itemit takes on Las Vegas!

Hold onto your hats because itemit is heading to Sin City! We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated RFID Journal LIVE! Awards in Las Vegas this April. Hosted by the prestigious RFID Journal, this event is the ultimate showcase for the latest and greatest in RFID technology, spotlighting top products and deployments across various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

With over 25 years of experience in the RFID field, itemit has established a strong bond with The RFID Journal. We’re proud to have had one of our esteemed customers, REME charity, nominated for the Best RFID/IoT Implementation award in 2020.

As veterans of this event, attending RFID Journal LIVE! is always a highlight for us. It’s a chance to reconnect with our roots, stay on the cutting edge of industry developments, and showcase our expertise to clients with unique RFID needs.

This year, we’re especially eager to catch Randy Dunn’s talk, Director of Customer Success at our partner organisation, Zebra. Plus, we’re buzzing about Zebra’s upcoming product release: an ultra-rugged fixed RFID reader built to withstand the toughest environments.

But that’s not all! We’ve been making waves in the RFID world with our latest developments at itemit. From new RFID ‘Plug and play’ integration packages to helping clients track multi-million dollar server collections with ease, our innovative solutions are revolutionising asset tracking.

Stay tuned for all the juicy details and insights we’ll be sharing post-event. Keep your eyes glued to this space for the latest updates on RFID solutions that are transforming the world of asset tracking.

Vegas, here we come!

If you believe that your organisation has the potential to venture into RFID and would like to discuss your use case with us, reach out to the team at

Your Business Can Benefit From Asset Tracking: Here’s Why

Your Business Can Benefit From Asset Tracking: Here’s Why

Your Business Can Benefit From Asset Tracking: Here’s Why

People all over the world are now finding out that using asset tracking software benefits their businesses. Thanks to the way that the software works, your business can benefit in multiple ways. However, you may not know just how your business can reap the rewards associated with using software such as this. Don’t worry, this article will take you through just a few of the ways that using tracking software can help. Read on for more information.

Successful Asset Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring your assets, you can do this successfully. You are likely to find that the software is much better than your spreadsheets. That is if you still use them. It’s amazing to think that some businesses still use spreadsheets in this day and age. 

The difficulty with using spreadsheets is they tend to be full of errors. In addition to this, it’s almost impossible to move your assets between departments and record the actions successfully. However, when you start to use asset tracking software you’ll find that it’s easy to do this and record it accurately. Thanks to the way that your new tracking software will work, you can move assets as and when you need to. Additionally, you will always be able to get real-time status for all of your assets.

Business Asset Tracking

Asset Maintenance Is Simplified

Would you like to simplify asset maintenance? You can do this with ease when you use the right asset tracker. You will find that it’s easy to set up maintenance reminders whether it be six-monthly, yearly, quarterly, or whenever you please. What this means for you is that your expenses could be lowered. This is simply because your assets are likely to be better taken care of. 

Even when something breaks down you can make sure that it is looked after. When you use asset tracking software and make the most of what it offers, you can message your maintenance team. You can tell them what asset is damaged, allowing them to examine and repair it quickly. A direct result of this means that your assets are repaired sooner rather than later and they’re likely to be in better condition. As we have already seen, when assets are in better condition you spend less. In other words, your business could save money and that’s always a good thing. 

Incidences Of Human Error Are Reduced

When you use some asset tracking software in place of spreadsheets, lists, or files, human error becomes a thing of the past. This is simply because the tracking software will do exactly as it has been programmed. Unlike we humans, software cannot make mistakes. So, you can rest assured that your shiny new software will eliminate errors. Consequently, you could see how your business is actually performing. Did you know that some tracking software even allows you to export reports? If this is something that is of interest to you, please make sure you opt for software that has this feature. Any report that you export will show you how your assets are being used and by whom.

Assets Can Be Recovered

Have you ever lost an asset or had one stolen? If you have, you’ll know just how inconvenient it can be. You’ll also know just how much effort is put into recovering lost or stolen assets. Unfortunately, recovery is not always possible. 

This is where asset tracking software can make a difference. When you use software such as this, assets can always be recovered. This is ultimately because they have an RFID tag or a barcode affixed to them. Pairing the tag or code with the software means you’re more likely to recover your assets. A direct consequence of this is that you may end up spending less replacing your assets. 

When you start to track your assets you will have more security almost immediately. Your colleagues and anyone else who uses your assets will know they are tracked. Therefore, most assets are likely to remain exactly where they should be.

itemit asset tracking software logo

Productivity Increases

No need to log or manually scan what you’re doing. Carry on working without stopping and having to input what tasks you’re doing or even where you are. Your new asset tracking software will do this for you so you can get on and meet those deadlines. 

Did you know that when productivity increases your business has a better chance of being successful? (if it isn’t already). It also means that you’re more likely to complete the most important tasks on time, every time. Beating all-important deadlines is very satisfying. Keeping your customers happy is essential. Your tracking software will help you to do this 



Wish to chat with someone knowledgeable about using asset tracking software so your business benefits? Contact us today at

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Teachers in Space and itemit demonstrate there really is no limit to asset tracking…

Embarking on a cosmic journey with Teachers in Space has been a huge privilege and adventure for the team at itemit. We’re not just talking about launching postcards into the cosmos – oh no, we’ve graduated to something even more mind-blowing: student-designed mini satellites! Think of them as cosmic pint-sized wonders named Cube Satellites (or Cube Sats).

What’s the mission, you ask? It’s nothing short of inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators. These little dynamos, dreamed up by the bright minds of students and teachers across the US, take on a space exploration mission of their own. Teachers in Space (TIS) equips these space education pioneers with the CubeSat skeleton and training to produce them, basically the satellite version of a DIY space kit. The mission? To stoke the flames of curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math among young scholars. Each school then becomes a mini NASA, designing and building its own mini-science experiment to hitch a ride into space.


itemit enables TIS to achieve their inspiring mission by attaching a unique itemit QR tag on each CubeSat, ensuring that every asset has its own celestial ID card. These cosmic travellers then embark on a cross-country journey back to TIS headquarters, where they’ll be dispatched to various flight locations.

Enter the magic of itemit’s cutting-edge asset tracking software. Each CubeSat becomes a rockstar with its own profile – a digital passport of sorts. This virtual hub contains everything from origin stories and design specs to the current whereabouts, status, and even the existential trajectory of these pint-sized astronauts. Each time a stakeholder scans the QR code, voila! You’ve got the CubeSat’s GPS location right at your fingertips.

Imagine the excitement of TIS participants, glued to the itemit map feature, as they watch their brainchild zigzagging across borders. Once these cosmic troopers hitch a ride on gliders like the Egrett and Perlan, they shoot off into space, recording temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, UV light, radiation – you name it!

Itemit doesn’t just stop there. The itemit platform keeps TIS, teachers, and students in the loop with real-time access to their CubeSat’s escapades. Plus, the collaborative power of sharing CubeSat profiles among all stakeholders ensures a seamless operation – no CubeSat gets left behind.

We’re over the moon to continue supporting TIS and witness itemit QR tags boldly go where no QR tag has gone before (other than our own) – into the vast expanse of space, playing a vital role in the cosmic future of exploration!

Now, here’s where you come in. Be a trailblazer, a partner in innovation, and seize the opportunity to have your organisation reach new milestones through the power of asset tracking!

Ready to launch your company into the itemit stratosphere? Contact the team to see how we could help you.

2024 – a note from itemit’s Founder

As we bid farewell to 2023, we at RedBite Solutions are excited to embrace the new year with renewed vigour and ambition. Our journey so far has been nothing short of transformative, making asset tracking easily accessible to everyone. From schools to charities, hospitals to scientific endeavours, our footprint has been global and impactful.

Over 250 organisations worldwide continue to benefit from our itemit application. Our efforts have reached the highest mountains in Chile, aiding scientists in their quest to unravel the universe. In conservation, we help to protect rhinos in the wild and animals in zoos, contributing to the preservation of our planet’s precious wildlife.

Our technology has extended its reach into the world of film production, ensuring seamless asset management behind the scenes of some of the most epic movies. In healthcare, we’ve been instrumental in tracking critical biopsy samples and dialysis equipment, enhancing patient care and efficiency. We are revolutionising healthcare alongside our partner to provide home health test kits to detect and prevent disease, with the aim of extending human lifespans and enhancing overall well-being.

RedBite powers the largest RFID deployment in the world that spans across 60+ countries. We have successfully navigated some of the toughest RFID environments, even in the poorest nations. This is a testament to our unparalleled, cutting-edge RFID software platform.

2023 was a milestone year for us as we ventured into space literally, expanding our boundaries beyond Earth. Huge thanks to our incredible team and loyal customers. Your dedication and trust have been pivotal in navigating this journey. As we step into 2024, Redbite is evolving – incubating and transforming ideas into products that redefine experiences. Our measure of success lies in the number of lives we helped, a guiding principle for our future innovations.

Goodbye to 2023, and hello 2024 – a year filled with positive change, growth and excitement! A year we can finally train our AI the difference between ‘bit’, ‘byte’ and RedBite!

Dr Alex Wong
CEO of RedBite Solutions
Founder of itemit

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

Check Out Our Brand New Partnership With RF Controls 

itemit space postcards

RedBite Solutions Partners with RF Controls

RFID (Radio Frequency identification) is leading the future for businesses by innovating the way we track tools and equipment. Its evolution has seen it become much more powerful and intelligent, while its capabilities are now extensive. 

Here at RedBite, we have teamed up with RF Controls, to integrate their state-of-the-art passive RTLS CS smart antennas into our flagship product, itemit. This gives our customers an innovative opportunity to tag more products and assets with fewer limitations, particularly within the manufacturing industry. 

RF Controls’ CS antennas are a smarter way to locate RFID tags using 3D technology. This blog will give an insight into how their technology works, the benefits and who we both are. 

Who are RedBite Solutions and What is itemit?                                                                                                                                                                     

RedBite Solutions is an IoT and RFID software provider, offering inventory track and trace products and solutions to both end users and partners around the world. RedBite’s flagship product: itemit, is a powerful asset tracking software with QR, Barcode, Mobile & Fixed RFID and GPS capabilities. itemit allows users to create an asset register, export asset reports, track asset locations, assign assets to employees, set maintenance reminders and so much more! 

Who are RF Controls?

RF Controls provide revolutionary antenna technology. Their technology eliminates barriers end users previously faced, while also reducing costs for RFID deployment. RF Controls’ smart antenna hardware enables use of passive Ultra-High Frequency RFID in real time location systems, with their technology they aim to identify, locate and track passive RFID tags. 

RF Controls’ technology is the next generation RFID. It defies the “conventional” RFID capabilities that we are so familiar with since RedBite’s founders worked on RFID back in 2000. Its phased array technology surpassed conventional fixed RFID readers in terms of performance, range and even cost – providing the first true 2D or even 3D location positioning using passive RFID tags.

But what is it that makes their technology stand out? Let’s take a look.

CS Smart Antenna                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The CS Smart Antenna, really is smart. This unique piece of technology is what puts RF Controls ahead in the RFID industry. It’s revolutionary. Just picture this, you’re trying to locate an item in a huge warehouse, you know it’s in there but you don’t know which aisle, which shelf or even which slot on the shelf. Previously, this meant a lot of time was spent searching. That’s where this unique piece of technology comes in. Imagine a spotlight shining down to show you where your items are: RF Controls’ antennas do just this by allowing you to identify exactly where a piece of kit, part or product is within your factory or workspace. From the minute a product arrives with an RFID tag, these powerful antennas will pick them up from the get go and track its journey through your workspace! 

So how does this technology work? The CS smart antenna technology allows hands-free, constant scanning using 3D location of passive UHF tags at a distance significantly further than any conventional RFID readers. RF Controls offer two types of antennas, the CS-445 can read passive RFID tags as far as 30ft (about 9 metres) whilst the larger sized CS-490 can go as far as 50ft (about 15 metres) away! The CS antennas are ideal for high-ceilings and wide areas particularly beneficial in the manufacturing industry.


itemit and RFID

itemit is a powerful system built on a range of auto-ID technologies, including RFID. Within your itemit workspace, not only can you take advantage of all of our powerful features including assignee, locations, collections, reports and more, you can also connect both handheld and fixed RFID readers out-the-box! itemit has a dedicated tab within all Pro workspaces known as the devices tab. In here you’ll be able to connect all RFID readers you wish to use alongside itemit. Once you have paired your RFID devices you’ll be able to get full visibility over your data and use this data in your day to day operations and decision making. 


The Benefits

There are many benefits to deploying itemit and RF Controls’ smart antennas to supercharge your asset tracking. Let’s take a look at what those benefits are! 

itemit’s simplistic approach to RFID means there are are no upfront setting up fees whatsoever. Instead you’ll find you can pay a low-cost monthly subscription. Say goodbye to prohibitive set-up and installation costs entirely!

Another advantage is the itemit mobile app also can be paired with your RFID readers, so no matter where you’re you’ll be able to check in on your devices thanks to itemit’s cloud-based software. 

With itemit RFID you’ll be able to use both handheld readers and fixed readers. Handheld readers are great for a more manual approach to scanning as they’re perfect for when on the go auditing is required, as you can easily move them around. Fixed RFID readers, on the other hand, are great for automated asset tracking, as they can simply be fitted to a room and continuously update your assets’ location data.. With RF Controls’ antennas, too, you get even more insight into your assets’ locations. All of which can be viewed clearly in your itemit workspace. 

Location tracking is simple with itemit RFID. Bringing itemit’s asset tracking software and RFID together has never been easier, as you can utilise your RFID data to pull off useful reports, ideal for auditing, asset lifecycle tracking and stock checks. 

RF controls’ smart antennas are opening opportunities for RFID to be used by smaller organisations and companies that RFID couldn’t work for in the past due to hardware limitations. Their smart antennas will allow longer reading ranges, higher ceiling deployments and can even work alongside low-cost tags, making this RFID solution more in reach of those with limited budgets. 

Before RF Controls’ smart antennas, there wasn’t RFID technology that read thousands of tags automatically and simultaneously from long distances, either. Due to this many would rely on handheld readers which can be costly and require human intervention, which isn’t suitable in some environments. RF controls’ smart antennas require minimal human intervention, cutting costs and the need for training resources and can read significantly larger quantities of data. Not to mention they also offer real-time visibility. Their solution is ideal for large workspaces, including manufacturing plants, and large retail spaces as it allows workers to move products faster and in an efficient manner. 

A further benefit sees RF Controls’ technology reducing labour costs, as their readers can instantly capture tags as soon as they arrive into a warehouse or large workspace thanks to their long read ranges and high ceiling deployments. This also means less work is required for the unloading and processing of products. As well as going hand in hand with helping to manage inventory, you can know what is entering and leaving your workspace instantly, and therefore improve your replenishment processes.


Be a Part of itemit And RF Controls’ Partnership Today

It’s clear RF controls’ smart antennas can offer businesses a higher Return On Investment through reducing costs, labour and giving greater visibility over a company’s products. itemit can store your important data, produce reports and organise your products anytime, from anywhere alongside your RFID deployment. So why not make the investment and see for yourself just what RF Controls and itemit can offer your business. 

Sign up today to itemit’s free 14-day trial or contact the team at for more information on RFID. If you’d like to find out more on RF controls’ smart antenna technology the team at itemit are also happy to help and can put you in touch with an RF Controls advisor. We look forward to solving your asset tracking challenges quickly and at unbeatable costs. 

itemit’s Partnership With RF Controls

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To Infinity and Beyond, itemit’s Journey to Space!

To Infinity and Beyond, itemit’s Journey to Space!

To Infinity and Beyond, itemit’s Journey to Space!

itemit is all set to help Teachers in Space complete their mission!

itemit space postcards

itemit are pleased to announce our recent involvement with Teachers in Space’s project ‘postcards to space’. Teachers in space have been a client of itemit’s since the end of 2021, and what an exciting client they’ve been! It has been great fun from the minute they reached out to us looking for an asset tracking solution to help them with their space mission. 

Teachers in Space are a nonprofit educational organisation based in North America. Their aim is to encourage students to have an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In particular, they achieve this by offering space experiences and flight opportunities to teachers, as well as offering opportunities to meet scientists at NASA and other commercial space companies. This allows teachers to learn the industry and pass back their knowledge to students, who they aim to inspire to take on careers in the space industry. Teachers in space was originally inspired by NASA’s teacher in space programme dating back to the 90s, their aim is to continue NASA’s original mission and get teachers flying to space.

Postcards to space is their latest project in which they have teamed up with Blue Origin’s nonprofit Club for the Future. This project has seen students design postcards by writing and drawing what they visualise the future of life in space to look like. Their main aim is to put the student-made postcards onto a flight into the upper atmosphere and straight into space. But before they could do this, the postcards had to embark on a journey. This journey saw the postcards start off at the students’ schools in New York, make there way to Cedar Park, Texas and then onto their final location at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California where the final stage of the mission will take place by sending the postcards into space via Firefly Aerospace’s 2nd orbital rocket flight. 

Along the way, the postcards took part in a separate mission back on March 17th. A high altitude balloon mission was carried out which saw the balloon travel 72.47 miles from the launch site in Blodgett Mills, NY to Cherry Valley, NY. The maximum height the balloon reached was 86,545 ft with the highest speed recorded as 93mph. This was just the start of the mission, although this balloon wouldn’t reach space it would reach higher parts of the atmosphere. After this the postcards were retrieved from the balloon landing and safely transported on to Vandenberg Space Force Base and integrated into the payload bay of Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha orbital rocket.

Now we’ve filled you in on this exciting mission, let’s take a look at where itemit comes in! To be able to uniquely identify the students postcards, Teachers in Space have used itemit’s QR tags. By assigning a QR tag to each postcard, they can be uniquely told apart and their journey can also be tracked! Along each step of the postcard’s journey, each QR tag was scanned using the itemit app, which updates the postcard’s last seen location. Our last seen location feature has provided students with updates on the location of their postcard and meant they were able to see the journey they’ve taken before safely arriving ready for the final flight. Thanks to our handy map feature, you can also visually see a map to show the movement each postcard has made before it reaches its take off! Pretty cool right? If you’d like to track the journey of your assets, equipment or even something belonging to your own mission then get in touch with our team today at, we’d be happy to help!

Teachers in space’s project will see an orbital launch with Firefly Aerospace take place in September 2022, get ready and keep watch for take off! If you’d like to take part additional postcards will fly on Blue Origin Launches. Start your own Postcard to Space here

itemit’s QR Tags reach Space

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