Why You Need itemit

Why You Need itemit

itemit is an innovative, smart, and constantly adapting asset management system. Since its inception, itemit has grown to be a powerful suite of useful, intelligent, and business-critical asset tracking features.

The heart of the system has always been the same, you always need to know what you own, where your assets are, how much they cost and who is in charge of them. Presenting this information in a slick system gives you a clean fixed asset register and smooth business operations. This has never changed for itemit. However, the latest versions of the system give you more control, more ease-of-use, and more swiftness tracking your assets.

The Birth of itemit

RedBite Solutions is the creator of itemit and is incredibly well-versed in solving complex asset tracking problems that may seem impossible at a glance. After solving various intricate projects, RedBite recognised the needs are always the same: know what you own, where it is, who has it, etc.

Using their expertise, RedBite productised their offering and itemit was born. Version one was plucky, creative and filled with hope. At the time, using an app to scan barcodes and QR codes to track assets was new and innovative.

Now, you could finally maintain a fixed asset register on a system, export reports and track where your assets had been seen and who had been interacting with them.

Many of itemit’s features that were created in version one still exist today, including the scanning & last seen functionality, reports, and the abillity to attach any custom information to assets. A lot was right first time, but itemit has a Software-as-a-Service and so will never be complete and will always be refined, improved, and tailored to the needs of a modern asset tracking market.

Business Asset Tracking

itemit Today

itemit has come a long way since its creation in 2016. Now you can categorise better using collections where you were confined to labelling in itemit historically, you can book assets in advance, check them out, assign them to users, and track depreciation data.

itemit was born as an asset tracking system but has grown into something much more powerful without sacrificing ease-of-use and without getting complicated or cumbersome. 

In the future, itemit will grow and improve and features will be refined. Ease-of-use, simplicity and creativity will always be at the forefront of the system ensuring anyone can simply pick up and use the system at will.

Not only this, but itemit has implemented innovative and cutting-edge AI-driven and RFID-driven features, many of these being world firsts.

itemit’s Features

itemit’s features can be split into the cutting edge and the critical for asset tracking.

The system has many critical asset tracking features to allow you to see who has what, where it is, whether or not you own an asset, and ultimately, save you time and money. All of the system’s features are to extend your return on investment so that we can continue to sell itemit at an affordable rate while saving you more and more money as your usage grows.

There are also features on the cutting-edge.


itemit’s RFID asset tracking features include the first ever off-the-shelf fixed RFID asset management system. Now, instead creating your own deployment with costly and complex implications, not to mention lengthy, you can simply purchase trackers and itemit and link the two with ease.

This system is award winning and successful, allowing many users to automatically track the movement of their assets with ease. Sit back, relax, and save time and money without losing an ounce of visibility.

itemit lets you integrate RFID, GPS, and QR/barcode tagging technologies simultaneously giving you the greatest possible visibility over your assets on the market.


itemit is also utilising AI technologies to make your life quicker, smarter and easier. You can create and identify assets simply by taking pictures of them, our smart AI will do the rest. 

With AI, you can populate an asset register by going for a walk and taking a few pictures of your kit. No more sitting behind a laptop and typing “spanner” for the thousandth time, one letter at a time.

Watch this space for smarter, better, and easier-to-use features.

The Team

One huge reason you need itemit is the team. RedBite’s team is filled with creative, charismatic, clever, and capable individuals who all share a passion for giving itemit’s users the best experience they possibly can.

RedBite’s team are driven towards creating a product that is not only enjoyable to use but also saves you time and money, while also giving you the best customer support possible.

The team has tackled a constantly changing market with challenges such as the rise of hybrid and remote working affecting visibility and has adapted together, morphing challenges into features and turning feedback into a better and more complete overall experience.

When you use itemit, you’re using the a system that has had passion, hard work, and sometimes perseverance poured straight into it. itemit is a few years old at this stage, but it has always had a heart and core built with caring hands and there’s no sign of this changing any time soon.

To find out more, you can speak to our friendly team at team@itemit.com or call us on +44 (0)1233 421611. You can also view our quick demo below for an overview of the system. Happy tracking, you’re in safe hands!

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