itemit takes on Las Vegas!

Hold onto your hats because itemit is heading to Sin City! We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated RFID Journal LIVE! Awards in Las Vegas this April. Hosted by the prestigious RFID Journal, this event is the ultimate showcase for the latest and greatest in RFID technology, spotlighting top products and deployments across various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

With over 25 years of experience in the RFID field, itemit has established a strong bond with The RFID Journal. We’re proud to have had one of our esteemed customers, REME charity, nominated for the Best RFID/IoT Implementation award in 2020.

As veterans of this event, attending RFID Journal LIVE! is always a highlight for us. It’s a chance to reconnect with our roots, stay on the cutting edge of industry developments, and showcase our expertise to clients with unique RFID needs.

This year, we’re especially eager to catch Randy Dunn’s talk, Director of Customer Success at our partner organisation, Zebra. Plus, we’re buzzing about Zebra’s upcoming product release: an ultra-rugged fixed RFID reader built to withstand the toughest environments.

But that’s not all! We’ve been making waves in the RFID world with our latest developments at itemit. From new RFID ‘Plug and play’ integration packages to helping clients track multi-million dollar server collections with ease, our innovative solutions are revolutionising asset tracking.

Stay tuned for all the juicy details and insights we’ll be sharing post-event. Keep your eyes glued to this space for the latest updates on RFID solutions that are transforming the world of asset tracking.

Vegas, here we come!

If you believe that your organisation has the potential to venture into RFID and would like to discuss your use case with us, reach out to the team at

Why You Need itemit

Why You Need itemit

Why You Need itemit

itemit is an innovative, smart, and constantly adapting asset management system. Since its inception, itemit has grown to be a powerful suite of useful, intelligent, and business-critical asset tracking features.

The heart of the system has always been the same, you always need to know what you own, where your assets are, how much they cost and who is in charge of them. Presenting this information in a slick system gives you a clean fixed asset register and smooth business operations. This has never changed for itemit. However, the latest versions of the system give you more control, more ease-of-use, and more swiftness tracking your assets.

The Birth of itemit

RedBite Solutions is the creator of itemit and is incredibly well-versed in solving complex asset tracking problems that may seem impossible at a glance. After solving various intricate projects, RedBite recognised the needs are always the same: know what you own, where it is, who has it, etc.

Using their expertise, RedBite productised their offering and itemit was born. Version one was plucky, creative and filled with hope. At the time, using an app to scan barcodes and QR codes to track assets was new and innovative.

Now, you could finally maintain a fixed asset register on a system, export reports and track where your assets had been seen and who had been interacting with them.

Many of itemit’s features that were created in version one still exist today, including the scanning & last seen functionality, reports, and the abillity to attach any custom information to assets. A lot was right first time, but itemit has a Software-as-a-Service and so will never be complete and will always be refined, improved, and tailored to the needs of a modern asset tracking market.

Business Asset Tracking

itemit Today

itemit has come a long way since its creation in 2016. Now you can categorise better using collections where you were confined to labelling in itemit historically, you can book assets in advance, check them out, assign them to users, and track depreciation data.

itemit was born as an asset tracking system but has grown into something much more powerful without sacrificing ease-of-use and without getting complicated or cumbersome. 

In the future, itemit will grow and improve and features will be refined. Ease-of-use, simplicity and creativity will always be at the forefront of the system ensuring anyone can simply pick up and use the system at will.

Not only this, but itemit has implemented innovative and cutting-edge AI-driven and RFID-driven features, many of these being world firsts.

itemit’s Features

itemit’s features can be split into the cutting edge and the critical for asset tracking.

The system has many critical asset tracking features to allow you to see who has what, where it is, whether or not you own an asset, and ultimately, save you time and money. All of the system’s features are to extend your return on investment so that we can continue to sell itemit at an affordable rate while saving you more and more money as your usage grows.

There are also features on the cutting-edge.


itemit’s RFID asset tracking features include the first ever off-the-shelf fixed RFID asset management system. Now, instead creating your own deployment with costly and complex implications, not to mention lengthy, you can simply purchase trackers and itemit and link the two with ease.

This system is award winning and successful, allowing many users to automatically track the movement of their assets with ease. Sit back, relax, and save time and money without losing an ounce of visibility.

itemit lets you integrate RFID, GPS, and QR/barcode tagging technologies simultaneously giving you the greatest possible visibility over your assets on the market.


itemit is also utilising AI technologies to make your life quicker, smarter and easier. You can create and identify assets simply by taking pictures of them, our smart AI will do the rest. 

With AI, you can populate an asset register by going for a walk and taking a few pictures of your kit. No more sitting behind a laptop and typing “spanner” for the thousandth time, one letter at a time.

Watch this space for smarter, better, and easier-to-use features.

The Team

One huge reason you need itemit is the team. RedBite’s team is filled with creative, charismatic, clever, and capable individuals who all share a passion for giving itemit’s users the best experience they possibly can.

RedBite’s team are driven towards creating a product that is not only enjoyable to use but also saves you time and money, while also giving you the best customer support possible.

The team has tackled a constantly changing market with challenges such as the rise of hybrid and remote working affecting visibility and has adapted together, morphing challenges into features and turning feedback into a better and more complete overall experience.

When you use itemit, you’re using the a system that has had passion, hard work, and sometimes perseverance poured straight into it. itemit is a few years old at this stage, but it has always had a heart and core built with caring hands and there’s no sign of this changing any time soon.

To find out more, you can speak to our friendly team at or call us on +44 (0)1233 421611. You can also view our quick demo below for an overview of the system. Happy tracking, you’re in safe hands!

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Best Practices For Equipment Safety And Compliance

Best Practices For Equipment Safety And Compliance

Best Practices For Equipment Safety And Compliance

We are all aware that equipment needs to be taken care of. However, this can be easier said than done. When you have a lot of equipment such as machinery, tools, and even vehicles, taking care of everything can be hard. Additionally, keeping everything safe and compliant can be somewhat difficult. 

There is equipment management software out there that can help you. However, it’s not always clear just how it can help you with safety and compliance. The good news is that this article shows you how you can use equipment management software and other practices to achieve this.

Track Your Assets For GDPR Compliance

You are no doubt aware that you need to safely collect and store personal data. This data relates to your customers, employees, and suppliers. So that you’re GDPR compliant, you must know how to and show that you practise safekeeping of all of this data. 

You can do this easily by using equipment management software that will allow you to:

  • Easily update the information about all of your equipment
  • Restrict the access to data where and when it’s required 
  • Update your employee’s location should they leave your office/warehouse, etc.
  • Update critical information including password protection, if a password is required, the kind of data that is collected, and who has authorisation to log into your device 
  • Securely categorise any assets that are required to be categorised under GDPR law 

When you can track your assets for GDPR compliance, you can have peace of mind. Using some reliable equipment management software can help you to do this. If you still use a spreadsheet or other old software, it may not be as secure as you wish. It would, therefore, be wise for you to use modern software that ensures you can keep all of your data safe.


Business Asset Tracking

Use A Range Of Devices

Did you know that some management software that allows for GDPR compliance can be used on a range of devices? You could download the app to your phone or a tablet. You could also log into an online portal on your desktop computer or laptop. This ensures you have the flexibility you need so you can complete these important tasks no matter where you are.

Stay Up To Date With Equipment Maintenance

Whether you run a multinational business, a small business, or something in between, you should keep your equipment thoroughly maintained. It goes without saying that you should not compromise on safety. All of your tools, your machinery, your vehicles, your computers, and anything else you have should be maintained regularly. 

Keeping a track of maintenance records and schedules is not as easy as you may think. However, when you use equipment management software it makes things much easier. If you still use books or even dreaded spreadsheets you could be missing out. Books and spreadsheets can be full of errors, which means not everything could be maintained as well as it should be. 

When you use equipment management software you can add maintenance schedules for all of your tools, vehicles, etc. As a result, you could ensure that everything is in good working order at all times. Should something choose to break down (and we all know that equipment chooses to do so at the most inconvenient times), alerting the maintenance team is possible via the app or online portal. 

Staying up to date with equipment maintenance is crucial but it can also be easier than you think. When everything is looked after, it could mean that you spend less on maintenance and replacing broken tools. It also means that you can get on with the task in hand without worrying if something will break down at any given moment. As a result, you could meet and even beat deadlines.

Create Reports

The ability to create reports is not available to everyone. However, some types of management software will allow you to do this. When you can create reports, you can see how well you are performing, which tools have recently been maintained, and if you’re up to date with GDPR practices. 

Some management software will let you export reports of your choice so that you can have the data you need when you need it. This is very convenient as it allows you to take a close look at many different aspects of your business. With this information, you could help your business to grow. You could also stay on the right side of GDPR law and remain fully compliant. When you do, you can have peace of mind. You could even tell your customers/suppliers, etc. that you work hard to be compliant and safe.

Wish to chat with someone about equipment management software and safety and compliance? Contact us now at:


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How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

How Landscape Services is Lowering Operational Costs with itemit

“Better management of our assets will mean lower running and operational costs for our business, and therefore more competitive pricing structures for our customers. We can’t wait to see the results of this fantastic partnership realised over the next few months.”

Phil Morgan – Director

Landscape Services

The Challenge

The team at itemit are pleased to announce another exciting partnership with an ambitious UK company – Landscape services.

Landscape services operate from 15 key locations across the southeast, maintaining a variety of outdoor spaces. To achieve this, the team own and lease an extensive fleet of over 70 specialised vehicles and thousands of pieces of equipment. It’s a challenge in itself to log, track and monitor this volume of equipment, but that is made even more challenging when you are working across so many different sites.

The high levels of service the experienced team delivers relies heavily on having the right equipment at the right time. Without the kit they need, they cannot maintain high levels of efficiency and reduce downtime.

The following requirements are critical for the team:

  • Know what equipment you have
  • See where that equipment is
  • Know what equipment is available
  • Identify who has what kit
  • Ensure the equipment is on the correct site at the right time
  • Reduce equipment losses and thefts
  • Report defects


Rhino Force Ranger

What they need

The main objective for Landscape Services was to find a better way to manage equipment so they could continue to deliver the best possible service for their customers. They needed a solution that would improve visibility over:


  • Asset locations
  • Asset availability
  • Utilisation rates for equipment
  • Defect reporting
  • Servicing schedules
  • Security measures and crime prevention

The Goals


Improve Safety


Increase Compliance


Increase Efficiency

For Landcape Services, there goals were clear, they needed to find asset tracking software that would improve safety, compliance and efficiency as a result of having better asset management. The reasoning behind this is solid, they wished to lower the running and operational costs of their business so they could offer more competitive pricing structures for their customers.

The Solution – itemit

itemit is an asset tracking solution that makes it easy to track large volumes of assets and equipment that move around a lot. We understand the headaches of managing thousands of pieces of kit as well as the stress of losing equipment that is critical to the completion of a project for your valued customer.

itemit allows your business to maximise the efficiency of its teams through the equipment they use. It gives you a flexible, cost-efficient way to record all the equipment you own and lease so you have a solid asset register that won’t get out of date. This is the basis for tracking your assets and equipment. Now, you can upload safety manuals and manage maintenance scheduling remotely using the itemit iOS and Android apps. Your mangement team has a web portal to oversee who has what equipment across all of your projects, immediately.

itemit includes QR asset tagging, with very robust, metal tags, that can withstand being chucked around in the back of a van. Not only can you instantly see what kit is yours, you can also scan any asset to report a defect, access user manuals, or check it out to your project.

Just like the team at Landscape Services, if you’re struggling to efficiently manage thousands of pieces of equipment across multiple sites, try itemit for yourself with our 14-day free trial – Start my free trial.

If you have more questions before you jump in to a trial, contact our team of experts today and get answers to your questions. Email

Asset Tracking Software for Your Equipment

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The Connoisseurs of Liquid Symphony: How Riviera have boosted operational efficiency using itemit

Discover the journey of Riviera drinks, a rising star in the UK's drinks dispensing industry, as they navigate the challenge of managing their assets scattered across the nation. Riviera's mission is clear: to ensure that every venue is brimming with refreshments, whilst ensuring their team achieves operational excellence. With itemit's centralised asset register, QR code asset tags, and cloud-based asset profiles, Riviera have gained full visibility and efficiency across their assets, from...

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Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

Navigating the Cosmos: TIS Transforms Space Exploration with itemit

“If you think it’s tough tracking all of your assets just on earth...” Noah Luogameno - Project Manager Teachers In SpaceIn the vast and expanding realm of space exploration, Teachers in Space (TIS), a dynamic non-profit organisation, stands out as a driving force in cultivating STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) interest among students and educators. How do they do it? By creating exciting and accessible projects such as their recent CubeSat (Cube Satellite) space...

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Why Use A UK-Based Asset Tracking System?

Why Use A UK-Based Asset Tracking System?

Why Use A UK-Based Asset Tracking System?

Here at itemit, we know that you need an asset tracking system that works well. Ideally, the tracking system that you use will offer you everything you need and more. Here is where itemit’s software can come in and help you. We think we can offer you an asset tracking system that is a cut above the rest. In fact, we know we can. 

When you search for “asset tracking system UK” you’ll find that you’ll be presented with many options. However, we are confident that itemit is the only option for you. With more features to offer than most tracking systems, itemit can make your working day a much easier one.

Asset tracking system UK: Why You Should Use One

We are a local team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring you have the best asset tracking system. When you have a tracking system that works you can have more control over all your assets. You can potentially know where your assets are at all times. In addition to this, you could also know which members of your team are using which assets. 

There’s the additional advantage of having fewer to no ghost assets. As all of your assets will be logged into itemit’s system you know which assets are damaged and which are missing. As a result, you can account for them. This ensures you can make better business decisions based on the assets that you have, not just the assets you assume you have.

Business Asset Tracking

Ideal For All Businesses

Our asset tracking system UK is ideal for all types of businesses. No matter where you are or what you do, our tracking system can help you. You may run a small business down south or a large business up north. You could have 2 employees or 20,000 employees. Regardless of who you are and what you do, our asset tracking system can help.

Ideal For Tracking All Types Of Assets

No matter what type of assets you have, our system can prove to be hugely beneficial to you. You may have:

  • A warehouse full of stock 
  • A fleet of vans
  • An office full of computers and tablets
  • A shop full of rental equipment 
  • A hospital that contains lots of medical equipment 
  • A farm with tractors and other machinery
  • A factory with equipment that is used daily
  • A school that has a lot of books and tablets
  • A sports club full to the brim with sports equipment
  • A community health organisation whose team members use a range of equipment
  • A charity that wishes to track its equipment and tools

Our tracking system can help you to track all types of assets. Thanks to the way that it works, you too can benefit from all that itemit has to offer. Whether you see your type of business or organisation above or not, we can help you. As long as you can affix a QR code or RFID tag to some or all of your assets, itemit can be just what you need.

Ideal For Maintenance Scheduling

From time to time, most of your assets will need to undergo some maintenance. When you use our asset tracking system it can help you to stay on top of your maintenance schedules. All that you need to do is to create a digital profile for each of your assets. As soon as a profile has been created you can add as many details about the assets as you wish. You can also add a maintenance schedule. 

The schedule will alert you whenever an asset needs to be sent for maintenance. As a result, all of your assets are much more likely to operate well. Any potential issues can be discovered and dealt with. Not only does this mean that assets are likely to last longer. It also means that they are more likely to perform as expected. This, in turn, ensures that you and your team can become more productive. This is all thanks to the way that our asset tracking system works.

Itemit: The Best UK Asset Tracking System

Here at itemit, we know you want to use the very best tracking system. This is why we offer you our software. You no longer have to hunt far and wide online for a tracking system that works well. Additionally, you no longer need to search for “asset tracking system UK” and hope that the results page comes up with some reasonable answers. 

We can provide you with the solutions you need today. Talk to our helpful and professional team about how our tracking software can help your business. You can reach our team today at Alternatively, you could start using our software today. All that you have to do is to fill in the form below so you can make a start.

The Ultimate Guide to Asset Tracking

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