to implement and user-friendly. As an ISO 13485 certified company, it is paramount that we uphold the required standards, which itemit helps us to ensure.”

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