How To Use Mobile Asset Tracking In The Field

How To Use Mobile Asset Tracking In The Field

A lot of business-related work is carried out in the field. Work such as this can involve speaking with customers or checking the progress of a project. In any case, when you work in the field, it makes sense to know where all of your assets are. It also makes sense for you to understand who is using what equipment and even if the equipment is in a good state of repair. These things can all be understood when you make the most of mobile asset tracking.

Of course, a lot of businesses track the assets that they use when they’re not in the field. However, not all of them use mobile asset tracking when they are. Let’s explore what this is and how it can benefit your business.

What is Mobile Asset Tracking?

Mobile asset tracking is very similar to a lot of modern tracking solutions. However, the major difference is that you can use the software when you’re out and about. You do not have to be confined to your desk or even a desktop computer. When you use a mobile solution, it allows you to track all of your assets no matter where you are. You could even be on the other side of the world and still track your assets. As long as they have a barcode or an RFID tag attached to them, your assets can be tracked. 

Did you know that when you track your assets this way you can make changes to your asset register? You can do this wherever you are. When you make those changes, they will be updated on all of your devices. So, no matter where you log in from, you can gain access to updated information.

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How To Create An Asset Register

Creating an asset register is very easy. In fact, it’s likely to be much easier than you think. All that you need to do is attach a barcode or an RFID tag to the assets you want to track. When you have one attached, tracking begins. Please just make sure that you give each digital profile a name and add a bit of information about the asset in question. When you do, you’ll find that asset tracking is a breeze.

Tips For Maintaining Assets When Undertaking Field Work

Working in the field allows you to speak with your customers or to see how a project is progressing. However, you may find that your tools or equipment occasionally fail to work. What can you do about this? You may simply have to phone the right department and tell them what’s what. You may also have to collect a replacement or wait until your tool has been repaired. Sometimes it can take far too long for messages to be sent to the correct department. 

The good news is that when you use the right software, mobile asset tracking and maintenance is very easy. When something goes wrong, you can simply report the issue via the software. Log into it and select the asset that’s no longer working. Then, leave a message for the maintenance department so they know what needs to be done. You could also message another department to it a request for an additional asset so they’re aware one is required. As long as all departments have access to the software and receive notifications dealing with situations such as this can be easy. The software can make communication much easier. As a result, you could get your tasks completed sooner rather than later.

How To Ensure Everyone Has The Assets They Need

Did you know that you can assign assets to particular people? This is a great way of making sure that your team members have the tools they need. It also means that you have a better idea as to whether you have enough tools. When you can assign assets in this way it helps to make them more secure. But did you know your team members can make use of the check-in and check-out option? When they do, you can always see who is using what. When you use mobile asset tracking it helps you to keep a track of everything with ease.

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Accessing Your Asset Register In The Field

You can access your register no matter where you are and via multiple devices. Login via your tablet or phone. Use a laptop or a desktop computer to update your register or send a message. You can gain full access to the tracking software via any device. Working in this way is highly convenient and it can help to improve operations. This is simply because you’ll save time and know how your business is actually running. 


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