How Winner Glow Car Wash Are Using itemit For Fleet, Vehicle & Payment Tracking

How Winner Glow Car Wash Are Using itemit For Fleet, Vehicle & Payment Tracking


“itemit has been a lifesaver for monitoring our customer’s vehicles and how we work on them.”

Srikanth Chelasani

Winner Glow Car Wash


“itemit has been a lifesaver for monitoring our customer’s vehicles and how we work on them.”

Srikanth Chelasani

Winner Glow Car Wash

Winner Glow Car Wash is a family-run business in Greeneville Tennessee. The team is committed to giving the most affordable and deepest cleans to their customer’s vehicles, without sacrificing a dedicated, friendly level of customer service.

Winner Glow offers all levels of service and detailing and offers fleet discounts to their business customers and offers subscriptions for repeat washes. Their friendly professionalism keeps their customers happy and keeps them coming back. 

itemit and Winner Glow have partnered up to lend more transparency over payments, services and more. itemit is an asset tracking software owned by RedBite Solutions. With itemit, you can track and manage any assets, from fleet to tools & equipment.

fleet asset management

The Challenge

As Winner Glow Car Wash is a small, family-run business, there are a lot of unique challenges it faces. For them to keep costs low and keep their customers happy, there needs to be more visibility over cash flow and who has paid.

These challenges stretch to the ability to track the process of washing the cars, who the cars belong to and whether or not there are issues with payments or which of their customers are on which subscription.

Then, the process of washing the cars, including how many times it has been washed, by which employee and when needs to be tracked. Therefore, the employees need access to this system but with less visibility than the administrators.

Any time a customer hasn’t paid for their subscription, the payment needs to be resolved by the time the car is then washed. There needs to be a visible, controlled way to do this so that less time is spent verifying and rectifying any issues and more time is spent keeping cars washed and customers happy.

itemit’s Fleet & Asset Tracking Software

Winner Glow saw the possibility of using itemit to track car services, monitor issues with payments, and track whose cars are which, creating a high level of transparency over the process from receiving a customer’s vehicle, to verifying payment, to servicing, to releasing the vehicle.

itemit’s asset tracking software is powerful and customizable. This means that any asset can be tracked, and any asset can be tracked in any number of different ways. 

Many of itemit’s customers are using the system for IT asset management, fixed asset tracking and tools & equipment tracking, but the system remains scalable, allowing for specific types of asset tracking, including payment tracking.

With streamlined reporting, scanning, and management features available, and with high levels of customisation, itemit solves gaps in accountability, transparency and control over assets.

The Results

Winner Glow log their customer’s vehicles on itemit and are using itemit’s collections feature to log whether the customers are on a subscription package, use a credit card, or are any other type of payment.

Then, when service is due, this can be double checked and payment can be verified before maintenance is performed. If the payment has been declined, Winner Glow can use itemit’s issues management system to report an issue, indicating that no servicing should take place until the payment has gone through.

Winner Glow can also customise each user’s level of access. So, employees can use a scanning-based system where they only see a limited number of details related to the car and only once they’ve scanned an asset tag assigned to the vehicle.

The administrator can view all of this information to see how often a vehicle has been scanned and, therefore, how many times washing, service, or maintenance has been performed on the vehicle.

Overall, this gives Winner Glow a clear view of who is on what subscription package, whether they’ve paid or not, how much maintenance has been performed and how efficiently the system is working. This, in turn, saves Winner Glow money by reducing the amount of time they need to take verifying payments, by optimising their work-flow and by monitoring the work done on each vehicle.

Srikanth Chelasani says:

“itemit has been a lifesaver for monitoring our customer’s vehicles and how we work on them. Although our use case is quite different to the normal one itemit fulfils, thanks to its flexibility and customizable functionality, we’ve managed to successfully integrate itemit into our daily business operations.”

How can itemit help you?

itemit’s asset tracking software is built to help you track and manage your assets, no matter what they are or how you want to track them. If you have a need for more transparency in your business and you’re wondering if asset tracking is the way forward, why not ask our friendly team at You can also book a demo here to find out more.

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