The easy way to track and manage any asset. 

It’s simple - Tag, track and manage your assets & equipment in a faster, easier and more reliable way.

Asset Tracking Software Devices
Asset Tracking Software Devices
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Asset Management System Celebration
Asset Management System Celebration


Choose the best way
to track & manage your assets.

No matter what they are.

Track and manage your assets. The easy way.

Try itemit for 14 days at no cost. No credit card required. No strings attached.

UK Asset Tracking

Manage your assets. Your way.

Spend less time tracking assets and more time doing what you love. itemit is super easy to use, gives you tonnes of flexibility and comes with the best support team you’ll find.

Asset Tracking Software reporting

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful.

  • Instant access to the critical asset
    information you and your team need.
  • Super easy to use so the whole team will be up and running in no time.

Top Features

  • See what assets you have and where they are
  • Book assets in advance and check out
  • Manage maintenance and servicing schedules
  • Assign assets to team members and sites

Replace Spreadsheets with asset tracking

Spreadsheets. Step aside.

  • You need an asset tracking system that is made for tracking assets. Sounds obvious, right?
  • Spreadsheets can’t give you real-time data of where your assets and equipment are because they weren’t built for that.
  • Switch to a modern day, cloud-based solution that lets you see and update critical asset information on the go.

scalable asset management

Instant access. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Give your team rapid access to the asset information they need.
  • Use the devices you already have. Download the itemit app and take back control of your asset tracking now.
  • Built-in scanner for QR codes and barcodes in the itemit app. No need to buy any expensive hardware.


Make a decision that your
future self will thank you for.

Don’t get stuck in the dark ages.


Choose the plan
that works for you.

Open and transparent pricing.
The way it should be.

Asset Tracking Software

We’ve got what you’re looking for.

Your assets are as unique as you. That’s why itemit lets you choose the asset tracking solution that’s right for you.

Experience itemit for 14 days without any cost.

Full access to the best asset tracking features.

Instant access. No credit card required.

Hear from our happy customers.

99% of customers asked said they would recommend itemit.
“Simple, inexpensive solution”
Professor Simone H.

University of Cambridge

“Can’t recommend this solution enough for ease, value and peace-of-mind!”
Andy B.

R&P Mountain Rescue

“A really useful and extremely easy to use app”
Richard G.