Equipment Tracking: How Action Dry are using itemit

Action Dry Equipment Tracking

“Tracking equipment would be difficult and expensive to replace. This led us to turn to itemit.”

Equipment Tracking for Restoration 


Action Dry provides emergency response to flood damage and restoration services. As a result, they rely upon a large number of tools and equipment to deliver their critical service and restore homes and buildings following a disaster.

Priding themselves on their rapid emergency response, Action Dry helps a wide range of buildings to recover, from domestic properties to business properties. There isn’t a job too large or too small. The critical nature of Action Dry’s business means that their rapid response times are crucial. It’s paramount that at a moment’s notice, the team can find the equipment they need for the job.

Due to the specialised nature of flood response services, a lot of Action Dry’s equipment is bespoke. This means not only is it valuable in terms of cost but also in the sense that it can be challenging to replace quickly should a critical asset go missing.


The Problems

Action Dry leaves many pieces of equipment on-site for the duration of a restoration job. The duration of a job can vary drastically in length, depending on the severity of the damage caused. Tools and equipment will remain on-site until the job is completed, to allow for remedial works to continue.

As a result, the company faced a few issues. Firstly, if the equipment was left on-site and not seen for a few days or a few weeks, then there was no guarantee that the team would be able to find the asset at the end of the job. In addition, with many jobs ongoing at the same time, too many tools and critical equipment were being taken to jobs with no record of which job the kit was being used for. Any equipment lost as a result of this lack of accountability and traceability was very costly to replace.

What’s more, is that this lack of visibility over where assets were presented a significant inefficiency. If equipment continued to be unaccounted for, customer service was at risk. Clients may find they have been left with a piece of equipment after the job should have completed. Or, the team at Action Dry may not have been able to find critical bits of kit when they needed them urgently.

Action Dry sought a solution to these problems that would allow for complete visibility of where tools and equipment were and a system that would increase accountability within the team. That’s when Action dry found itemit.


The Solution: Equipment Tracking

The itemit asset tracking solution allows for transparent and straightforward equipment tracking. First things first, Action Dry logged all of their tools and equipment in itemit, creating an asset register of all critical assets.

Next, each asset was tagged using QR code asset tags. This means that the team need only scan a tag to update the asset’s location. In e background, itemit also records who has the asset and the time and date that the asset was seen.

Every piece of Action Dry’s critical kit and equipment is now tracked, and its location is updated when it arrives at a restoration job. Not only that but the equipment is scanned periodically by staff to ensure that it is still where it is supposed to be.

In addition to equipment tracking, itemit offers Action Dry a solution for managing PAT tests and equipment servicing.


The Results

Action Dry now have a centralised asset registration system that allows for 24/7 monitoring of asset whereabouts and condition. The whole team have access to itemit and can scan assets not only to identify them but to update locations and check critical PAT test and servicing schedules.

The asset tracking software increases accountability for the Action Dry team as each piece of kit has an audit trail which documents not only where the asset has been, but also which member of staff had it. As a result, tracking down equipment is far easier.


Return on Investment

The ability to use equipment tracking to identify where an asset is instantly and to create a more efficient retrieval process saves Action Dry significant amounts of time on an ongoing basis. The savings are two-fold. Firstly, in the case that a piece of equipment is left on-site, time is saved because the team can identify the location of the asset immediately. Before itemit, the only option was to look back through site records to work out which site the piece of equipment was most likely to have been left at, with no guarantee the asset is actually there. Secondly, instead of manually recording where assets have gone to, the team just scan their assets and the location is automatically.

Assuming that a conservative number of one asset was ‘left behind’ each week before using the new tracking solution and that itemit, therefore, saves the company 1 hour a week, this equates to a saving of 52 hours in a year which is nearly 7.5 working days each year.

In addition to this time saving, for every piece of equipment that would otherwise have been lost, Action Dry also saves in the region of £2,000 in replacement costs. If one asset each month were lost or misplaced, this would result in replacement costs of £24,000 each year. 

Thanks to itemit, assets are fully traceable. With indicative savings of over £25,000 per year, it’s easy to see why Action Dry has been a loyal customer of itemit for over two years.



Equipment tracking can help all manner of industries. It is helpful for restoration and remediation, but if you’re in the construction industry or simply have tools that you need to track, itemit can help.

Better accountability with itemit’s equipment tracking capabilities will mean that you save thousands of pounds a year as you won’t need to splash out on unnecessary replacement assets. 

With the additional time savings, the asset tracking software delivers, you’ll be able to serve your customers to a higher standard and consistently scale your company.

Find out more about how itemit can help you and your company either by contacting us or by filling in the form below.

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How Camtech Biomedical are using Cloud-Based Asset Tracking Software

cloud-based asset tracking

"Camtech Biomedical readily recommends itemit as a solution for laboratory equipment tracking and inventory management."

Using a Cloud-Based Asset Tracking System for your Inventory Management

Camtech Biomedical Pte. Ltd. is a company based in Singapore that focuses on research and development of medical technologies as well as trading of medical devices.

Stephanie is the Compliance Officer of Camtech Biomedical and is responsible for the daily operations of the company as well as the asset tracking and inventory management procedures.

The Problems: Asset tracking and Inventory Management

The company needed a robust asset tracking and inventory management system that could retain and track information on the usage and maintenance of its laboratory equipment and consumables.

Previously, when asset information required updating, users were required to manually update asset records by updating a file stored in a shared drive. The old process caused a great deal of inconvenience for the team at Camtech. Firstly, the process was prone to human errors of incorrect data entry as well as some users forgetting to update the file in the shared drive. The information was also not updated in real-time. As a result, the data in the shared drive could not be relied upon to be accurate and up to date.

Moreover, the software did not have a feature that could alert the company when maintenance of any laboratory equipment was due. In the past, this had resulted in the company overlooking the maintenance of some of its equipment. Having ISO 13485 certification, the company quickly realised that more advanced asset tracking software was needed to solve the above mentioned problems and thus better implement the standard.

The Solution: Cloud-Based Asset Tracking Software

The team at Camtech discovered itemit and found that the asset tracking solution solves the problems the company faced, and more. It allows the company to consolidate various inventory categories into one platform with a simple layout, providing easy access for the whole team. Its syncing capability means that users save significant amounts of time as they no longer need to upload files manually. In addition, the team have certainty that the information they are viewing is up to date and itemit thus eliminates the problems the company faced previously. itemit’s reminders feature allows the company to manage timely annual preventive maintenance of its laboratory equipment.

Having the outstanding problems solved, the company now also enjoys more streamlined operations from other features available with itemit. For example, the new bookings feature enables multiple users to book laboratory equipment while avoiding clashes with other planned usage. The Issues Management feature allows users to report any problems they encounter with the laboratory equipment, simply by scanning the asset’s tag. This allows the team to quickly follow up with corrective and preventive actions (such as repairs or software updates). The availability of the itemit smartphone app (which comes as standard, alongside the powerful web portal) makes it even easier for everyone in the company to update and be updated about the current status of the company’s inventory.


When we asked Stephanie about her experience with itemit, she said, “Camtech Biomedical readily recommends itemit as a solution for laboratory equipment tracking and inventory management as it is inexpensive, easy to implement and user-friendly. As an ISO 13485 certified company, it is paramount that we uphold the required standards, which itemit helps us to ensure.”

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How Artisan Baker, Chalk Hills Bakery, save money with asset tracking

asset tracking bread baskets

"We needed more accountability and to protect our equipment. Putting a deposit on bread baskets would be a bureaucratic nightmare so we started using itemit and asset tracking instead."

Asset Tracking and Managing Bread Baskets to Minimise Loss and Damage

Chalk Hills Bakery work and operate in Surrey Hills. They create artisan bread and cakes which they then sell onto both customers and wholesalers. They’re now using asset tracking to save over £2,000 a year.

They often deliver their breads and cakes to distributors so that it can reach the widest amount of happy customers.

Chalk Hills Bakery prides themselves in being artisan bread makers because they make their bread by hand with traditional methods, using organic flour and water. Their ingredients are totally natural and they create a wide range of bread, from sourdoughs and ryes to bloomers and ciabatta.

The Problems

The problem Chalk Hills Bakery was experiencing was to do with asset tracking their bread baskets.

Bread baskets were lost, misused or damaged due to the lack of accountability. Bread baskets were also mixed up. Mixed up bread baskets could result in fines, depending on who owns them.

The main problem was that Chalk Hills couldn’t find a way to track, protect, and maintain their bread baskets successfully. As soon as they were sent out, there was no guarantee they’d be coming back again and if they did, there was no guarantee they’d be in one piece.

This created a problem which led to losses of over £2,000 a year. A problem that was exacerbated every year during holidays such as Christmas or Easter when the demand for their services was greatly increased.

The Solution

Chris Robinson, the owner of Chalk Hills, found itemit, the ultimate asset tracking software. itemit is used to track assets and increase accountability and transparency to various processes.

Now, itemit’s QR sticker tags are helping Chalk Hills with asset tracking their bread baskets. They need only be scanned by a smartphone when the bread baskets are collected for delivery, then scanned when they’re being collected for return.

Upon each scan, the user who scanned the asset and the last seen location is instantly updated, creating an audit trail for any and all tagged assets. The audit trail that asset tracking provides means that an ROI can be seen very quickly.

Each QR code asset tag allows any bread basket to be uniquely identified with it’s own profile. This way, even if there are several tagged bread baskets next to each other, they need only be scanned to identify which is which.

The asset tags also dissuade theft or damage, as they indicate the asset is being “tracked by itemit,” further increasing the level of care and deterring theft.

Due to asset tracking and management, Chalk Hills’ bread baskets have a level of accountability and transparency that a spreadsheet can’t provide. They’re already saving time and money as they’ve minimised the loss of their baskets and can easily see how many they have in store at any one time.


When we asked Chris Robinson for a Testimonial regarding his asset tracking experience, this is what he said:

"We needed more accountability and to protect our equipment. Putting a deposit on bread baskets would be a bureaucratic nightmare so we started using itemit and asset tracking instead."

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The Vine Church Case Study

church assets tracking

“itemit helps us in a lot of ways”

Tracking Church Assets Using itemit

The Vine Church is an international English speaking Church based in Hong Kong. Their services are held every Sunday, but it doesn’t stop there. There is also outreach and teaching about the Christian faith, as well as an importance put onto creativity. With all this creativity and activity, there are a lot of church assets that need to be maintained.

Making sure they’re active in both the community and in creating sermons to teach about the word of God in a modern context, the Vine Church also have courses and missions to evangelise and teach.

itemit, the simple asset management software, has helped them keep their church assets in order, making it easier for them to spread the good news without worrying about which assets are where.


About the Vine Church

The Vine Church was set up with the mission to evangelise and teach the word of God. Not only this, but their goal is to outreach in the community and help out anybody in need.

Their team is large and international, with volunteers and workers spanning the continents. With many holding impressive accolades including theology Masters and degrees, a lot of the leaders have more than one job to best help the community.

They preach through sermons and by educating, with creative programmes and activities hoping to generate more interest and enjoyment in worship.


What they do

Primarily, the vine Church teaches about the word of God. Their one goal is to help people grow using worship to do this. They hold services each week and display special sermons with guest speakers from around the world.

They have also created their own communities, to connect people with each other and to help people grow by discussing their faith. They put on courses to help people learn and deepen their knowledge of their faith.

Of course, they also work in a charitable capacity with volunteers and carers to give support to those less able. This will mean travelling around and seeing and helping those who struggle on their own.


The Problems Facing Church Asset Tracking

With all this travelling, evangelising, preaching, and teaching, however, there is a difficulty when it comes to asset monitoring and church asset tracking. There are so many different aspects of stage performance that it’s difficult to know what can be used and when and where it is.

First of all, it’s difficult to track specific church assets, such as bread or wine or robes, but add onto this equipment and tools used to reach a wider audience. Suddenly your church assets involve speakers and instruments and in-ear monitors and stage accessories.

All of this equipment is hard to keep track of without asset management software, without an asset register, and without asset and tools tracking.

It’s almost impossible to stocktake without asset tags, whether QR code or RFID, and without asset management system software which can create a simple and automatic asset register, it’s difficult to know what you own. Without mobile asset tracking software, it’s difficult to know where everything is. Without an equipment maintenance tracking app, it’s difficult to know what is and isn’t worn down.

Luckily, itemit does all of this and more.


The Solution

After discovering the difficulty in asset management, the Vine Church looked to find some simple asset management software. When they found itemit they discovered it was easy to use and access and that it was an incredibly useful mobile asset tracking app.

The most helpful feature for the Vine Church is the fact that QR code asset tags are able to recall records from the app. itemit can also be used as an RFID tracking app using RFID asset tags. itemit can even be used as barcode asset tracking software.

Not only this, but the fact that itemit automatically creates an asset register, meaning that Church asset tracking was instantly made simpler, with a clear inventory and list of locations at the touch of a button.

Also, the fact that the Vine Church can add comments and reminders for technology that needs to be inspected or maintained. This means that damaged technology can be fixed sooner, and important dates are never missed again.

The price is also affordable, with a fourteen day free trial to test out all the features and see how well the app works. After using the trial, the Vine Church was hooked on itemit’s helpful stocktake, asset tracking, and maintenance report features.



When we asked Winnie Lo, the technician at the Vine Church, for a Testimonial, this is what she said:

“We were struggling with keeping track on our equipment inventory, when to check up and repair. itemit helps us in a lot of ways. We are able to put in reminders for checkup, QR code tag our items, and it is easy to search for data of the tagged item.”

Winnie at The Vine Church also reported that itemit was easy to use, helpful, and that she would recommend it to other similar organisations.

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Sanguine Medical Case Study

medical asset registers and equipment tracking

“The system is user friendly with easy access on the go via the app”

Equipment Tracking: itemit’s impact on Sanguine Medical’s asset management

Sanguine Medical Ltd. supplies medical equipment via loans. This means that asset registers are vital in order to track and maintain the variety of tools and equipment that are out on loan.

How has itemit’s ability to create simple and accurate asset registers helped Sanguine Medical with their wide array of equipment tracking across the world? Asset monitoring and small tools tracking alike have assisted with Sanguine Medical’s goal to provide effective healthcare sales on an international scale. Find out how below.


About Sanguine Medical

Sanguine Medical Ltd. were established with the goal of distributing healthcare assets, whether small tools or fixed assets, worldwide. They themselves are the marketers of these products, but they work with companies both large and small in order to get said companies’ life saving products into the market.

In this case, Sanguine Medical are innovators and marketing experts. They help inventors around the world get their products into a wildly competitive market. In a way, they are the mediators that help lives get saved.

They’ve worked with clients from the UK, Europe, and the US and their client size has varied from distribution start-ups to corporate. They are proud of their niche, however, which is assisting with small to medium sized markets so that they can help realise their ambitions.


What they do

Sanguine Medical acts as a mediator between the market and healthcare equipment companies. They offer a variety of marketing solutions in order to help get the life saving, innovative and creative medical equipment to the people that need it.

Offering a variety of equipment on loan Sanguine Medical also helps with finding opportunities for the deployment of interesting and futuristic assets, helping bring the medical industry forwards in how it treats illnesses.

With this amount of assets, both small tools and larger, unique equipment, an effective asset tracking system is needed. In order to create an effective and accurate fixed asset register, Sanguine Medical use itemit, the simple asset management software.


The Problems

Some of the problems are immediately clear. Sanguine medical has a lot of unique assets and their assets are spread across many countries. Therefore, they need an effective equipment tracking system in order to make sure these assets are in the correct place and with the correct people at the correct times.

A large problem Sanguine Medical was primarily facing was the limitation of spreadsheets as an equipment tracking system. All of their assets needed to be listed and accounted for and spreadsheets are unwieldy and overly complex. Sanguine medical needed a simple asset app.

As well as this, spreadsheets don’t notify the user of important maintenance dates. Sanguine medical need to know servicing due dates, loan expiry dates, warranty expiry dates, and simply adding this to a spreadsheet is inefficient. An equipment maintenance tracking app was needed.


The Solution: asset registers and equipment tracking

Looking for a better option than spreadsheets, Sanguine Medical searched online for a simple mobile asset tracking software with in built cloud-based web functions. They found itemit.

After a trial of the itemit equipment tracking software, Sanguine Medical found that the asset tracking app was entirely fit for their business purposes. They could use it as small tool tracking software and as a system to maintain accurate fixed asset registers for their medical equipment.

itemit has proven to be easy to use according to Sanguine Medical and they wish to continue using it in the same way due to the success they have found with it. It assists them in saving time as they can simply use a mobile device to update and track assets.

A few of Sanguine Medical’s favourite itemit features are: reminders, notifications, and labels. They can also see the entirety of their asset register in one simple and easy to track place.



When we asked Katarzyna Hernas, the Managing Director at Sanguine Medical Ltd., for a Testimonial, this is what she said:

“The system is user friendly with easy access on the go via the app. We use it for management of equipment placed with our customers. It is very helpful to have functions like notifications and reminders. Quality and functionality meets the price.”

She also reported that there was nothing about the app that she would change or improve.


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The REME Charity Case Study

REME and High Value Collection Asset Tracking
Case Study: The REME Charity

“Simple to use and particularly well laid out”

Extraordinary Work and High Value Collection Asset Tracking

The REME charity works to assist with and promote the support of past and present members of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

A part of the Ministry of Defence, the REME charity have raised millions to support the individuals within the corps, whether retired or serving, and their families. They also do important work on behalf of those who have fallen and with rehabilitation for injured soldiers.

From financial support to offering up a community for members of the Corps, the work the REME charity does is varied and extraordinary.


About the REME Charity

The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was founded during World War II in order to assist in the recovery, repair and maintenance of the army’s electrical and mechanical equipment.

The first steps towards the REME Charity as it is today occurred just after the war ended, when it was realised by the government that they had a duty of care over their returning soldiers.

In 1945, the Charity had its early days as the REME Benevolent Trust. Seventy years later in 2015, The Trustees of The Central Charitable Trust decided to incorporate the Charity, and by the end of August 2016, the Charity was fully operating.


What they do

The REME Charity operates in a variety of different ways and areas. Working with serving members of the Corps with sports and adventure activities to help with personal development and to create a community. Supporting a museum in order to raise funds. Working with retired members of the Corps and assisting with integration into retirement.

The Charity has three key objectives. They wish to promote the efficiency of REME and to foster its “esprit de corps; to relieve either generally or individual necessitous persons being members or former members of REME or their dependants (Beneficiaries); and finally, to support charitable purposes for the benefit of Beneficiaries.”

The Charity has been wildly successful, spending over £271,398.55 on benevolence in 2016. The passion of its members and understanding of the challenges and trials and rewards of serving in the REME corps is the backbone of the Charity, leading to this success.


The Problems

In order to raise money for members of the Corps, however, a system of asset management was needed.

A varied collection of property items that includes valuable art, wine, and silver needed to be kept track of, especially because of the prestige and history these assets hold. Therefore, spreadsheets are impractical.

While spreadsheets can be found and used for free, they are still unwieldy and create issues related to the control of numerous versions. Not only this, but they’re not accessible at a moment’s notice and aren’t always connected to the cloud.

What this all means is that it’s impossible to use a smartphone to update a moving piece of valuable artwork if spreadsheets are the primary form of asset management.

REME needed a system for their high value collection asset tracking.


The Solution: High Value Collection Asset Tracking

After trialling a few different asset tracking options and finding them complicated or expensive, the REME Charity was referred to itemit.

Suddenly, it was simple to tag and scan items quickly and photograph them for instant recognition within an asset register. Spreadsheets were no longer needed to be used, especially due to itemit’s cloud based service.

The fact that a diverse and varied portfolio of items that spans from art to wine could now be categorised, managed, and tracks was also helpful in assisting with the Charity’s work.

In the future, the REME Charity is looking to expand the use of the app to remote locations and to add more users. This is in order to get more out of the possibilities asset tracking and management provides.

High value collection asset tracking was made simple with itemit.



The REME Charity reported that itemit was not only inexpensive, but also helpful, easy to navigate and use, and readily recommended use of the app.

When we asked retired Major, Garry Wright-Rivers, the Business Development Manager at the REME charity for a Testimonial, this is what he said:

“Delighted with this product as a new customer to asset tracking. It is simple to use and particularly well laid out. Having sampled a few other (far more costly) products, I have found that itemit has lived up to all expectations. Exceptional customer service throughout has proven to be the cherry on the proverbial cake!”


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