itemit 2.0 has Landed

Equipment management and asset tracking just got an upgrade

The itemit team has been busy making simple asset tracking even simpler and even more effective. We’ve released Version 2.0 of itemit. You’ll see a lot of new features and a new design, designed to make asset management and tracking a breeze.

These new features will help you keep track of your assets in the same simple way, but you can now get things done faster, organise your assets more helpfully and even monitor issues raised against your assets – all from one system. The biggest game-changing feature itemit now offers is the ability to share a sub-set of assets with your colleagues, so you can control who can see what!

Another handy addition – you can now track your personal and business assets separately. Keep track of your car’s MOT, insurance and tax in your personal workspace and monitor your laptops, devices and tools in your company workspace. Everything you need, all in one handy app.

Here’s a bit more information about the new asset tracking capabilities:


Workspaces are how you separate the monitoring of business assets from your home inventory tracking. With workspaces you can have a personal set of assets as well as a set of business assets.

Your personal workspace will be where you manage your home inventory, including assets such as your car, your washing machine, your creative assets, your books and more! Keep track of important due dates such as your home insurance renewal date and the warranty expiry dates of your white goods and appliances. Create a handy home inventory that holds all the important information about your assets, so you never forget a crucial renewal again.

Separate to your home inventory workspace, you’ll have a Pro workspace where you create and maintain an asset register for your business. You can, of course, still use QR code asset tags and RFID asset tags to keep track of your critical business assets.

This means your home assets will be kept safe and sound. You can choose to share your personal assets with your family, so they can help you keep track of things. Meanwhile, your boss and your colleagues can all access your company assets from your company workspace, which is completely separate. So, your home assets stay private but it’s still quick and easy for you to switch to viewing your work assets.

You can now also create collections and collection profiles.

This means it’s a lot easier to manage and group your assets by type, price, owner, colour, anything! It’ll all update on your fixed asset register, and so now it’s a lot easier to see what your assets are or who is in charge of them.

Visit the Reports page and analyse your fixed asset register. Here you can easily filter your assets by any properties. Need to run a report on which assets are due for inspection – it’s simple. Need to know which assets are currently in London – now you can!

You can even export all of this information for financial, legal, insurance, or business purposes.

Create your own location hierarchy for asset management

In addition to itemit recording automatically the last seen location of your assets each time they are scanned, you can now create a custom location hierarchy to which you can assign your assets to. This allows for quick and easy asset monitoring and location tracking.

If your assets belong in a specific laboratory or store room, or even on a particular shelf, you can now ensure they are where they’re supposed to be. This is especially helpful if you have critical assets that you need to find at short notice or if your tools and equipment assets move from site to site or room to room.

For example, you can add a hierarchical location of your building, including the building’s name, floors, rooms, even down to store cupboards and shelves. Then you can assign assets to particular locations and update them on the fly by scanning an asset or piece of equipment.

Find your assets much faster using locations and location hierarchies.

Issues Management

The itemit issues management feature lets you raise issues against individual assets – gone are the days of vague issue and fault reports! Your team will no longer need to try and find out which air con unit in the room is the one with the fault, now they’ll know!

Issues management uses cutting edge technologies to make your life easier. All you need to do is report an issue against an asset by describing the fault or problem. The smart itemit AI bot will prioritise your issues for you so you can spend less time sifting through them. You can always re-prioritise your issues, should you need to.

Your maintenance team will be able to see incoming issues in real time and set to fixing them.


Share your assets!

You can now share sub-sets of your assets with your colleagues, so you can restrict what your team has access to. If you have multiple sites and want to restrict visibility of critical assets to only staff based at that particular site, it’s super easy, just share the assets at e.g. the London Site with those that need access.

If you’re a personal collector of coins, books, DVDs, miniatures, action figures, anything, you will now be able to share your collections of assets with friends and family. Why not show off those collectibles!

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GDPR Compliance: Why you need to track your IT assets to be compliant

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Asset Records for GDPR Compliance: Do you know what you have and who has it?

We know that some areas of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or the GDPR, can be a little overwhelming. The good news for you is that when it comes to information security audits, asset tracking and compliance, we have a solution that will help ensure you are fully GDPR compliant.

In order to be compliant with the GDPR, you must keep an up to date record of the business assets you have that are used to collect, hold or process personal data as well as a record of who has access to these assets. It is very important that as a business you have this accurate information available and that you can show transparency with regards to this area of GDPR compliance.

The business and IT assets that require mandatory tracking for GDPR compliance include your laptops and desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, USB sticks, CDs and even, physical data records such as documents stored in folders and filing cabinets – any asset that collects, holds or processes personal data.


Why do I need to track my IT assets for GDPR compliance?

1. To prove you are collecting and storing personal data responsibly and legally

All businesses have a need to collect and hold personal data relating to customers, suppliers, associates and employees. In order for your company to be fully GDPR compliant, you must be able to demonstrate that you have control over the safekeeping of this data and as a result the assets that store this data.

You must know:

  • Which assets your business has and uses that collect and store personal data
  • Who has access to which of these assets, who uses which laptop/desktop, which mobile phone is theirs, etc
  • What types of data are stores on each device or asset
  • When this data should be erased
  • Where these assets are, to ensure they have not fallen into the hands of an unauthorised person
  • When these assets leave the secure office environment and who they are leaving with
2. In case of a data security breach

If your business experiences a data security breach, under the GDPR, this breach must be acknowledged, reported and investigated promptly following the incident.

In order for your business to know if there has been a security breach, you must know who is entitled and authorised to have access to the personal data your business holds. When this data is accessible by unauthorised persons, you have encountered a data security breach and must respond with corrective action immediately. If your business does not keep a record of all the devices it owns which hold personal data it will be very difficult or even impossible to discover the source of the breach.

3. To protect the rights of data subjects

A data subject is any person whose personal data is collected, held or processed. For your business, this could include your customers, employees, associates and suppliers and potentially others too. The GDPR outlines 8 data subject rights that you must comply with. With regards to information and data security, the following rights apply:

  • Right of access. The right of data subjects to know and have access to the personal data held about them
  • Right to be forgotten. The right of data subjects to have their personal data erased
  • Right to rectification. The right to have data corrected where it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Right to object. The right to complain and to object to processing
  • Right to restriction of processing. The right to limit the extent of the processing of the data subject’s personal data according to their wishes

If your business is unable to serve these data subject rights then you are not GDPR compliant. In order for your company and your team to be able to ensure these rights can be fulfilled, you must know what data is collected, stored and processed and on which devices. If, for example, a customer exercises their right to be forgotten, you must ensure that all data relating to this customer is erased. If you’re unable to recall all of the assets that at any point in time may have collected, stored or processed this customer’s data, then you are unable to fulfill the right of the data subject and you will be non-compliant.

4. To ensure information security assets are not lost from your business

If any asset, such as a mobile device, laptop or file containing personal data goes missing, you must be aware of this and you must take the necessary steps in order to rectify it. This may arise from a few circumstances, for example, an asset may be misplaced or lost or perhaps more commonly, an employee may leave your company and not return all assets they were provided with. What this means is that ex-employees who are no longer bound by your company’s policies and terms and conditions may have access to the data that your company collects, holds and processes on data subjects. This is a data security breach and will result in your business’ non-compliance with the GDPR.

As a business, you must have and maintain a comprehensive list of all the assets owned and used by your staff, with a clear indication of assets given to employees to use for the term of the employment. When an employee leaves, you must ensure every asset is returned to you, in order to maintain control of the personal data available on these assets.


How do I track my IT assets for GDPR compliance?

The solution to ensuring you are GDPR compliant with regards to your business assets and data security is to use an asset tracking system that allows you to create and maintain an up to date asset register.

This asset monitoring system must:

  • Be easy to update, resulting in an accurate representation of your assets
  • Must allow you to categorise those assets that are covered under the information security audit area of the GDPR
  • Must permit you to restrict access to sensitive assets and only share with your team any assets that they are necessitated and authorised to see
  • Must allow for employees to update an asset’s location if it is removed from the secure office/building environment
  • Must allow you to record which assets have been assigned to which employees for the term of the employment
  • Must allow you to record critical pieces of information, including who the asset is assigned to, when it is due for inspection, whether the device is password protection and who is authorised to log in to the device, the types of data collected, stored and processed on the device, to name just a few.
  • Critical business assets such as laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices are crucial for the day to day running of your business. Because of this they should already be tracked and maintained for business purposes, but with the GDPR they now must be tracked and monitored to prove your company is GDPR compliant.

Using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your assets has never been a good solution (because Excel is not designed to manage your assets) and with the GDPR, it is not a satisfactory solution. If your business is looking for a simple and affordable tool to help you become GDPR compliant, check out itemit or drop us an email to find out more.

To learn more about the GDPR, check out this website.

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Summer Holiday Booking and itemit: How it can be a breeze

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Easier Holiday Booking with itemit

Holiday booking can be a hassle. It can take the fun out of something that’s supposed to be natural and easy. It can cause arguments. There’s so much to organise and keep track of and it’s never as simple as you think it’s going to be.

But what if I told you that with itemit, the simple asset management software, it can be? Booking holidays from flights to hotels to activities can be simple. With a simple tracking solution in place, and an asset register, you can track your passports more closely, and your tickets, and your belongings!

This also means that when you’re packing to go home, you don’t leave your laptop in another country. Now, all your hotel and flight bookings can be in the same place. Everything can be a lot quicker, a lot simpler, and a lot clearer with itemit.

itemit can be used as a home inventory app, but that doesn’t mean it only works at home. It works anywhere around the world, even offline. So, why not take itemit on holiday with you and put the relaxation back into your holidays? What’s more, you can start using our asset tracking software free today.

Booking Flights

The first thing you’ll be looking at whether you’re on your lunch break or bored at home is flights. Maybe wistfully, over and over again with safe search on so that the prices aren’t rising with every viewing, maybe as a one off. Either way it can be complicated to keep all of the prices, information, and logistics surrounding flights together.

You may try and use spreadsheets, corresponding prices to selected flights. Sooner or later this could become unwieldy and unreadable, however. Then, when you have ticket barcodes and booking numbers, how do you access and manage them in a quick and simple way?

itemit can help you track your boarding passes, your flights, your flight numbers, anything. Take a picture of your tickets and add them to the app, then add all of the relevant information. With our simple asset tracking and management software all you have to do now is open the app on your smartphone to see everything you need.

So, if you’re tired of rushing through an airport with baggage flying around everywhere and rummaging around for sheets with information on them, and finding that email with your boarding pass attached to it, why not use itemit instead? Link the boarding pass to your passport and calmly walk up to security, and you’ll be through in no time!

Booking Hotels

With hotels it’s similar. You’ll need confirmation numbers and card details. If you’re in the lobby and can’t yet connect to the wifi, and if you can’t use 4g because you’re halfway across the world, using asset monitoring and management you can simply open the app and look at the information you need.

Sometimes you’ll need the information offline, that’s why itemit still works offline. Because otherwise, unless you’ve screenshotted or scribbled down your booking reference, you’ll be stuck. With itemit, though, you won’t even have to scroll through all your pictures of dogs to find the screenshot or root through your luggage to find the sheet of paper with the booking on it.

As well as this, you can add the location of the hotel so that you can instantly find it when you get there. Link everything up to make your journey easier. Spend less time coming out of flight mode and rushing into hotel mode. This is especially helpful if you’re jetlagged. With asset tracking solutions you can keep all of your information in one simple to find and access place.

You can also add all of the related financial information to this, too. This can include anything from the price of tickets to information about your travel insurance. This way, you’ll be able to look at your asset register and know more about your budget, how much you’ve spent on flights, and how much you’ve spent on hotels, too.

Tracking your luggage

Now for the specifics. You’ve got your hotel, your flights. You’re ready to go. Your passport is tracked. You have everything you need to bring, but what about what you want to bring?

With asset tracking solutions, you can avoid buying multiple small bottles of shampoo or conditioner. You can see how much you’ve spent on your toiletries, and you can track all of the clothes and technology that you’re bringing along.

Scan or check off everything as you pack it away and our simple asset management software will automatically create your holiday asset register. When you’re checking out of a hotel, then, you can check all of your belongings back in as you pack them. Use our QR code asset tags to make this process even quicker, and even simpler too!

While it can be good exercise to get into yoga-like positions checking under the beds and above the wardrobes checking you have everything (even if you haven’t used the wardrobes, just in case something has fallen out of your bag and somehow jumped up a few metres), now it’s no longer necessary. Just check everything off the app and check out with the peace of mind that you have everything.

Sitting back and relaxing

So with itemit, the simple mobile asset tracking software, you’ve made it on holiday and checked into your hotel with ease. You know exactly where everything and that you have everything. So what else is there to do?


Everything that might cause you stress on holiday from hotels, to currencies (you can add exchange rates and amounts in your wallet to the app), to the passports, to the return flights is managed by itemit.

So kick back with a book and watch the sunset with no stresses. itemit is managing all your assets and your stresses for you.

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Historical Assets and itemit: Effective museum asset tracking

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Tracking your museum’s historical assets using itemit

If you work for a museum, you’ll have a lot of historical assets to keep track of and manage. Whether these be paintings, statues, or models of dinosaurs is up to what kind of museum you are.

So, picture this. You’re an archeologist in some far flung South American country. You’ve found a golden idol and escaped locals and rolling boulders. You manage to get your idol back to the museum. You don’t do it for the money, just the pride that a piece of history is on view for the whole world.

The museum itself has fantastic property management. It uses spreadsheets to track its assets however. This fantastic, unique historical asset isn’t managed properly because of the complicated information overload that is a spreadsheet. Within weeks it’s rustier and in worse shape than how you found it.

With a more effective fixed asset register and asset management software, this could be avoided. The benefits are plenty. Track when assets are being researched and studied, track the temperatures they should be kept at, who has them, which is which. All of this is easy with the right asset management system.

Types of Historical assets

There’s a reason that museums exist. They show us where we’ve been and where we’re going. The past, present and future all under one roof. So, what are your historical assets?

They can be your exhibits, your tour scripts, your works of human creativity. They can be anything and everything you show off.

This sounds impossible to track and manage. It can take a while to add new historical assets to spreadsheets and all the information required with them. With itemit, the simple asset management software, it’s quick and easy.

Use our unique and effective QR code asset tags or use itemit as an RFID tracking app in order to scan in and maintain asset profiles of all your exhibits. Don’t want to stick asset tags onto exhibits? Simply place them on the display cases and track in the same way.

In a museum-like fashion, let’s have a look at where this type of asset tracking and management will take us in the future.

With public asset profiles, all it takes is a quick scan of a QR code to access all the asset’s information. So, instead of just recorded tours walking around the museum, historians and visitors need only scan a QR code asset tag with their smartphone to get all the information they want and need.

This isn’t the future, however. With our simple asset management software, this is possible now.

How can you track your assets?

So how do you, a curator, caretaker, historian, or museum maintenance worker use asset management?

The first and most important aspect of asset tracking and management is a simple fixed asset register. Most people will make the mistake of using a spreadsheet for this, not knowing that there is something out there that’s a lot easier to view, edit, and export. itemit will automatically create your fixed asset register for you.

When you have your fixed asset register, you can start looking at how you track and maintain your specific assets. This can be in terms of IT asset management, if you’re tracking your CCTV softwares or recording softwares, or it can be in terms of tracking and managing physical assets.

With an effective asset management system you can set reminders, such as when warranties end or when subscriptions renew, you can add financial information such as the cost of assets or insurance info, and you can track the assets and who had them last.

In a museum environment, historical assets are often studied and maintained, and so being able to add reminders and specific maintenance information to an easy to find asset profile gives a definite edge on the paperwork required that surrounds museum work.


With itemit, the simple asset management software, you can do all of this and more.

Place our QR code asset tags shipped from the UK or our RFID tags on the back of painting frames or on display cases. Then, when you scan these you can instantly see what should be where and all the relevant and needed information in one place.

As well as being able to track your physical assets, you can manage them in a quick and simple way, with reminders and identification information easy to add and update at the touch of a button.

Less paperwork and time saved means time that can be invested elsewhere meaning a better ROI.

Finally, our asset management system will automatically create a fixed asset register that will automatically update whenever you make a change. So, if you’re using itemit for equipment tracking in terms of the equipment you use to clean and maintain historical assets, or if you’re using it for the assets themselves, a fixed asset register will help you extend these assets’ useful life.

Hatches, Matches, but not Dispatches

Historical assets have a life long before they end up in a museum. Whether they’re fossils from a millenia ago, or tools from centuries ago, or examples of more recent technology. With asset tracking, you can extend the life of these assets.

After all, this is what a fixed asset register is for: effective asset management and maintenance.

Why not use an asset management software that really suits your needs? Get itemit today.

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Easter Egg Hunts and itemit: Use your QR Code asset tags!

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Using itemit for Easter Egg Hunts

Happy Easter everyone! Did you know you can use itemit to have a bit more fun? Use our unique qr code asset tags to track your easter eggs!

This can be for Easter Egg Hunts or treasure hunts, but it can also be in terms of home inventory so that you know where your easter eggs are!

Start using itemit, the free and simple asset management software today.

QR Code Asset Tags

Our qr code asset tags are shipped from the UK and can be bought on amazon or from us directly and shipped straight to your door.

Qr code asset tags are unique. They can be used for so many things, but asset tracking is easily one of the most effective. Using our app you can simply scan assets in and out and update their status.

They’re cheap and easy to use, simply stick one onto your assets and scan it, then the asset’s location will be automatically updated.

The Easter Egg Hunt is On

How can you use asset tracking solutions in an Easter Egg Hunt, then? Well it’s simple, make an account, add a few users, and hide the easter eggs with their qr codes stuck on.

This way, you can keep things fairer and unique.

Now, instead of finding an egg and taking it, someone can scan it and it’ll say that this user has scanned the location of the egg.

So, with this, everyone can go out and find all the eggs! Then, prizes can be awarded to the people who find the most within the allotted time.

Upping the Stakes

But why stop here? Why not use all of itemit’s features to up the stakes a little?

Add financial information to assets to change how much an egg is “worth”. The most well hidden can be more expensive than the lesser ones. This way, the person who earns the most points at the end can be the winner.

As well as this, eggs can be time sensitive. Add a reminder so that when it expires the found egg becomes worthless. This is especially good if an egg isn’t very well hidden. Add the time constraints to add something unique to your hunt.

You can label the eggs as well, meaning that you can have a point system that goes far beyond simply finding and scanning an egg.

Winning the Hunt

You have points and you have itemit. Get out there and start your hunts!

You can even track the prizes, no matter what they are.

With itemit’s automatically created asset register, distributing eggs at the end of the hunt is simple. Then, you can track the cost of prizes and whether they’re for first, second, or third place.

So, all there is left to do is have a happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

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Bucket List Ideas and itemit: How you can track your adventures

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Bucket list ideas? No problem!

So, here’s some good news, it’s almost summer! The days are getting longer and it’s getting brighter outside. So, it’s almost time for some adventure! Do you have any bucket list ideas? Do you need some? Either way, itemit can help.

With our simple asset management software, you can track your adventure ideas and your adventure assets. Whether it’s a bucket list of movies to watch, food to eat, places to travel to, itemit can help you track and manage everything.

Are you ready for the freedom of Summer? Set for BBQs, travelling, adventure? Looking forward to more sun? Have more fun using itemit, and make sure you get everything you want to do, done.

Travel and Adventure

First of all there’s travel and adventure. It’s at the top of anyone’s bucket list, running away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. So, what are some bucket list ideas when it comes to this? And how can our simple asset management software help?


There’s travel. Ditching life and going on the run to some far flung country. No matter where you want to go, whether it’s Vietnam, Thailand, or Las Vegas, asset tracking can help get you there.

Use our barcode asset tracking software free to track your plane tickets and where you left them, the information on them, and you can even link them to your href=””>passport. Use asset tags shipped around the world from the UK for closer tracking. These can be QR code asset tags or you can even use itemit as an RFID tracking app.

With all of this clarity and information, you can have closer asset monitoring. Set reminders as well so you know exactly when you need everything. Never turn up to the airport without your passport and tickets again!

It’s even possible to link up webpages, so any emails with barcodes and boarding passes will be quick and easy to find.


The best adventures are unplanned. However, there’ll still be things to track. Helmets for kayaking, ropes for climbing. Even if you turn up to the best rockface to climb, without an effective asset app you might find you’ve left your equipment back in the UK.

This goes for tickets as well. Sometimes you have to pay to get into adventuring. Skydiving isn’t free. Why not use our mobile asset tracking software to track tickets and add the relevant financial information?

itemit can also be used as small tool tracking software, meaning that no matter what your adventure, no matter your bucket list ideas, we can help you realise them.

So use our qr code asset tags to track your helmets, your kayaks, your ropes, your pickaxes, anything! What could your ideas be? Snowboarding? Surfing? Skateboarding? Track your boards with more durable metal qr code asset tags that are waterproof and that aren’t going to wipeout.

Food and Drink

More of a foodie? Trying to get into that five star restaurant for just a bit? You can use our asset management software to list and track different activities. Add a list of restaurants that’ll become your asset register, then add reminders for when they’re booked.

If you’re cooking you can use itemit to track ingredients. This can mean adding use by dates so that meal you’ve always wanted to cook won’t make you ill! You can also track your equipment in the kitchen so you know more about your knives, pots and pans.

As well as this, you can link up your foods as well, meaning that you can use itemit as a sort of recipe book. Link the assets and add the information as how to make that perfect meal.

This goes for drinks as well. Mixology and making cocktails is quick, simple, and effective with asset management software. Link up your mixers with your spirits and start the party!


itemit is simple, creative asset management software. This means you can use it to keep track of your hobbies. Track your guitars, drums, track your stamp collection, your trains. Track anything!

An asset register will be created meaning that no matter what you have, you can track and add information to with our simple asset management software. With an asset register it’s simple to look at all of your assets in one place and know all about them at all times.

Show off your collections with information about your assets. Never be short of information again! Add dates for your coins, your stamps, anything. Know more and keep that knowledge close with the touch of a button.

If you’re starting a new hobby, itemit can help with this as well. No matter your bucket list ideas, finances, spending, and learning is easier. Want to get a new guitar? See how much money you’ve been spending on your assets with your fixed asset register, and know how much you can dish out.

More Bucket List Ideas!

Bucket lists can be anything. They can be movies you want to watch, books you want to read, wine you want to drink. With or without qr code asset tags, our simple asset management software can help you keep track of any of your assets.

Track your library to know what you have and haven’t read, and who the author is. Track your movies so you know exactly where to find them when it’s the week you finally get round to watching The Godfather. Track your wines and add the dates. Save that vintage for a special event with your reminders.

Get more out of your bucket list ideas with itemit.

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