The Benefits of QR Code Asset Management

The Benefits of QR Code Asset Management

QR code asset management will benefit your business. Using QR asset labels speeds up and automates your processes, while the asset management element improves the accountability and transparency you have over your assets.

Using a QR code asset management system allows you to take your assets a lot further, both physically and metaphorically!

The Benefits Of QR Code Asset Management

Why QR Codes?

So, why should you use QR code asset tags as opposed to RFID tags or GPS tags?

The answer is simple: ease of use. With QR codes, you’re keeping your costs down and your processes streamlined, as you don’t have to purchase (and use) third-party readers. Simply scan the QR tag using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, and you can start tracking and managing your assets instantly.

When your asset tracking software incorporates asset tags, all it takes is a simple scan of the QR, and the asset’s last known location will update, as well as the user who scanned it. The asset’s profile will also open, ready for you to add any additional information or updates, such as maintenance schedules or to use the equipment checkout feature.

The Benefits of QR Code Asset Management

How does the use of QR code asset management benefit your small business? While it can provide you with a high ROI, there are also many practical benefits that you’ll see on a day to day basis.

Speed of Asset Identification

First of all, using QR code asset management will increase the speed of your processes. Now, to track tools and equipment instantly, simply scan the asset’s QR tag to identify an item and update its record.

If you’re looking to improve your processes and ditch spreadsheets, using QR code asset management will give you back much needed time. Being able to scan an asset and view and edit its data instantly means that you no longer have to open a spreadsheet, find the asset in question, and then tediously and manually update its details.

With itemit asset profiles, you’ll be able to book assets out, add issues for maintenance, and view any amount of information, including user manuals – something that’s particularly handy if you’re onboarding new staff.

Business-wide Accountability

One of the many benefits of QR asset management software is having an automatically created fixed asset register. This instantly increases the responsibility your team will feel for your assets, and it allows you to hold people accountable for their treatment of the business’ tools and equipment. 

Not only do you get full visibility of what assets the business owns, but you can also see at a glance where equipment and machinery are, who has it and where it’s been. In addition, you’ll get full transparency of the condition of your assets and any maintenance and inspections schedules.


An often overlooked benefit of using QR code asset management is the increase in responsibility that QR codes create.

If there’s a mass of tools at your disposal, the uniquity of each tool is often lost. With a QR code asset tag, it’s visible that it isn’t just another tool, but a unique asset that helps the running of your business.

Not only this, but QR code asset tags show off which assets are yours, so there aren’t any mix-ups if you’re sharing a construction site with another company. 

All of our QR code asset tags proudly show that your assets are tracked using itemit, which also acts as a theft deterrent.

If you’d like a free sample of QR code asset tags to see how well QR code asset management can work for you, all you need to do is drop us an email at

QR Code Asset Management

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