Bucket List Ideas and itemit: How you can track your adventures

bucket list ideas

Bucket list ideas? No problem!

So, here’s some good news, it’s almost summer! The days are getting longer and it’s getting brighter outside. So, it’s almost time for some adventure! Do you have any bucket list ideas? Do you need some? Either way, itemit can help.

With our simple asset management software, you can track your adventure ideas and your adventure assets. Whether it’s a bucket list of movies to watch, food to eat, places to travel to, itemit can help you track and manage everything.

Are you ready for the freedom of Summer? Set for BBQs, travelling, adventure? Looking forward to more sun? Have more fun using itemit, and make sure you get everything you want to do, done.

Travel and Adventure

First of all there’s travel and adventure. It’s at the top of anyone’s bucket list, running away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. So, what are some bucket list ideas when it comes to this? And how can our simple asset management software help?


There’s travel. Ditching life and going on the run to some far flung country. No matter where you want to go, whether it’s Vietnam, Thailand, or Las Vegas, asset tracking can help get you there.

Use our barcode asset tracking software free to track your plane tickets and where you left them, the information on them, and you can even link them to your href=”https://itemit.com/track-my-passport-using-itemit-and-qr-code-asset-tags/”>passport. Use asset tags shipped around the world from the UK for closer tracking. These can be QR code asset tags or you can even use itemit as an RFID tracking app.

With all of this clarity and information, you can have closer asset monitoring. Set reminders as well so you know exactly when you need everything. Never turn up to the airport without your passport and tickets again!

It’s even possible to link up webpages, so any emails with barcodes and boarding passes will be quick and easy to find.


The best adventures are unplanned. However, there’ll still be things to track. Helmets for kayaking, ropes for climbing. Even if you turn up to the best rockface to climb, without an effective asset app you might find you’ve left your equipment back in the UK.

This goes for tickets as well. Sometimes you have to pay to get into adventuring. Skydiving isn’t free. Why not use our mobile asset tracking software to track tickets and add the relevant financial information?

itemit can also be used as small tool tracking software, meaning that no matter what your adventure, no matter your bucket list ideas, we can help you realise them.

So use our qr code asset tags to track your helmets, your kayaks, your ropes, your pickaxes, anything! What could your ideas be? Snowboarding? Surfing? Skateboarding? Track your boards with more durable metal qr code asset tags that are waterproof and that aren’t going to wipeout.

Food and Drink

More of a foodie? Trying to get into that five star restaurant for just a bit? You can use our asset management software to list and track different activities. Add a list of restaurants that’ll become your asset register, then add reminders for when they’re booked.

If you’re cooking you can use itemit to track ingredients. This can mean adding use by dates so that meal you’ve always wanted to cook won’t make you ill! You can also track your equipment in the kitchen so you know more about your knives, pots and pans.

As well as this, you can link up your foods as well, meaning that you can use itemit as a sort of recipe book. Link the assets and add the information as how to make that perfect meal.

This goes for drinks as well. Mixology and making cocktails is quick, simple, and effective with asset management software. Link up your mixers with your spirits and start the party!


itemit is simple, creative asset management software. This means you can use it to keep track of your hobbies. Track your guitars, drums, track your stamp collection, your trains. Track anything!

An asset register will be created meaning that no matter what you have, you can track and add information to with our simple asset management software. With an asset register it’s simple to look at all of your assets in one place and know all about them at all times.

Show off your collections with information about your assets. Never be short of information again! Add dates for your coins, your stamps, anything. Know more and keep that knowledge close with the touch of a button.

If you’re starting a new hobby, itemit can help with this as well. No matter your bucket list ideas, finances, spending, and learning is easier. Want to get a new guitar? See how much money you’ve been spending on your assets with your fixed asset register, and know how much you can dish out.

More Bucket List Ideas!

Bucket lists can be anything. They can be movies you want to watch, books you want to read, wine you want to drink. With or without qr code asset tags, our simple asset management software can help you keep track of any of your assets.

Track your library to know what you have and haven’t read, and who the author is. Track your movies so you know exactly where to find them when it’s the week you finally get round to watching The Godfather. Track your wines and add the dates. Save that vintage for a special event with your reminders.

Get more out of your bucket list ideas with itemit.

Need more Bucket list ideas?

Check out the basics of the app so you know exactly what itemit can do!

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Pet Insurance Prices and Tracking Toys: How you can keep track of your pets

pet insurance prices

Pet insurance prices have never been so easy to track!

Companionship is beautiful. Having something warm and fluffy to come home to at the end of a warm day is the best feeling in the world. It can be costly to keep a pet, however. Pet insurance prices, illness, toys, cute costumes, leads, food.

If only there was a way of simply tracking everything. Keeping on top of all your pet insurance prices and never missing a payment. Knowing exactly where your pet’s toys are. Being able to quickly check how much you should be spending on food.

Spreadsheets can be cumbersome and it can make feeding feel like a chore. Luckily for you, our simple asset management software can help. Keep track of all of your
pet’s assets with an asset register. Use asset tags to track where you left things. Have an effective asset tracking system for free with our asset app.

Financial tracking

First of all, financial tracking. itemit can help you with all the small and large finances that come with having a pet. Pet insurance prices always seem to be on the rise.

With effective asset tracking software, you can add all of your finances to the app and include reminders and information so that you never miss a payment. With an automated fixed asset register, itemit can even help you group and label specific finances.

Useful and easy to use asset tracking solutions can help you with all of your asset monitoring, especially what’s going in and out of your account. Add the information of how much things cost, and repeat a reminder that your standing orders are leaving your accounts.

This way, you can quickly and easily see how much your spending on food, pet insurance, grooming equipment, toys. Yes, it is nice to spoil your puppies every once in a while, but with an asset register and with logged financial information, you’ll know how much you can afford. Save money on food, spend more on pet toys!

Pet and home inventory tracking

itemit is flexible. It can be used as an rfid tracking app, as barcode asset tracking software, as asset management system software. This means you can use qr code asset tracking and rfid asset tracking with our app.

How is this helpful? You can inventory! This isn’t just helpful for pets. As a home inventory app, itemit can help with tools tracking, kitchen tracking, creative asset tracking, and more!

Using our unique qr code asset tags or rfid asset tags
and our free software, you can create a free account for your pets and track their things. In fact, it’s probably more helpful to have itemit if you have pets!

An asset tracking and inventory system is crucial if that television remote always goes missing. You can track exactly where it was left and exactly who had it with our simple mobile asset tracking software. Get our asset tags from the uk now and start tracking your things!

Then why stop there? Track the pets themselves. We can send you metal qr code tags with a hole in them to place on your pet’s collar. Then, when you need to see the financial, insurance, or V-E-T information on the app, you simply have to scan this metal qr code tag!

Asset management

Finally, you’ll need an effective asset management system. What’s the point of keeping track of your pet insurance prices if they’re difficult to see, unruly, or unclear like they are in a spreadsheet?

Thanks to itemit, the simple asset management software, viewing your pet’s assets and information about your pets is quick and easy. Scan a tag and the asset profile will appear in an instant.

This asset profile will be where you have all of your information including locations, last seen by, reminders, costs. If you want to know more about your dog’s toy if it’s the end of the tax year and you’re sorting out your receipts, simply scan it!

itemit is especially useful as we can send you metal qr code tags from the uk, meaning that they won’t get ripped off a scratching post and your home inventory will remain clean, tidy and well managed.

You can also use itemit as an rfid tracking app, which can help with faster inventory. Find out what’s missing right away if your dog has a habit of stealing things and running off with them! Asset monitoring is simplified and speedy with itemit.

All of your asset profiles will then automatically create an asset register which will have all of the same information. Track your pet insurance prices by looking at a simple asset register that you can export if you need to.

Asset tracking doesn’t have to be ruff

You can download itemit for free right now and start using it to inventory your pet\s assets.

But why stop there? Use itemit in any way you need, from construction equipment tracking and management, to managing your musical instruments! Track your electrical assets, your car, anything!

Know more about everything you own and get more out of your assets. Get itemit, the simple asset management software, for free and start using it to make looking after your pets easy!

Tracking your pet insurance prices?

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Car and garage asset tracking: Tracking your things

garage inventory apps

itemit is your free garage inventory app

itemit, the simple asset management software, can be used as a simple home or garage inventory app. What this means is you can use our unique qr code asset tags or as an rfid asset tracking app in order effectively maintain your equipment. You can even use it offline to update your asset tracking system wherever you are.

If you’re part of a business, you can still use our simple asset tracking system as a garage inventory app. Work on cars and vehicles with an effective equipment barcode tracking system. You can even use our asset tracking software free!

So, whether you want to use itemit as a home inventory app or as an equipment tracking app, what features could you use in order to get the best out of either rfid asset tracking solutions, asset tagging, maintaining a fixed asset register, and/or using our asset tracking app with unique qr code asset tags?

Lucklily, we have the asset tracking solutions for you, with our simple and effective free asset tracking software.

Tracking Cars

Our free asset tracking software is flexible, so it’s possible to use it as a home inventory app or as a garage inventory app for a business who needs equipment barcode tracking software.

Using our qr code asset tags or an rfid asset tracking system, you can track the locations of equipment. If you’re tracking a car this can be helpful for extra tools, or as an asset tracking system that can link together spare wheels or oil. This way, with asset tagging, you’ll have a fixed asset register that can help you find out who has tools or equipment instantly meaning that cars can get repaired or maintained at a greater speed.

What’s the difference in uses when you’re using itemit as an equipment barcode tracking software as a business, or if you’re using simple asset tracking and itemit as a home inventory app in order to track and maintain an asset register?

As our asset management app is simple, easy to use, and customisable, whether you’re using itemit as an equipment tracking app, for IT asset tracking, or for simple asset tracking doesn’t make as much of a difference. For example, itemit is still functional and effective without asset tagging. Qr code asset tags can make everything faster and simpler, but when it comes to rfid asset tracking solutions, while it is quicker and more useful, some rfid asset tags cost a lot, especially including the reader. This means that however you use itemit is up to you!

Home inventory app users

If you want to use asset tracking software free, and simply want a home or garage inventory app, you can download itemit, the simple asset management software, right now. Use our asset management software free and get our unique qr code asset tags shipped from the uk for an asset tracking and/or asset tagging system that is quick, easy, and effective.

First of all, why would you want to use our asset tracking system to track your car? There are the obvious things, our simple asset management software can send reminders for when tax, insurance, MOTs are due. You can use itemit as an equipment tracking app and so with asset tagging you can track exactly where your spare wheels or where your oil or wiper fluid is.

In essence, using an asset tracking system makes keeping a car a lot simpler. Even without rfid asset tracking or without unique asset tags, our asset tracking app is effective and helpful in helping you keep clear about what’s going on with your car.

Cars are fantastic, whether you’re a petrolhead or if you just need to pick your kids up from school. With our free asset management software, itemit will automatically create a fixed asset register in order for you to have an effective asset tracking system. This means all your assets will be in one place and simple and easy to access with the quick click of a button.

Keep on top of everything, use IT asset tracking in order to record what pressure the tires should be, link the manual, set reminders for MOTS, maintain a fixed asset register, add pictures to keep track of the mileage. You can also use our free asset tracking software if your car is on finance so that you can track when payments are due and how much.

When you’ve decided to sell your car, our asset management app will be useful too as you can simply export all the data in your fixed asset register. This means that any damage recorded and warranty information, as well as your license plate and your car’s history will instantly be sent forwards.

You can also use our free asset management software to add the numbers of breakdown cover services. No searching for ages or looking anything up online, itemit still works offline meaning that you don’t have to waste 4g while you’re stranded.

Garage inventory app business users

If you’re part of a garage business, you can use itemit enterprise for an effective equipment barcode tracking system. Use itemit for small tools tracking, construction equipment tracking, as barcode asset tracking software. The UK based asset management software is fully customisable, so if you’re using itemit to create a work of art out of your cars i.e. make an engine, you can use itemit as creative asset management software.

Maintaining and tracking cars requires tools, it requires an equipment barcode tracking system, it requires IT asset tracking so that you can track and maintain a fixed asset register and your business’ finances. With qr code asset tags or rfid asset tracking you can know exactly where your tools and equipment are and exactly who has them. This will save you time fixing up and maintaining cars. What do rfid asset tags cost? The price varies, but for smaller or multiple assets it’s extremely helpful to use rfid asset tracking solutions. Rfid asset tags can cost little, depending on what type of asset tagging you’re planning on using.

As for qr code asset tags, depending on what you need them for you can have a number of different types of asset tags shipped from the uk. You may need metal qr code tags for equipment that needs to be durable. With itemit it’s flexible.

How will an asset management app help for business purposes? Track the cars, the equipment, track your fixed asset register, track where everything is, track what needs to be fixed and the status of everything. Get more clarity on your equipment and tools assets. Start using our asset tracking software free to see how helpful it is. It’s much better than using spreadsheets.

More than the car: Tracking the rest of your motor assets

What else would you need asset tracking solutions for when it comes to garage inventory management?

Anyone with a car will know that it’s not just the car that needs to be tracked, maintained and looked after. With our free asset tracking software, you can track everything related to the car as well.

You can use metal qr code tags or any other qr code or rfid asset tagging system, with asset tags shipped from the uk, to track a wide variety of your assets, no matter what they are. Link up where you’ve left all of your car’s paperwork. Track the booster seats. Track oil, spare wheels, tools, nuts and bolts. Use our asset management app to suit your automotive needs.

If you need to, you can even use our free asset management software to link up maps and track journeys. If you’re using our free asset tracking software for other purposes, such as for construction equipment tracking or as a creative asset management software, you can use the maps and qr code asset tags itemit provides in order to get to your assets faster and more efficiently.

As well as this, you can track oil levels. Petrol levels. Tire pressure. Things you may need to know when you’re away from your vehicle in order to better plan days out with more peace of mind. Use our asset tracking app for managing your journeys and adventures!

Using itemit as a garage inventory app for everything else

When you’re using our asset tracking app, why would you stop just at your car? Using itemit as a garage inventory app means that you can track literally anything in your garage. We can send you asset tags from the uk in no time for you to track your bikes, your beers, your mini-fridge, all the summer things you’re waiting to use.

A man-cave can be a shed or it can be a basement, or it can be a garage. If you need to track your gym assets and they’re in your garage, you can use our asset management software free to do so.

Need to track electrical equipment such as your speakers or your television? Use our free asset management software to keep track of everything from the warranty to the purchase price.

Is your garage where you create works of art? Use itemit as creative asset management software and track your artistic assets. Keeping your tools in their for some house R&D? Use itemit for construction equipment tracking, use metal qr codes for your sledgehammers or your welding equipment. Always losing your garage assets? Use itemit as an effective barcode asset tracking software in order to know exactly where all of your things are.

itemit can be an efficient garage inventory app. Start using our asset management software free and instantly have an effective equipment barcode tracking software to know where everything is, and to keep the beers in the fridge as cool as they’re supposed to be.

So why itemit? Why not other garage inventory apps?

itemit is the easy to use, customisable asset tracking app. How is it customisable? You can choose exactly which features are the most helpful to you. You can use our asset tracking app as equipment barcode tracking software, as creative asset management software as a garage inventory app, to track your beers, your car, your bike.

If you don’t need to use itemit as a barcode asset tracking software and would rather not use qr code asset tags, then you don’t have to. You can still track the locations of your assets and their status. Start using our asset tracking software free today and make everything in your life faster and easier.

Need itemit as a home inventory app? Use it this way, track your cleaning equipment your sinks, your boiler. If you’re an artist use it as creative asset management software and track your tools and your brushes. If you’re a builder use itemit as a construction equipment barcode tracking software. itemit is customisable and will suit every single one of your asset tracking and asset management needs.

If you have a variety of assets and you need to know exactly where they are and who has them, use our barcode asset tracking software free today and start tagging and tracking your items.

As for your car, you can still use itemit as equipment barcode tracking software but you don’t have to. You can simply use our asset tracking software free today and track your warranties, reminders, information, mileage, anything!

Know more about your car, and your items, at all times. Use our creative asset management software today.

Need a garage inventory?

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itemit and works of art: How you can use asset tracking to manage your creative assets

creative assets and tracking

Have a Renaissance by Managing your Creative Assets

Whether you’re a professional artist, or if you do it as a hobby, you will have creative assets. All of these creative assets together will make up a fixed asset register (as they’ll be what makes your artwork money). So, what will your fixed asset register look like? What kind of free asset tracking software do you need to use? Do you need an rfid tracking app? How much do rfid asset tags cost? Or, what about qr code tags? If you’re using qr code asset tags what’s the best way to implement a simple asset tracking solution?

itemit has all the answers. You can use the itemit app as a home inventory app, as an equipment tracking app, as an rfid asset tracking app and as a simple barcode asset tracking solution. itemit is the free and simple asset management software that can track every one of your creative assets, and will automatically create a fixed asset register too!

Free asset management software is few and far between, but with our simple asset management app, you can order unique asset tags from the UK, whether they’re rfid asset tags, qr code asset tags. You can even order metal qr code tags from us!

What kind of simple asset tracking solution would you, as an artist, need then? As you can use itemit as an equipment management tracking app, if you’re a sculptor you can track and maintain your equipment. If you’re a builder you can use our asset tracking app for construction equipment tracking. If you’re a painter, you can use itemit as a home inventory app. You can even use our asset management system software if you’re a graphic designer and track your electronic creative assets.

You won’t be able to track your muse, however. Unless your muse is your cat, in which case you’ll be able to use our asset management software free in order to track reminders for visits to the vet, vaccinations and Mittens’ cute little collar!


What are your creative assets?

Your creative assets will entirely depend on what kind of artist you are. If you’re a classical artist, for example, there’ll be paints and easels on your fixed asset register. If you’re an auteur movie maker, there’ll be cameras and microphones perhaps. If you’re a musician they’ll be your instruments and electronics.



So, for the classical artists what can you track?

With the itemit asset management software, you can track your paints, your easel, your canvases, even your beret! Add information about when paints are running out or the amount of canvases you have left. Set reminders to buy more oils.

Need some inspiration? You can add attachments of paintings to your canvases so that you can simply scroll down the asset tracking app in order to see beautiful works of art that your canvases could become!



You can use itemit as a home inventory app. This means you can get our asset management software free and use it to track your pens, pencils, erasers and paper, from H250 to B250!

Link your creative assets together with our asset management software and categorise them all. You can even have a pencil-case as a parent asset, so that when you’re tracking your assets you know where they all are at exactly the same time.

You can even use an rfid system with asset labels and rfid readers so that you can stocktake and make sure all of your coloured or shading pencils are exactly where they need to be in an instant.



If you’re a digital artist, you can also use our barcode asset tracking software free. Use itemit as an equipment tracking app as well as a home inventory app, track your electronic assets with ease.

You can use our unique rfid or qr code asset tags in order to instantly know where your computers, tablets, and software is. Streamline the creative process and link everything up so that it’s simple to make digital art.

Track your software and manage it by adding information such as activation keys, recurring prices, login information. Add it to your fixed asset register to keep a closer eye on your finances.



More of a Michelangelo? You can also use our simple asset management software as a small tools asset tracking app. Track hammers and get sculpting. Create incredible works of art without spending time trying to figure out where you left that chisel.

Again, you can use qr code asset tags or an rfid asset tracking system in order to do this, but you don’t have to. You can assign locations to your tools without the use of rfid or qr code asset tags if that’s your preference. Our free asset management software is customisable and can completely suit all of your creative asset tracking needs.



Apples! Oranges! Speakers! Headphones! If you’re creating an abstract work of art with literally any item, you can use our home inventory app as a simple asset tracking solution!


Why should you track your creative assets?

Picture this. You’re creating a work of art. Everything is going well. You’re certain you’re creating the next Warhol or Pollock. The music is blaring. Your kitchen is pumping out coffees to keep you going. You reach for a specific brush for the final touch.

It’s not there. You’ve lost specifically what you need. Your creative flow has been shattered.

Asset management software can streamline your creative process as you don’t have to worry about lost assets. You don’t have to worry about assets running out. Your finances can be clearer, too, if you have subscriptions to software. This is especially helpful for the struggling artist juggling their rent with their graphical design software.

What our simple asset management system software, itemit, can offer is a streamlined artistic process that will save you time and money. More clarity and transparency about assets means more efficient time shopping or planning.

Create reminders for warranties ending, group assets, know exactly where you left assets, know which pens are running out, make a reminder to buy more canvases, use barcode asset tracking solutions, track equipment. Use itemit as a home inventory app or as a qr code or rfid tracking app and lose less assets!


Making YOU money!

We’ve saved the best use of our free asset tracking software for last.

If you use our simple asset management software to track the artwork itself, you can spend more time selling and creating artwork. You can make more money off your artwork by having more time to create it.

Not only can you use itemit for your creative assets, you can also make a fixed asset register of the artwork itself. Change the status of the artwork as “in progress”, “up for sale” or “sold” or any number of other things.

Add the pricing information and use our simple and creative asset tracking app to find and distribute your artwork faster. Use qr code asset tags or an rfid asset tracking system to instantly find your works of art so that you can send them with ease.

Make money with itemit. Van Gogh online and download it now!


Want to Save a Lot of Monet?

Begin a trial of itemit Enterprise and you’ll receive free QR asset tags to track your creative assets!

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App on a Hot Tin Roof: How itemit can help track stage assets

stage asset tracking

Feeling Misérables? Check out our Wicked app!

Every year is an exciting year for the stage. Anniversaries and events. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Newcomers and old favourites on night after night bringing tears and joy. With all of this excitement comes a lot of props, practical effects, costumes and therefore, overall, assets. So what’s the solution to stage asset tracking problems?

Want to beat Murphy’s Law or speak the name of The Scottish Play actually inside a theatre? Well, luckily for you itemit can help. With the simple asset management software, it’s easy to track and maintain your assets.

Lighting, sound, costume, and even script problems are much less likely to happen with an effective asset monitoring system.

Speaking of scripts, why don’t we look at one below to see what your stage assets actually are?

What are your stage assets?

The stage is set with a variety of props (assets). Because of the simple and effective asset management software, itemit, the props have been properly catalogued and tracked with asset tags. Finding them was simple, but I digress. A young man enters from Stage Right.

Young Man: Those lights are beautiful!

Young Lady (offstage): That’s because of itemit, the simple asset management app. You can add information and comments for your users. This means that the director has added the specific values those lights need to be set to.

The young lady enters. She is on her phone.

Young Man: What else can it do?

Young Lady: One moment, I’m getting a text.

Silence for a moment.

Young Lady: See how quickly I tapped out of and into the itemit app?

Young Man: I asked you a…

Young Lady: From small tools tracking to equipment tracking and maintenance, from qr code and rfid asset tags, itemit can fulfil any and all of your asset tracking and management needs.

Young Man:… Who are you?

Young Lady: That’s not important. What’s important is that you can track any of your fixed assets with itemit.

Young Man: I’ll be leaving now.

Young Lady: …What’s more, it’s free! Download it today!

Young Man: Bye.

Young man exits. CURTAIN.

Equipment and tools stage asset tracking.

So, itemit does have a lot of features that can be extremely helpful for tracking and managing stage assets. Stage assets can be anything from the tools you use to put up and take down lighting, to the props your actors use, to costumes, to paper copies of scripts.

First of all, however, the most important things to track are the things with wires. You can use itemit as an equipment maintenance tracking app to ensure the lights and speakers are as safe as physically possible.

There’s always a story about how a speaker or a light almost fell on someone here there and everywhere. With asset tracking, this is preventable. Information about PAT tests, warranties, voltage information, insurance, etc. can also be added to ensure your equipment and electronics are as safe as possible.

Musical instrument tracking

Whether you’re putting on a musical or not, there will be diagetic or non-diagetic sound. A lot of the time it’ll be offstage, and it’ll be done by musicians live. Sometimes, it will be onstage. Either way itemit can help. This is mostly where your asset tags will come in.

If you’re using an orchestra, you can link all of your assets together, and you can track the instruments using asset tags shipped directly from the UK. Whether you’re using itemit as an rfid tracking app, or you’ve decided metal qr code tags are the most durable and therefore the best to track, knowing where all of your assets are means that set up takes less time.

This is especially true if you’re performance is entirely ensemble, with actors and musicians doubling up as stage hands and equipment carriers. Set-up will take forever and if the dress rehearsal was really really bad (as it usually is), then you might want some extra time to rehearse some hooks or lines with either the band or orchestra or the cast themselves.

Costume and make-up stage asset tracking

The rest is simple. With your asset management system software you can apply the principles of small tool tracking or of equipment tracking and you can add it to props, costumes, make-up, scripts.

Creative asset tracking means that things are more likely to be lost or forgotten about as there are a lot of things to remember or chase up. With simple asset tags, whether qr code asset tags or rfid, it’s easier to find things.

Add information about where assets are, who has them, and track them with barcodes or asset tags. itemit does all of this, it’s simple and effective mobile stage asset tracking software which only takes a user to scan an asset tag into the app for it to update location and who has it.

Costumes are temperamental as well. They tear a lot, they cause wardrobe malfunctions. With itemit you can add comments, information, or tags to show what needs to be tightened, loosened, sewn, or replaced completely.

Less running around finding things or who has what means more rehearsal time which means a better performance. Better performances and more time mean more time for marketing and better reviews. This all means a promising ROI.

Your fixed asset register

Technically your fixed assets are your props and equipment. The things that make stage magic. Whether they’re smoke machines for that third act twist or if it’s a drumkit to add a punch to your pantomime, they all help you do what you love and make money and are therefore your fixed assets.

itemit will automatically create and update a fixed asset register for you. You’ll be able to export this information and use it however you need. This will all mean that with our simple asset app, you’ll be able to find equipment easier, see who has it in an instant, and look at it’s status.

A fixed asset register using itemit is a lot more effective than using a spreadsheet to track props and equipment. Spreadsheets can be unwieldy and overly complicated. itemit makes it simple.

Broken prop? If a stage asset gets broken, it can simply be flagged up and removed from circulation. As itemit is cloud-based, the fixed asset register will instantly be updated and the right people will be able to see what’s broken, what’s torn, what needs to be tightened instantly.

Put on a show!

With itemit stage asset tracking is quick, simple, and effective.

Our mobile asset tracking software means that you can spend much less time on the nitty gritty, staring at the electronics and wondering what they were set to or how they work. You can add manuals or information showing technicians instantly what to set and where.

If you’re travelling the country or going international as a theatre troupe, itemit is especially helpful at tracking your props and equipment from site to site. Save time, money, and stress with the simple asset management app.

Track and maintain your props, costumes, make up, instruments with itemit. If it’s an asset, it can be tracked and maintained with or without asset tags. What’s more, you can start free.

So what are you waiting for? It’d be a tragedy if you passed up on this opportunity.

To tag or not to tag?

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Tag and track your stage assets in no time.

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Groupies and Goths: asset monitoring at music festivals

asset monitoring at festivals

(I)T in the Park

How asset monitoring can help make running a festival easier

Asset monitoring can help any business keep track of where their fixed assets are and who has them. With fixed asset registers and qr code and rfid asset tags readily available, asset tracking is now simple with the right asset management software.

What about when it’s not just your assets that need to be tracked? When you’re responsible for a lot of hired out equipment, security, people power and tools, what kind of asset tracking system can you employ to make sure your assets are taking centre stage, but everyone else’s is still doing its job?

Picture your festival. It’s finally Summer and there (hopefully) isn’t a cloud in the sky. Either you’re the one running the show, seeing the hired out security vans and wanting to pet the sniffer dogs but knowing you’re not supposed to. Or, you’ve been hired to go to this festival to maybe distribute food or keep everything secure.

When everyone comes down from their tents in the morning ready for a day of music, dancing, and screaming their hearts out, either way you want to make sure your assets are easily identifiable, easily distinguishable, and easily found.

With asset monitoring software and equipment tracking using a simple and effective asset app, this is easy.


Setting the stage

First of all let’s talk about stage assets, amps, speakers, lighting, smoke effects, the works. There are so many different types and different amounts of equipment and this is where asset tracking software comes in.


Musical asset monitoring

For the warm up bands you might have a few generic drum kits and guitars. It’s quicker and easier that way. When it’s time to pack everything up you don’t want to accidentally take home Def Leopard’s drumkit for any number of reasons.

So, a quick and easy equipment tracking system is needed. Luckily, you can start using our equipment tracking software free, which means you can quickly and easily start tagging and tracking.

If you’re in the UK especially, the tags will need to be sturdy and waterproof. Y Not has famously bad weather, as does Glastonbury. Luckily, we can quickly ship you metal qr code tags. This means if things get a little wild and guitars are smashed, the qr code tags will still be intact.

Schlepping things on and off the stage is simple with asset tracking. Whether you’re using qr codes, rfid tags, or barcodes, asset tracking software will mean all it takes is a quick scan to double check what’s yours is yours.

Qr code asset tags can also be as durable as you need, meaning that qr code asset tracking is safe, easy, and sturdy. Waterproof asset tags mean that all you have to worry about is whether your wellies will fit.


Electrical asset monitoring

As well as this you’ll need an asset tracking solution for all of your electrical assets. With our simple and easy to use equipment maintenance tracking app, you can add a variety of important maintenance and inspection information.

If there’s any risk or anything that needs to be tracked related to wiring, lighting, camera equipment, or anything electrical, it can be logged and tracked. As well as this, reminders for dates of PAT tests and successes and failures can be added.

Electrical equipment tracking is easy with simple mobile asset tracking software, and you can do it on the go. Something breaks? Flag it up and an engineer can see instantly and fix it in no time.

Manuals can also be added as an attachment, as well as previous maintenance information meaning that fixing things can be a breeze.


We are the Volunteers

You’ll have a lot of volunteers. Anything to bag a cheaper ticket, even if it involves picking up litter or disposing of discarded or broken tents. Maybe some life long friendships will even be formed in the process.

These volunteers will require a lot of assets. High visibility jackets, gloves, rubbish bins. There’s always going to be a few that lose their jackets and then end up finding them again, so, why not track everything to speed up the process?

Instead of a volunteer having to sheepishly find their team leader and ask for a new one with rosy cheeks, the status of a lost asset can be flagged and rectified in no time at all with a good asset tracking system.

Different permissions can also be granted to users, so communal assets can be controlled by one person who can distribute it to a team that’s under control and ready to clean, before they listen to the music of course.

You can even track the stock of assets that you’re distributing to volunteers, such as food or water.


Safety third

Whether you’re part of the security firm patrolling the event, or if you’re organising it, there’s going to be a lot of health and safety to abide by to make sure all of your festival-goers are kept safe.

Not only will there be security assets to track, such as walkie talkies or little stab vests for the sniffer dogs, there’ll also be a lot of health and safety regarding bar tents, rides, features, etc.

With simple asset monitoring software, you can track exactly where everything is and who has it. This means if you’re patrolling the field you’ll never be without a walkie talkie or some safety equipment.

Track where everything is and who has it with simple rfid or qr code asset tracking.

As well as this, your larger, more thrilling assets need to be kept safe. The same principle as electrical assets applies here, as you can add important maintenance and inspection information to make sure everything is running well, but more importantly, running safely.


Asset monitoring the rest…

With itemit it’s simple to track and monitor your assets. There are a few more things to track (yes, portaloos), but as the asset app is flexible and customisable it’s quick and easy.

Add information such as when things need to be cleaned, when things get put up such as glamping tents, when things are getting taken down, how much things cost and when their warranties end so you know how many years you can reuse them for.

When there are a lot of assets, asset monitoring is a must, especially if there’s a mix of assets and you need to keep your own close to you. Asset monitoring can therefore help you put on a show and give the people what they want: loud music and a lot of dancing.

Pop or Rock?
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