How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

“Better management of our assets will mean lower running and operational costs for our business, and therefore more competitive pricing structures for our customers. We can’t wait to see the results of this fantastic partnership realised over the new few months.”

Phil Morgan – Director

Landscape Services

The Challenge

The team at itemit are pleased to announce another exciting partnership with an ambitious UK company – Landscape services.

Landscape services operate from 15 key locations across the southeast, maintaining a variety of outdoor spaces. To achieve this, the team own and lease an extensive fleet of over 70 specialised vehicles and thousands of pieces of equipment. It’s a challenge in itself to log, track and monitor this volume of equipment, but that is made even more challenging when you are working across so many different sites.

The high levels of service the experienced team delivers relies heavily on having the right equipment at the right time. Without the kit they need, they cannot maintain high levels of efficiency and reduce downtime.

The following requirements are critical for the team:

  • Know what equipment you have
  • See where that equipment is
  • Know what equipment is available
  • Identify who has what kit
  • Ensure the equipment is on the correct site at the right time
  • Reduce equipment losses and thefts
  • Report defects


Rhino Force Ranger

What they need

The main objective for Landscape Services was to find a better way to manage equipment so they could continue to deliver the best possible service for their customers. They needed a solution that would improve visibility over:


  • Asset locations
  • Asset availability
  • Utilisation rates for equipment
  • Defect reporting
  • Servicing schedules
  • Security measures and crime prevention

The Goals


Improve Safety


Increase Compliance


Increase Efficiency

For Landcape Services, there goals were clear, they needed to find asset tracking software that would improve safety, compliance and efficiency as a result of having better asset management. The reasoning behind this is solid, they wished to lower the running and operational costs of their business so they could offer more competitive pricing structures for their customers.

The Solution – itemit

itemit is an asset tracking solution that makes it easy to track large volumes of assets and equipment that move around a lot. We understand the headaches of managing thousands of pieces of kit as well as the stress of losing equipment that is critical to the completion of a project for your valued customer.

itemit allows your business to maximise the efficiency of its teams through the equipment they use. It gives you a flexible, cost-efficient way to record all the equipment you own and lease so you have a solid asset register that won’t get out of date. This is the basis for tracking your assets and equipment. Now, you can upload safety manuals and manage maintenance scheduling remotely using the itemit iOS and Android apps. Your mangement team has a web portal to oversee who has what equipment across all of your projects, immediately.

itemit includes QR asset tagging, with very robust, metal tags, that can withstand being chucked around in the back of a van. Not only can you instantly see what kit is yours, you can also scan any asset to report a defect, access user manuals, or check it out to your project.

Just like the team at Landscape Services, if you’re struggling to efficiently manage thousands of pieces of equipment across multiple sites, try itemit for yourself with our 14-day free trial – Start my free trial.

If you have more questions before you jump in to a trial, contact our team of experts today and get answers to your questions. Email

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Why Use A UK-Based Asset Tracking System?

Why Use A UK-Based Asset Tracking System?

Why Use A UK-Based Asset Tracking System?

Here at itemit, we know that you need an asset tracking system that works well. Ideally, the tracking system that you use will offer you everything you need and more. Here is where itemit’s software can come in and help you. We think we can offer you an asset tracking system that is a cut above the rest. In fact, we know we can. 

When you search for “asset tracking system UK” you’ll find that you’ll be presented with many options. However, we are confident that itemit is the only option for you. With more features to offer than most tracking systems, itemit can make your working day a much easier one.

Asset tracking system UK: Why You Should Use One

We are a local team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring you have the best asset tracking system. When you have a tracking system that works you can have more control over all your assets. You can potentially know where your assets are at all times. In addition to this, you could also know which members of your team are using which assets. 

There’s the additional advantage of having fewer to no ghost assets. As all of your assets will be logged into itemit’s system you know which assets are damaged and which are missing. As a result, you can account for them. This ensures you can make better business decisions based on the assets that you have, not just the assets you assume you have.

Business Asset Tracking

Ideal For All Businesses

Our asset tracking system UK is ideal for all types of businesses. No matter where you are or what you do, our tracking system can help you. You may run a small business down south or a large business up north. You could have 2 employees or 20,000 employees. Regardless of who you are and what you do, our asset tracking system can help.

Ideal For Tracking All Types Of Assets

No matter what type of assets you have, our system can prove to be hugely beneficial to you. You may have:

  • A warehouse full of stock 
  • A fleet of vans
  • An office full of computers and tablets
  • A shop full of rental equipment 
  • A hospital that contains lots of medical equipment 
  • A farm with tractors and other machinery
  • A factory with equipment that is used daily
  • A school that has a lot of books and tablets
  • A sports club full to the brim with sports equipment
  • A community health organisation whose team members use a range of equipment
  • A charity that wishes to track its equipment and tools

Our tracking system can help you to track all types of assets. Thanks to the way that it works, you too can benefit from all that itemit has to offer. Whether you see your type of business or organisation above or not, we can help you. As long as you can affix a QR code or RFID tag to some or all of your assets, itemit can be just what you need.

Ideal For Maintenance Scheduling

From time to time, most of your assets will need to undergo some maintenance. When you use our asset tracking system it can help you to stay on top of your maintenance schedules. All that you need to do is to create a digital profile for each of your assets. As soon as a profile has been created you can add as many details about the assets as you wish. You can also add a maintenance schedule. 

The schedule will alert you whenever an asset needs to be sent for maintenance. As a result, all of your assets are much more likely to operate well. Any potential issues can be discovered and dealt with. Not only does this mean that assets are likely to last longer. It also means that they are more likely to perform as expected. This, in turn, ensures that you and your team can become more productive. This is all thanks to the way that our asset tracking system works.

Itemit: The Best UK Asset Tracking System

Here at itemit, we know you want to use the very best tracking system. This is why we offer you our software. You no longer have to hunt far and wide online for a tracking system that works well. Additionally, you no longer need to search for “asset tracking system UK” and hope that the results page comes up with some reasonable answers. 

We can provide you with the solutions you need today. Talk to our helpful and professional team about how our tracking software can help your business. You can reach our team today at Alternatively, you could start using our software today. All that you have to do is to fill in the form below so you can make a start.

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RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

Check Out Our Brand New Partnership With RF Controls 

itemit space postcards

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

RFID (Radio Frequency identification) is leading the future for businesses by innovating the way we track tools and equipment. Its evolution has seen it become much more powerful and intelligent, while its capabilities are now extensive. 

Here at RedBite, we have teamed up with RF Controls, to integrate their state-of-the-art passive RTLS CS smart antennas into our flagship product, itemit. This gives our customers an innovative opportunity to tag more products and assets with fewer limitations, particularly within the manufacturing industry. 

RF Controls’ CS antennas are a smarter way to locate RFID tags using 3D technology. This blog will give an insight into how their technology works, the benefits and who we both are. 

Who are RedBite Solutions and What is itemit?                                                                                                                                                                     

RedBite Solutions is an IoT and RFID software provider, offering inventory track and trace products and solutions to both end users and partners around the world. RedBite’s flagship product: itemit, is a powerful asset tracking software with QR, Barcode, Mobile & Fixed RFID and GPS capabilities. itemit allows users to create an asset register, export asset reports, track asset locations, assign assets to employees, set maintenance reminders and so much more! 

Who are RF Controls?

RF Controls provide revolutionary antenna technology. Their technology eliminates barriers end users previously faced, while also reducing costs for RFID deployment. RF Controls’ smart antenna hardware enables use of passive Ultra-High Frequency RFID in real time location systems, with their technology they aim to identify, locate and track passive RFID tags. 

RF Controls’ technology is the next generation RFID. It defies the “conventional” RFID capabilities that we are so familiar with since RedBite’s founders worked on RFID back in 2000. Its phased array technology surpassed conventional fixed RFID readers in terms of performance, range and even cost – providing the first true 2D or even 3D location positioning using passive RFID tags.

But what is it that makes their technology stand out? Let’s take a look.

CS Smart Antenna                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The CS Smart Antenna, really is smart. This unique piece of technology is what puts RF Controls ahead in the RFID industry. It’s revolutionary. Just picture this, you’re trying to locate an item in a huge warehouse, you know it’s in there but you don’t know which aisle, which shelf or even which slot on the shelf. Previously, this meant a lot of time was spent searching. That’s where this unique piece of technology comes in. Imagine a spotlight shining down to show you where your items are: RF Controls’ antennas do just this by allowing you to identify exactly where a piece of kit, part or product is within your factory or workspace. From the minute a product arrives with an RFID tag, these powerful antennas will pick them up from the get go and track its journey through your workspace! 

So how does this technology work? The CS smart antenna technology allows hands-free, constant scanning using 3D location of passive UHF tags at a distance significantly further than any conventional RFID readers. RF Controls offer two types of antennas, the CS-445 can read passive RFID tags as far as 30ft (about 9 metres) whilst the larger sized CS-490 can go as far as 50ft (about 15 metres) away! The CS antennas are ideal for high-ceilings and wide areas particularly beneficial in the manufacturing industry.


itemit and RFID

itemit is a powerful system built on a range of auto-ID technologies, including RFID. Within your itemit workspace, not only can you take advantage of all of our powerful features including assignee, locations, collections, reports and more, you can also connect both handheld and fixed RFID readers out-the-box! itemit has a dedicated tab within all Pro workspaces known as the devices tab. In here you’ll be able to connect all RFID readers you wish to use alongside itemit. Once you have paired your RFID devices you’ll be able to get full visibility over your data and use this data in your day to day operations and decision making. 


The Benefits

There are many benefits to deploying itemit and RF Controls’ smart antennas to supercharge your asset tracking. Let’s take a look at what those benefits are! 

itemit’s simplistic approach to RFID means there are are no upfront setting up fees whatsoever. Instead you’ll find you can pay a low-cost monthly subscription. Say goodbye to prohibitive set-up and installation costs entirely!

Another advantage is the itemit mobile app also can be paired with your RFID readers, so no matter where you’re you’ll be able to check in on your devices thanks to itemit’s cloud-based software. 

With itemit RFID you’ll be able to use both handheld readers and fixed readers. Handheld readers are great for a more manual approach to scanning as they’re perfect for when on the go auditing is required, as you can easily move them around. Fixed RFID readers, on the other hand, are great for automated asset tracking, as they can simply be fitted to a room and continuously update your assets’ location data.. With RF Controls’ antennas, too, you get even more insight into your assets’ locations. All of which can be viewed clearly in your itemit workspace. 

Location tracking is simple with itemit RFID. Bringing itemit’s asset tracking software and RFID together has never been easier, as you can utilise your RFID data to pull off useful reports, ideal for auditing, asset lifecycle tracking and stock checks. 

RF controls’ smart antennas are opening opportunities for RFID to be used by smaller organisations and companies that RFID couldn’t work for in the past due to hardware limitations. Their smart antennas will allow longer reading ranges, higher ceiling deployments and can even work alongside low-cost tags, making this RFID solution more in reach of those with limited budgets. 

Before RF Controls’ smart antennas, there wasn’t RFID technology that read thousands of tags automatically and simultaneously from long distances, either. Due to this many would rely on handheld readers which can be costly and require human intervention, which isn’t suitable in some environments. RF controls’ smart antennas require minimal human intervention, cutting costs and the need for training resources and can read significantly larger quantities of data. Not to mention they also offer real-time visibility. Their solution is ideal for large workspaces, including manufacturing plants, and large retail spaces as it allows workers to move products faster and in an efficient manner. 

A further benefit sees RF Controls’ technology reducing labour costs, as their readers can instantly capture tags as soon as they arrive into a warehouse or large workspace thanks to their long read ranges and high ceiling deployments. This also means less work is required for the unloading and processing of products. As well as going hand in hand with helping to manage inventory, you can know what is entering and leaving your workspace instantly, and therefore improve your replenishment processes.


Be a Part of itemit And RF Controls’ Partnership Today

It’s clear RF controls’ smart antennas can offer businesses a higher Return On Investment through reducing costs, labour and giving greater visibility over a company’s products. itemit can store your important data, produce reports and organise your products anytime, from anywhere alongside your RFID deployment. So why not make the investment and see for yourself just what RF Controls and itemit can offer your business. 

Sign up today to itemit’s free 14-day trial or contact the team at for more information on RFID. If you’d like to find out more on RF controls’ smart antenna technology the team at itemit are also happy to help and can put you in touch with an RF Controls advisor. We look forward to solving your asset tracking challenges quickly and at unbeatable costs. 

itemit’s Partnership With RF Controls

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What Are The Different Types of Asset Tags?

What Are The Different Types of Asset Tags?

What Are The Different Types of Asset Tags?

Asset tags are designed to help organisations track the location of their assets and provide information on how those assets are behaving. With various options to choose from it can be difficult to work out which type of asset tag is the ideal solution for you and your team. Read on to discover what each type of asset tag has to offer.

QR Tags

You’re probably already familiar with QR codes in your daily life. They’ve become a common feature of modern transactions and are even popping up on advertisements and posters.  QR codes are similar to barcodes but have the capacity to hold much more information. Their 2D design consists of tiny black modules arranged in a square and can be scanned easily by a smartphone camera. This simple design makes QR codes quick and cheap to produce. Plus, this type of asset tag is the most durable and resilient one on the market. 

itemit offers both vinyl QR code stickers and anodised aluminium QR tags that come in various sizes, ranging from 15 to 23 millimetres. Our tags have been developed to be exceptionally durable, so if your tagged assets are going to be subject to extreme or hazardous conditions then this type of QR tag might be the right one for you.


There are two main types of RFID tags: passive and active.The tag power system defines which type of system it is.

Passive tags are small in size and rely on the tag reader for power and, as a result, have a transmission range of a few metres.They typically last around 20 years and are fairly cheap compared to active tags. Their small size also means they are able to fit into almost any package or product, making passive tags a great choice for tracking equipment, supply chain management, and access control. 

Active tags are typically larger in size than passive tags but usually no bigger than a smartphone. This type of tag incorporates a transmitter with a battery in a single unit. They have significant data memory and can transmit up to 2000 metres continuously or when activated by a reader’s radio signal. Their ability to cover great distances make them popular in the construction, mining, oil and gas industries. 

Although an active tag can communicate at a much longer range, a passive RFID tag is often still the preferred choice as it is significantly cheaper at the point of sale as well as longer term since passive tags do not require battery replacements. In most use cases, having a shorter read range is an advantage as you can be confident that the tagged item is right in front of you or the reader.

GPS Tags

GPS asset tracking is a system that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track the location of assets in real-time. GPS tags are the most advanced on this list and enable companies to read and record locations in real-time, providing continuous information about an asset’s location. This type of tag is commonly used to track vehicles, trailers, containers, and other types of equipment. However, these detailed insights also make them more expensive than other types of tags.

itemit’s Asset Tags Solutions

itemit offers a range of asset tags so you can find the one to suit your needs, depending upon the nature of your industry and the conditions your assets are exposed. With itemit you can mix and match different asset tracking technologies, so you can use QR, RFID, and GPS tracking all from one system so you can choose the right type of tag for each asset. You can add various details on the tag including manufacturer’s information, maintenance dates and location details. However, the key to maximising rate of return on assets is to deploy asset tracking software.You can use the software to record and store information as well as run asset performance reports, allowing you to identify weak areas and work on them to boost equipment ROIs.

To find out more about itemit’s asset tracking solutions and how they will help you, contact our team at that’s always happy to answer your queries. You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial.

Equipment Loan Software

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How to Use itemit for More Than Just Asset Tracking with Public Profiles

How to Use itemit for More Than Just Asset Tracking with Public Profiles

How to Use itemit for More Than Just Asset Tracking with Public Profiles

There’s more to asset tracking than just tracking the location of your assets. That’s why itemit has developed a fantastic feature called Public Profiles. Thanks to the fact that almost everyone these days is carrying their own personal QR code scanner in their pocket, their smartphone, the Public Profiles feature will allow anybody to view basic information about an asset simply by scanning its QR code tag. With this ability reporting issues with assets will not only be reserved for staff but also members of the public. Read on to discover how you can use itemit for more than just asset tracking. 

hand drier public profile

What Are Public Profiles?

With this feature anybody can scan your asset, see basic information and report any issues they come across, this is particularly if you have many, customer-facing assets. Now it’s quick and easy for staff, visitors and tenants by scanning an asset’s tag with the camera on their smartphone without the initial need for an itemit account. Once the tag is scanned, a web link will pop up where the user can view the asset’s profile and also report an issue, to do this they will need to sign up to itemit – that way you won’t get sent anything unhelpful. The building manager or owner will then be notified via email of any issues. All issues can be managed from the ‘Issues’ tab in the itemit web portal. But don’t worry, not all your asset information will be available to anyone who comes across your asset tag. By default all your asset data is kept private and secure, you have the choice to turn on the public profile capability and you can turn it off at any time. Note, that the public profiles feature is only available on the Pro workspace.

How Do Public Profiles Help With My Asset Tracking?

In a nutshell, rather than needing your customers or widespread team to sign up to itemit and download the itemit app (which can often be a barrier to usage), now your assets can be scanned by any user so that they can find out more information. Within the public profile you can store information such as user manuals that can help people use your assets more effectively. 

Location issue management is drastically improved with the addition of public profiles for assets. With this feature, facilities and location managers can enable building users, tenants and visitors to quickly report on any issues they find. This means you have the capability to stay informed about your assets’ performance and behaviour without necessarily needing staff present. This improves the speed of reporting as well as providing greater visibility. Think of it as having more eyes and ears on the ground that keep you up to date about your assets. Plus, if your assets are misplaced, then whoever finds them can scan the QR tag, find out who the asset belongs to and get it returned safely to you.

itemit’s Asset Management Software

The Public Profiles feature provides so many fantastic opportunities. St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge is already taking advantage of this great new functionality. Read more about how they are tracking public assets and allowing visitors, tenants and staff to report issues about assets simply by scanning the asset’s QR code. 

If you’re looking for asset tracking software that takes a modern, proactive approach to assets and their management, then take a look at itemit. You’ll get cloud-based software for both iOS and Android apps as well as a powerful desktop portal and a vast range of asset tagging options to choose from.

If you’d like to find out more information please contact the team at or you can get started straight away and try the 14-day free trial by filling out the form below!

Location Issue Management

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