Embarking on a cosmic journey with Teachers in Space has been a huge privilege and adventure for the team at itemit. We’re not just talking about launching postcards into the cosmos – oh no, we’ve graduated to something even more mind-blowing: student-designed mini satellites! Think of them as cosmic pint-sized wonders named Cube Satellites (or Cube Sats).

What’s the mission, you ask? It’s nothing short of inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators. These little dynamos, dreamed up by the bright minds of students and teachers across the US, take on a space exploration mission of their own. Teachers in Space (TIS) equips these space education pioneers with the CubeSat skeleton and training to produce them, basically the satellite version of a DIY space kit. The mission? To stoke the flames of curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math among young scholars. Each school then becomes a mini NASA, designing and building its own mini-science experiment to hitch a ride into space.


itemit enables TIS to achieve their inspiring mission by attaching a unique itemit QR tag on each CubeSat, ensuring that every asset has its own celestial ID card. These cosmic travellers then embark on a cross-country journey back to TIS headquarters, where they’ll be dispatched to various flight locations.

Enter the magic of itemit’s cutting-edge asset tracking software. Each CubeSat becomes a rockstar with its own profile – a digital passport of sorts. This virtual hub contains everything from origin stories and design specs to the current whereabouts, status, and even the existential trajectory of these pint-sized astronauts. Each time a stakeholder scans the QR code, voila! You’ve got the CubeSat’s GPS location right at your fingertips.

Imagine the excitement of TIS participants, glued to the itemit map feature, as they watch their brainchild zigzagging across borders. Once these cosmic troopers hitch a ride on gliders like the Egrett and Perlan, they shoot off into space, recording temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, UV light, radiation – you name it!

Itemit doesn’t just stop there. The itemit platform keeps TIS, teachers, and students in the loop with real-time access to their CubeSat’s escapades. Plus, the collaborative power of sharing CubeSat profiles among all stakeholders ensures a seamless operation – no CubeSat gets left behind.

We’re over the moon to continue supporting TIS and witness itemit QR tags boldly go where no QR tag has gone before (other than our own) – into the vast expanse of space, playing a vital role in the cosmic future of exploration!

Now, here’s where you come in. Be a trailblazer, a partner in innovation, and seize the opportunity to have your organisation reach new milestones through the power of asset tracking!

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