itemit Presents to its Users a Brand New User Interface

itemit Presents to its Users a Brand New User Interface

itemit’s simplistic user interface receives a new look!

Starting right back in 2016, itemit first launched itself offering users a smart solution to asset tracking. Asset tracking is a method used to track tools and equipment, often with software. The software uses either QR, Barcode, GPS or RFID tags which can help locate an asset’s location, whilst also housing a profile for the asset, including important information users would formerly have kept in files or spreadsheets. Asset tracking is crucial to managing an inventory within the workplace, it can identify an asset’s location, maintenance schedule, depreciation and many more important pieces of information that an organisation will need to know. How better to do this than with itemit?

Since its launch itemit became quickly loved for its simplistic look and user-friendly interface. The original interface included a turquoise green colour scheme, with fewer features, although easy to use and proved to be a success amongst our customers. We previously brought to you collections, locations, and an issues reporting feature, but it was time to bring you even more and give our customers an even better platform to love!

Fast forward to 2021 with 5 years of growth itemit has had a game-changing, modernistic freshen up. Of course, it was crucial the new interface kept itemit’s simplicity which was much loved by our users, but also to continue providing an easy, friendly and helpful workspace to manage assets from.

One of the more noticeable changes to itemit’s new UI could be seen with the change in colour scheme, ditching the green we implemented a soft red theme. This instantly softened the look of the app and web portal and brought to life the features within.

Taking a further look at the app, a fresh dashboard has been introduced, offering three quick access buttons to help users perform some of their more regular tasks. Those buttons are: Scan, Search and Add. Whilst below this, a snippet of your asset list will display, allowing the option to simply click to see all and view your asset register in seconds. The new implementation to the opening page means your assets and the most used features of itemit have been made easily accessible within seconds of loading up, this improving both our users’ efficiency and cutting down set up time.

Not only this, but the opening dashboard also brings an exciting new addition of a map view, highlighting where your assets are! A super easy and quick option to track an asset’s location again all within seconds. Whilst further down you can find short and simple tutorial videos to help teach and guide you with all you need to know about itemit. Pretty simple right?

That’s not all! Located along the bottom of the app you’ll find a fresh new menu with a tag scanning tool, positioned for quick access which instantly loads your camera to begin scanning your assets! We also introduce a further new feature, the ability of text recognition for when you want to find an asset quickly, just scan in its serial number and our smart app will read and locate your asset just like that!

Whilst we have added lots of new and improved features and a new look, we’ve still kept our item profiles the same with just a light touch of improvement. You’ll find it just as easy to add in all of your asset’s important information as before.

Our biggest new and exciting feature as part of the new release is: ‘Bookings’, giving you the ability to check items in and out to existing users, or create contacts for those who don’t require access to itemit but may need to check an item out. This smart new feature provides users with a calendar to increase visibility over who’s got an asset, when and how long for. Keeping a track of your assets no longer needs to be an issue, with itemit’s new UI and multifunctional features you can tailor itemit to best suit your needs you’ll never have to worry again about where an item is or who has it, itemit will tell you all!

If you haven’t already got an itemit workspace why not try yours today by signing up to a 14-day free trial to experience it for yourself. Alternatively, you can book a demo with our friendly team to go through our software and answer any questions you may have. To contact us please reach us at 

itemit’s New User Interface

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