Teachers in Space and itemit demonstrate there really is no limit to asset tracking…

Embarking on a cosmic journey with Teachers in Space has been a huge privilege and adventure for the team at itemit. We’re not just talking about launching postcards into the cosmos – oh no, we’ve graduated to something even more mind-blowing: student-designed mini satellites! Think of them as cosmic pint-sized wonders named Cube Satellites (or Cube Sats).

What’s the mission, you ask? It’s nothing short of inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators. These little dynamos, dreamed up by the bright minds of students and teachers across the US, take on a space exploration mission of their own. Teachers in Space (TIS) equips these space education pioneers with the CubeSat skeleton and training to produce them, basically the satellite version of a DIY space kit. The mission? To stoke the flames of curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math among young scholars. Each school then becomes a mini NASA, designing and building its own mini-science experiment to hitch a ride into space.


itemit enables TIS to achieve their inspiring mission by attaching a unique itemit QR tag on each CubeSat, ensuring that every asset has its own celestial ID card. These cosmic travellers then embark on a cross-country journey back to TIS headquarters, where they’ll be dispatched to various flight locations.

Enter the magic of itemit’s cutting-edge asset tracking software. Each CubeSat becomes a rockstar with its own profile – a digital passport of sorts. This virtual hub contains everything from origin stories and design specs to the current whereabouts, status, and even the existential trajectory of these pint-sized astronauts. Each time a stakeholder scans the QR code, voila! You’ve got the CubeSat’s GPS location right at your fingertips.

Imagine the excitement of TIS participants, glued to the itemit map feature, as they watch their brainchild zigzagging across borders. Once these cosmic troopers hitch a ride on gliders like the Egrett and Perlan, they shoot off into space, recording temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, UV light, radiation – you name it!

Itemit doesn’t just stop there. The itemit platform keeps TIS, teachers, and students in the loop with real-time access to their CubeSat’s escapades. Plus, the collaborative power of sharing CubeSat profiles among all stakeholders ensures a seamless operation – no CubeSat gets left behind.

We’re over the moon to continue supporting TIS and witness itemit QR tags boldly go where no QR tag has gone before (other than our own) – into the vast expanse of space, playing a vital role in the cosmic future of exploration!

Now, here’s where you come in. Be a trailblazer, a partner in innovation, and seize the opportunity to have your organisation reach new milestones through the power of asset tracking!

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Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

“If you think it’s tough tracking all of your assets just on earth…”

Noah Luogameno – Project Manager

Teachers In Space

In the vast and expanding realm of space exploration, Teachers in Space (TIS), a dynamic non-profit organisation, stands out as a driving force in cultivating STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) interest among students and educators. How do they do it? By creating exciting and accessible projects such as their recent CubeSat (Cube Satellite) space exploration project. Their CubeSat project, involving tracking the journeys and critical information of their student designed CubeSats, is powered by itemit’s innovative asset tracking solution.

In order to achieve their ultimate mission of supporting the Space Economy, TIS use itemit to boost traceability of their projects and add value to the experience of teachers and students alike. The use of itemit in TIS’s mission exemplifies how asset tracking technology can elevate scientific endeavours to new heights.

Who are TIS?

TIS offers teachers extraordinary space experiences; they are on a mission to regularly fly teachers into space and return them to their classrooms where they can energise their students! Inspired by NASA’s Teacher in Space program, TIS provides teachers with astronaut training and real space experiences combined with unique science projects to be deployed in their classrooms and inspire the next generation. The teachers and students who participate in TIS’s projects have completed numerous high-altitude balloon missions, helped test the first multipurpose commercial spacesuit and flown experimental payloads on gliders in the US and Argentina – the itemit tracked Cubesats!

Image courtesy of Karin Paquin on Zero Gravity Corporation via tis.org

The Challenge of Cosmic Proportions:

Undertaking global collaborative projects, such as CubeSat missions, comes with unique challenges. TIS faces the complexities of managing numerous CubeSats, each carrying distinct scientific experiments, as they traverse the globe—from inception in classrooms to launch into the cosmos.

  • CubeSat Profile Tracking: TIS manages a fleet of CubeSats, each tailored for specific experiments. The need to easily track and catalog the profiles and locations of these diverse assets is critical.
  • Real-time Status Monitoring: The challenge intensifies when dealing with miniature satellites. TIS must stay informed about the current status of these tiny orbiters as they journey worldwide, promptly addressing any issues that may arise before they are blasted into Space!
  • Global Journey Understanding: TIS’s mission involves understanding the trajectory of CubeSats across borders and through various stages, ensuring the project aligns with plans and identifying any delays or issues.
  • Data Representation for Stakeholders: To achieve their ultimate mission of supporting the space economy, TIS requires a seamless method to report comprehensive project data to all stakeholders.

Image of Cubesats courtesy of tis.org

The itemit solution – Revolutionising Space Exploration:

TIS has partnered with itemit for several years, with their CubeSat project being just one of the successful collaborations. TIS love using itemit because they know they can leverage our customisable platform to overcome challenges, bidding farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and labor-intensive tracking.

  • Universal Collaboration: itemit provides each participant, from teachers to technicians, with a dedicated login. This ensures a unified platform and a single source of truth, fostering collaboration and streamlining project contributions.
  • QR Codes – The Magic Link: Robust Anodised Aluminium itemit QR codes are affixed to each CubeSat, serving as a gateway to a wealth of information. Scanning reveals real-time GPS locations, full profiles, and allows for quick updates.
  • Mobile Accessibility: With itemit’s user-friendly mobile app, participants access the centralised hub on the go, ensuring seamless collaboration and data accessibility, even offline.
  • Comprehensive Asset Profiles: Each CubeSat possesses a detailed asset profile within itemit, including photos, documents, and information properties. This ensures the satellites are space-ready and any issues are promptly addressed. This ensures each CubeSat is working as intended at the time of being blasted into Space!
  • Efficient Organisation with Collections: TIS utilises itemit’s Collections to categorise CubeSats by origin and education centre, streamlining reporting and tailored updates for stakeholders.
  • Global Journey Tracking: The itemit global map provides real-time updates on CubeSat locations, enabling TIS to not only locate their CubeSats at all times, but visually represent each satellite’s journey and share this dynamic data with stakeholders.

Check out Noah Luogameno, Project Manager at TIS, discussing how itemit has propelled TIS’s traceability in our Case Study video below. 

The Cosmic Achievement for TIS:

In essence, itemit empowers TIS to transcend manual tracking, saving valuable time and mitigating potential errors. All activities related to CubeSats are seamlessly automated, guaranteeing reliability. Crucially, up-to-date data is readily accessible to students and teachers, fostering STEM enthusiasm and ensuring TIS’s mission of inspiring the next generation in the cosmos remains vibrant and impactful.

With itemit as their cosmic companion, TIS propels the future of space exploration, one CubeSat at a time. 

Have a mission that itemit can help with?

Here at itemit we love understanding how our customers are using itemit to achieve their own inspiring missions – the more unusual, the better! If you’ve got an idea of how you might be able to use itemit and want to run some questions by our experienced team members, drop us an email to team@itemit.com – we look forward to hearing from you and achieving great things together!

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Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

“If you think it’s tough tracking all of your assets just on earth...” Noah Luogameno - Project Manager Teachers In SpaceIn the vast and expanding realm of space exploration, Teachers in Space (TIS), a dynamic non-profit organisation, stands out as a driving force in...

2024 – a note from itemit’s Founder

As we bid farewell to 2023, we at RedBite Solutions are excited to embrace the new year with renewed vigour and ambition. Our journey so far has been nothing short of transformative, making asset tracking easily accessible to everyone. From schools to charities, hospitals to scientific endeavours, our footprint has been global and impactful.

Over 250 organisations worldwide continue to benefit from our itemit application. Our efforts have reached the highest mountains in Chile, aiding scientists in their quest to unravel the universe. In conservation, we help to protect rhinos in the wild and animals in zoos, contributing to the preservation of our planet’s precious wildlife.

Our technology has extended its reach into the world of film production, ensuring seamless asset management behind the scenes of some of the most epic movies. In healthcare, we’ve been instrumental in tracking critical biopsy samples and dialysis equipment, enhancing patient care and efficiency. We are revolutionising healthcare alongside our partner to provide home health test kits to detect and prevent disease, with the aim of extending human lifespans and enhancing overall well-being.

RedBite powers the largest RFID deployment in the world that spans across 60+ countries. We have successfully navigated some of the toughest RFID environments, even in the poorest nations. This is a testament to our unparalleled, cutting-edge RFID software platform.

2023 was a milestone year for us as we ventured into space literally, expanding our boundaries beyond Earth. Huge thanks to our incredible team and loyal customers. Your dedication and trust have been pivotal in navigating this journey. As we step into 2024, Redbite is evolving – incubating and transforming ideas into products that redefine experiences. Our measure of success lies in the number of lives we helped, a guiding principle for our future innovations.

Goodbye to 2023, and hello 2024 – a year filled with positive change, growth and excitement! A year we can finally train our AI the difference between ‘bit’, ‘byte’ and RedBite!

Dr Alex Wong
CEO of RedBite Solutions
Founder of itemit