What Are The Types Of Asset Management?

There are many different types of asset management. Most of them overlap, and you’ll probably want to implement as many as possible into your business. This is why it’s important to get asset management software that can do as much as possible.

With effective, bespoke asset management software, you’ll be able to track all of your assets, from your computers to your tools to any other heavy equipment that you may need to track.

Asset management software is effective across all industries, including for:


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Tools and Equipment Tracking

The simplest form of asset management is tools and equipment tracking. This is where most asset management software has been built up from. 

You’ll be able to use QR code asset tags to tag your equipment. Then, you’ll be able to retrieve information about the assets quickly and start creating an audit trail of asset locations.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Additional functionality will help out here, too. With the ability to check equipment in and out and book it in advance, you’ll be able to indicate which tools and equipment are required for use on a job.


IT Asset Management

IT asset management is the discipline of tagging and tracking your IT assets. These can be anything from phones to laptops to computers, even USBs and printers. Anything with IT capabilities will belong on your IT asset register.

IT asset management has a few subsets, which can help you break down your asset tracking processes, allowing for a more transparent view of asset data.


Hardware Asset Management

Hardware asset management is where you track your hardware, such as computers.

You’ll be able to add crucial information, such as purchase price. You’ll also be able to assign your hardware to your colleagues so that you know who is using what and where.

With hardware asset management, you’ll get a much clearer view of what your hardware is doing, from issues it may have to how it’s being used.

Overall, this gives you a better view to make business-focused decisions.


Software Asset Management

Software asset management can be linked to hardware asset management, as it works in a similar way.

With this, you’ll be able to track the software you own, monthly subscription fees, passwords, and who has access to what.

Crucially, you’ll be able to use IT asset management software to ensure that all of your colleagues have everything they need to fulfil their daily duties.


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Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management is where it all comes together. Your fixed assets will include your tools and equipment, but fixed asset management processes differ slightly.

Fixed asset management is more to do with the financial side of things. So, you’ll be able to use fixed asset register software to manage your finances, view what you own, and see how your assets are depreciating.

With fixed asset management, you get the clearest view of how assets are interacting with your business’ operations. Then, with IT asset management and tools and equipment tracking, you get to also see the specifics of your asset’s behaviour, too.

Therefore, it’s essential that you get an asset management software that can do it all. With itemit, you’ll be able to mix and match your own asset tags, from barcodes to QR codes to RFID tags to GPS trackers.

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