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The benefits of using itemit

If you’re still using spreadsheets to track assets then it’s time to find an alternative. Switch to itemit and get an up-to-date asset register, bespoke asset tagging and a simple asset tracking app.

Report on what the business needs to know

The flexible reporting tool you’ve been looking for. Filter your data and generate powerful reports. Save and share useful asset data with your team. 

Monitor the location of your assets (from your desk!)

Track the whereabouts of your tools, equipment and IT assets from the desktop web portal. Complete visibility of your critical business assets.

Book assets in advance and check them in and out

Reserve assets ahead of time and check them out when they go offsite. This way, you’ll know where your equipment is, who has it and when it’s due back.

Monitor asset condition to ensure business continuity

Be certain the tools and equipment you rely on are in tip-top condition. Raise and manage issues against unique assets and track maintenance schedules with ease.

Tag your assets with QR codes or RFID tags

Tag assets with itemit’s globally unique QR code asset tags for easy identification. For advanced asset tracking, use the world’s simplest RFID solution.

Categorise assets for easy management

Keep your assets organised by creating your own collection and location hierarchies. Use the asset tracking app to update assets in real-time out in the field.

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Integrated Asset Tracking

Over 2,000 App Integrations

itemit is integrated with Zapier which means you can hook it up to your favourite apps and automate more tasks.

See your asset bookings alongside your meetings in your Google Calendar or Receive notifications in slack for check in check out of your equipment.

To find out more, visit itemit integrations.

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itemit is being used daily to track tools and equipment, assign IT assets to staff and monitor the status of public facing facilities assets.

“Simple, inexpensive solution”
Professor Simone H.

University of Cambridge

“Can’t recommend this solution enough for ease, value and peace-of-mind!”
Andy B.

R&P Mountain Rescue

“A really useful and extremely easy to use app”
Richard G.


What is itemit for?

Plant & Machinery

Capital equipment, machinery and tools. Asset theft prevention with asset marking and tracking.

Equipment Hire

Heavy equipment, moving equipment, small tools tracking, inventory, AV & Media.

Office & IT Equipment

IT equipment, computers, networking devices and high value business assets.

Health & Safety

Facilities Management, PAT testing and maintenance records stored securely in one place.


Keep track of equipment and fixed assets using QR/RFID tags to uniquely identify your assets.

Medical & Care

Lab and medical equipment and care home assets. Easily keep track of assets across sites.

Outdoor Facilities

Any communal outdoor assets for garden villages and institutes, green spaces and park assets.

NGO & Charity

Assign kit to volunteers to keep track of who is responsible for what equipment.

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