itemit Launches GPS Asset Tracking Solution

itemit Launches GPS Asset Tracking Solution

itemit’s GPS Asset Tracking Solution Automates Your Location Tracking

itemit has launched the world’s simplest GPS asset tracking system. Now, you can mix and match different tracking technologies within the itemit system for the most transparency and accountability over assets possible.

With itemit’s asset tracking software, you can use RFID tags, QR code labels, barcodes, and now, GPS tags to create automated and transparent location tracking operations. 

GPS trackers are physical hardware that you can stick onto your assets. They’re battery-powered, so if you’re using them for fleet asset management you’ll be able to plug them into your vehicle to avoid the need to recharge.

AT4 GPS Tracker

The way they work is by periodically pinging a location to itemit. This differentiates the tags from QR codes and barcodes as these tags require manual scanning for location updates. Instead, GPS trackers automatically communicate with the system, letting you know where your assets are wherever they are in the world.

The update period can be discussed with the team depending on your needs and we’ll set up your tags for you so that you can start tracking your assets from day one.

We recommend using the GPS trackers on larger or high-value assets, or if you’re tracking assets across a wide area, such as an airfield or across acres of land. This makes them great for ensuring your deliveries get to where they need to be.

The integration with itemit is simple, too. All you need to do is type in your tracker’s IMEI number and you’re ready to go!

The benefit of using itemit is that you can now get the highest levels of accountability and transparency possible. As you can mix and match technologies, you can use QR codes for audits, RFID tags for high-value assets and small tools, and GPS for assets that are constantly in transit.

You can get your GPS trackers by contacting us at or by using the button below. When you purchase via email, we’ll also be able to offer you a monthly subscription plan of £9.99/month per tracker. This includes the price of the tracker, too.

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