Did you know you can use itemit, the simple, customisable and easy to use mobile asset tracking software offline?

There are many reasons why you may want to use asset management software offline. For a start, if your mobile doesn’t have WiFi, for example if you work in remote locations. This means that all the features of our equipment maintenance tracking app will still work for rescue teams when they need to scan in their qr code tags and edit their asset registers.

Maybe you’ll need to use asset tracking and track your qr code or RFID asset tags but are in a secure location and so WiFi is blocked or prohibited. The military and the Ministry of Defence, whether in the UK or anywhere in the world, can still use our asset management software free and offline!

There’s even a possibility that you’ve simply run out of 3g, 4g or 5g for the rest of the month. You may need to still use our barcode asset tracking, Qr code tag, or rfid tracking app in order to update some information on your fixed asset register.

With our mobile asset tracking software you can have effective and simple asset monitoring any time, anywhere.

So how can you use our asset management system software offline? It doesn’t matter if you’re tracking barcodes, rfid asset tags, or even metal qr code tags! It doesn’t even matter if you’re using our asset tracking app without asset tags at all, you’ll still be able to update your asset register and access all the features.

The only difference with using our mobile asset tracking software offline is that it’ll update the overarching cloud-based asset registers when it finds a connection. On your phone, location and asset tagging information, as well as everything else, will be updated instantly. Our free asset tracking software can help you maintain and manage your assets from any and all locations, even space!

1. If your mobile isn’t already offline, switch on “flight mode”.

2. Start up the itemit app, as normal.

mobile asset tracking software

3. There you have it!

Our mobile asset tracking software will still allow you to instantly use all of it’s features, even offline!

app asset register

Our mobile asset tracking software is cloud-based, so the next time you get a connection, everything will synchronise automatically.

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