itemit Innovation Provides Off-the-Shelf Fixed RFID Reader Asset Tracking Solution

Since its inception, itemit has been a pioneer of a transformative approach to object tracking. The cutting edge solution has made a name for itself in the IoT sphere thanks to its drive to push innovation boundaries and to provide the world with an easier way to track and manage any asset. Now, itemit is taking its tracking technologies to the next level by applying its famous simplicity to the world of fixed RFID reader tracking.

The unique solution already offers its clients the ability to combine QR codes, barcodes, GPS trackers and handheld RFID readers to track assets and equipment. Now, the team is incorporating over twenty years of expertise of utilising fixed RFID readers to bring even more automated tracking to itemit.


itemit’s RFID Asset Tracking Expertise

itemit is an asset tracking system fully owned and created by RedBite Solutions Ltd. RedBite was founded in 2006 and operates in the IoT sphere designing and developing bespoke asset management solutions which solve the world’s most challenging asset tracking problems. RedBite boasts an impressive client list that includes one of the world’s largest intergovernmental organisations, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Wilmar and Sony, to name just a few.

RedBite itself is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge’s Auto-ID Centre, where the GS1 EPC standards originated. As a result, RFID knowledge and expertise runs through the very core of the company. The team is responsible for developing and continuing to manage the world’s largest global RFID deployment, which spans over 60 countries and has been active for the last 7 years.

The team behind the itemit solution gained extensive experience in solving the asset tracking problems of global organisations. It became very apparent to the team that no matter what the asset, the industry or the size of the organisation, the fundamental problem was actually quite a simple one – how can we effectively track and manage our assets? itemit was borne out of the knowledge gained from helping some of the biggest names in the world to better track their assets.

itemit’s mission is to provide every organisation with an easy way to track and manage all of its assets. The modern solution is unique in its approach, which allows for multiple Auto-ID and tracking technologies to be combined and managed using the same system. This includes QR codes, barcodes, GPS trackers and RFID. itemit has so far helped over 100 organisations all around the world to rethink and transform its asset tracking.


Fixed RFID Reader Integration in itemit

To stay ahead of the expedited growth in the IoT and IIoT markets, itemit continues to innovate to create the most streamlined, automated, and affordable off-the-shelf asset tracking software in the world.

Coming soon to itemit is the integration of fixed RFID reader tracking into the readily available solution. This means you’ll be able to have fixed RFID readers on entrance and exit points or anywhere of interest that automatically detect assets and logs each asset’s location in real-time. Unlike traditional RFID systems, itemit is a cloud-based, highly scalable solution that removes the dependency on complex and expensive hardware and associated maintenance.

With the addition of fixed RFID tracking in itemit, you will get:

  • A managed RFID service: itemit will manage your readers for you and make it simple to get started and monitor reader status
  • Plug and play RFID readers: Along with the software, itemit will provide you with readers that work off-the-shelf with WiFi and even a GPRS sim card already included for a super simple set up process
  • An easy-to-use, award-winning system: At its core, itemit is designed to provide an easy way to track and manage any asset. The team work tirelessly to create a system that simplifies the task of asset tracking and the integration of fixed RFID readers into itemit is no exception. 


What are the Benefits of Fixed RFID Readers in itemit?

Fixed readers give you more automation. Every time an asset moves in or out of a location, itemit automatically updates to reflect this in real-time. This is achieved with no manual intervention and as a result offers significant savings of time and money. In addition, itemit provides you with an audit trail of where your assets have been.

Previously, RFID technologies have been seen as an expensive and complex solution, requiring bespoke development and in-house expertise. With itemit, this is no longer true. Now, RFID is accessible to all, with any organisation able to benefit from the power and automation that RFID offers. itemit’s RFID solution starts at £29.99 per reader per month with readers available for purchase complete with enclosure to ensure they work out-of-the-box with the itemit software.

The fixed RFID asset tracking capabilities are currently being trialled with selected interested clients. If you’re interested in being a part of a leap forward in IoT, drop us an email via the button below.

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