How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

“Better management of our assets will mean lower running and operational costs for our business, and therefore more competitive pricing structures for our customers. We can’t wait to see the results of this fantastic partnership realised over the next few months.”

Phil Morgan – Director

Landscape Services

The Challenge

The team at itemit are pleased to announce another exciting partnership with an ambitious UK company – Landscape services.

Landscape services operate from 15 key locations across the southeast, maintaining a variety of outdoor spaces. To achieve this, the team own and lease an extensive fleet of over 70 specialised vehicles and thousands of pieces of equipment. It’s a challenge in itself to log, track and monitor this volume of equipment, but that is made even more challenging when you are working across so many different sites.

The high levels of service the experienced team delivers relies heavily on having the right equipment at the right time. Without the kit they need, they cannot maintain high levels of efficiency and reduce downtime.

The following requirements are critical for the team:

  • Know what equipment you have
  • See where that equipment is
  • Know what equipment is available
  • Identify who has what kit
  • Ensure the equipment is on the correct site at the right time
  • Reduce equipment losses and thefts
  • Report defects


Rhino Force Ranger

What they need

The main objective for Landscape Services was to find a better way to manage equipment so they could continue to deliver the best possible service for their customers. They needed a solution that would improve visibility over:


  • Asset locations
  • Asset availability
  • Utilisation rates for equipment
  • Defect reporting
  • Servicing schedules
  • Security measures and crime prevention

The Goals


Improve Safety


Increase Compliance


Increase Efficiency

For Landcape Services, there goals were clear, they needed to find asset tracking software that would improve safety, compliance and efficiency as a result of having better asset management. The reasoning behind this is solid, they wished to lower the running and operational costs of their business so they could offer more competitive pricing structures for their customers.

The Solution – itemit

itemit is an asset tracking solution that makes it easy to track large volumes of assets and equipment that move around a lot. We understand the headaches of managing thousands of pieces of kit as well as the stress of losing equipment that is critical to the completion of a project for your valued customer.

itemit allows your business to maximise the efficiency of its teams through the equipment they use. It gives you a flexible, cost-efficient way to record all the equipment you own and lease so you have a solid asset register that won’t get out of date. This is the basis for tracking your assets and equipment. Now, you can upload safety manuals and manage maintenance scheduling remotely using the itemit iOS and Android apps. Your mangement team has a web portal to oversee who has what equipment across all of your projects, immediately.

itemit includes QR asset tagging, with very robust, metal tags, that can withstand being chucked around in the back of a van. Not only can you instantly see what kit is yours, you can also scan any asset to report a defect, access user manuals, or check it out to your project.

Just like the team at Landscape Services, if you’re struggling to efficiently manage thousands of pieces of equipment across multiple sites, try itemit for yourself with our 14-day free trial – Start my free trial.

If you have more questions before you jump in to a trial, contact our team of experts today and get answers to your questions. Email

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