itemit Releases Fixed RFID Asset Tracking Functionality

itemit Releases Fixed RFID Asset Tracking Functionality

The Future Of Asset Tracking Is Now. itemit Releases Off-The-Shelf Fixed RFID

itemit has released cutting-edge fixed RFID asset tracking functionality. RedBite Solutions, creators of the itemit app, has been working in the RFID sphere for over 10 years. These expertise have been applied to the itemit system to create automated, granular, and accurate fixed RFID asset tracking.

itemit is an asset tracking software with an integrated app and web portal. The system allows you to log your assets as unique profiles and track assets while onsite and when remote. This has proven immeasurably helpful in overcoming the challenges this year has created.

The core of the itemit system is the ability to log, add data to, and track the locations of your tools and equipment. Fixed RFID improves these operations as it allows you to track whenever assets move from one location to another with no manual input required.

The system works through the use of fixed RFID trackers and passive RFID tags. Fixed RFID trackers are placed in tactical locations in your building and when an RFID tagged asset moves out of one location or into a location, this is automatically updated in itemit.

You can read more about how RFID systems work by following the link, but in essence, you’ll use multiple antennas to detect where assets are and how they’re moving.

Currently, itemit’s fixed RFID asset tracking deployment is being used in a hospital to track critical equipment. With consultation from the team, the hospital has placed RFID readers and antennas in tactical locations so that every time an asset moves from one ward to another, the change is logged automatically.

Critically, this saves them time where it is needed the most, as it entirely removes the need to update asset information and location data manually, giving the hospital more control over their assets’ movements.

With itemit, you can combine asset tracking technologies to create the most powerful and transparent levels of accountability and control available on the market. 

Now you can use fixed RFID asset tracking to automate your location tracking throughout your sites, GPS asset management to view asset locations when you’d otherwise lose accountability over them and QR code and barcode asset tracking to speed up your day to day asset tracking.

To find out more about itemit’s fixed RFID asset tracking solution, you can contact the team at To purchase a fixed reader set, you can also contact us or you can use the button below.

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