medical asset registers and equipment tracking

Sanguine Medical Ltd. supplies medical equipment via loans. This means that asset registers are vital in order to track and maintain the variety of tools and equipment that are out on loan.

How has itemit’s ability to create simple and accurate asset registers helped Sanguine Medical with their wide array of equipment tracking across the world? Asset monitoring and small tools tracking alike have assisted with Sanguine Medical’s goal to provide effective healthcare sales on an international scale. Find out how below.


About Sanguine Medical

Sanguine Medical Ltd. were established with the goal of distributing healthcare assets, whether small tools or fixed assets, worldwide. They themselves are the marketers of these products, but they work with companies both large and small in order to get said companies’ life saving products into the market.

In this case, Sanguine Medical are innovators and marketing experts. They help inventors around the world get their products into a wildly competitive market. In a way, they are the mediators that help lives get saved.

They’ve worked with clients from the UK, Europe, and the US and their client size has varied from distribution start-ups to corporate. They are proud of their niche, however, which is assisting with small to medium sized markets so that they can help realise their ambitions.


What they do

Sanguine Medical acts as a mediator between the market and healthcare equipment companies. They offer a variety of marketing solutions in order to help get the life saving, innovative and creative medical equipment to the people that need it.

Offering a variety of equipment on loan Sanguine Medical also helps with finding opportunities for the deployment of interesting and futuristic assets, helping bring the medical industry forwards in how it treats illnesses.

With this amount of assets, both small tools and larger, unique equipment, an effective asset tracking system is needed. In order to create an effective and accurate fixed asset register, Sanguine Medical use itemit, the simple asset management software.


The Problems

Some of the problems are immediately clear. Sanguine medical has a lot of unique assets and their assets are spread across many countries. Therefore, they need an effective equipment tracking system in order to make sure these assets are in the correct place and with the correct people at the correct times.

A large problem Sanguine Medical was primarily facing was the limitation of spreadsheets as an equipment tracking system. All of their assets needed to be listed and accounted for and spreadsheets are unwieldy and overly complex. Sanguine medical needed a simple asset app.

As well as this, spreadsheets don’t notify the user of important maintenance dates. Sanguine medical need to know servicing due dates, loan expiry dates, warranty expiry dates, and simply adding this to a spreadsheet is inefficient. An equipment maintenance tracking app was needed.


The Solution: asset registers and equipment tracking

Looking for a better option than spreadsheets, Sanguine Medical searched online for a simple mobile asset tracking software with in built cloud-based web functions. They found itemit.

After a trial of the itemit equipment tracking software, Sanguine Medical found that the asset tracking app was entirely fit for their business purposes. They could use it as small tool tracking software and as a system to maintain accurate fixed asset registers for their medical equipment.

itemit has proven to be easy to use according to Sanguine Medical and they wish to continue using it in the same way due to the success they have found with it. It assists them in saving time as they can simply use a mobile device to update and track assets.

A few of Sanguine Medical’s favourite itemit features are: reminders, notifications, and labels. They can also see the entirety of their asset register in one simple and easy to track place.



When we asked Katarzyna Hernas, the Managing Director at Sanguine Medical Ltd., for a Testimonial, this is what she said:

“The system is user friendly with easy access on the go via the app. We use it for management of equipment placed with our customers. It is very helpful to have functions like notifications and reminders. Quality and functionality meets the price.”

She also reported that there was nothing about the app that she would change or improve.


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