Did you know, you can use itemit to create an asset register?

There are many reasons why you might want to create an asset register.

If you own a business, you may want to create a fixed asset register to get more out of your assets and to make the most of their useful lifetime. This way, you can keep a tight audit trail and a closer grip on asset lifecycle management. Assets that are no longer useful can be replaced faster with this more transparent view of your business critical assets.

You might even wish to have one for personal and/or insurance reasons. This way you can simply export data, should the worst happen.

With itemit, the simple asset management app, it’s easy. Just copy the following steps:

1. Create an asset profile.

2. Make sure all of the relevant information has been added.

This may include maintenance and inspection information, receipts, dates of purchase, warranties.

3. Repeat Steps 1. and 2. for all of your assets.

4. Head to the Web Portal and login with your email and password.

5. Click on “Reports”.

6. There’s your asset register!

You can export your assets should you need to sent them to an insurance company.

You can also click on the assets themselves to see information and go to their profile.