Tag your assets with our
QR Tags or your own.

itemit lets you to track assets using QR codes and barcodes. Choose from our range of vinyl or aluminium QR stickers or use your own! We can even offer custom designs if you’d like to add your own logo.

Check out itemit’s QR tag options


Organise your items to speed up your day.

itemit allows you to organise your items together into free-typed collections such as ‘laptops’ and ‘fixed assets’. You can also group your assets further with subcollections

Get started on organising your assets

Organise your assets in collections
Report asset faults and issues


Report an issue, get notified and start your repairs.

Assets get damaged often and need repairing. Report issues in a couple of clicks and notify your team. Know exactly which assets are damaged and where they are to fix them quickly with minimal downtime.

Monitor your asset’s issues and reduce downtime


Let anyone interact
with itemit.

With public profiles enabled, anyone can scan an itemit QR tag with their smartphone’s camera and retrieve defined public information.
Allow individuals to report an issue on their kit or return lost assets without needing access to your data.

Interact with itemit Without An Account

Asset public profiles
Track key dates and reminders


Never miss an important date again with reminders.

Remembering dates has never been easier. Need to schedule regular maintence checks on your assets? Or even a warranty, subscription or PAT test? Add those dates into your asset profiles and let itemit remember for you.

Let itemit remember dates for you


Locate your items
within seconds.

Scan an item’s QR tag to update the last seen GPS location of your item automatically, get live updates with a GPS Tracker and use RFID hardware to automate your location tracking! Mix and match technologies for the most visibility possible on the market.

Eliminate lost assets with itemit locations

Asset location tracking
Check in check out system


Reserve your equipment in advance and record who’s checked it out.

Loan out your equipment on a temporary basis and have full visibility over who has it and when it’s expected to be returned. Perfect for project work, shared equipment and lending to contractors! See in advance when equipment is needed, and never worry again about double bookings.

Have full transparency over your available assets


Create item profiles and watch your asset register come to life.

Add in your asset’s name, serial number, description and so much more! Why stop there? Customise the fields you add to pinpoint all critical asset data. Then, scan your asset’s QR tag and watch its profile appear!

See your assets’ important information in seconds

Asset information profiles
Fixed asset reporting


Configure customised reports at the touch of a button.

Produce customised, exportable reports
to view transparent asset data. Reports are great for auditing, seeing which assets your employees are responsible for, pinpointing specific data and more! All reports can be saved within itemit and even exported into pdfs or excel sheets.

View all of the data you need effortlessly


Track live locations
using GPS.

itemit are pleased to offer GPS trackers. Typically suited to larger or high-value assets such as vehicles and machinery, itemit can track their journeys all within your assets’ profiles. Simply add trackers to your assets and see their whereabouts using itemit’s map feature.

Follow your assets’ journeys and minimise lost assets

GPS location tracking
RFID asset tracking


Scalable, Smart and Sophisticated: RFID Tracking.

Offering the first off-the-shelf RFID asset tracking solution. Connect both handheld and fixed RFID readers straight out of the box and start gaining full visibility over your assets’ data. Use your recorded data to locate assets to improve your decision-making.

A simplistic approach to RFID with no set up fees


Automatically recognise
images and text.

Speed up your asset creation with itemit’s intelligent AI. Simply take a photo of your asset and let itemit offer name suggestions. If your photo includes text itemit will read this for you and add it to your description or serial number. Benefit from smart, innovate features with itemit!

Watch itemit do the work for you. Create assets in record time

Image Recognition
Fixed asset management


Audit, depreciation, quick add and bulk actions.

Need to do an audit? Complete one in no time with itemit’s quick audit feature, you’ll be able to ensure assets are where they should be. You’ll also be able to track deprecation and perform bulk edits to your assets.
Fixed asset management has never been easier.

Fixed Asset Management Made Easy For Your Convenience

Why Settle For Less When You Can Settle For More.

For businesses big or small, itemit is the solution for you. Track your assets with with multiple tagging options – there really are no limits! With itemit’s user friendly interface anyone can pick it up and use with ease.
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