How Does A Warehouse RFID System Work?

How Does A Warehouse RFID System Work?

RFID tracking is the future. With a fixed RFID system in place, you’ll be able to automatically track your stocks, the movement of equipment, and the status of your assets.

Implementing a warehouse RFID system allows you to see how all of your stock and assets are moving. This way, you don’t need to manually update anything whenever an asset’s status changes.

itemit has a world first, off-the-shelf RFID asset tracking system integrated, meaning now setting up your RFID system is low cost, quick and easy.

Passive RFID Vs. Active RFID

What Is A Warehouse RFID System?

A warehouse RFID system is one which allows you to monitor the movements and status of your warehouse’s assets without any manual input.

All of your tools and equipment will be tagged with RFID labels. These labels will then interact with your asset tracking software and update a variety of data.

So, every time an asset moves from one location to another, your asset tracking software will automatically pick up where the change is happening and log it.

This is incredibly helpful if you want to automatically log and track a workflow. So, if you have a variety of rooms attached to your warehouse which serve different purposes, you’ll be able to see which operations are happening to which assets.

Handheld RFID Asset Tracking Benefits

When you use a larger-scale warehouse RFID system, you will also be able to benefit from handheld RFID tracking. The difference between the two systems is that your fixed RFID system will use fixed trackers and your app-based system will use external handheld readers.

As the same tags can be read by both handheld and fixed RFID readers, you will be able to contribute to asset management operations with more interactions if necessary.

So, if you need to audit equipment in a location to verify that all of the assets that should be there remain, all you need to do is use an audit feature. Once you’ve added the feature it’s as simple as pulling the trigger on your handheld RFID reader and your asset tracking app will do the rest.

More RFID Asset Tracking Applications

Fixed RFID is incredibly helpful in construction equipment tracking, healthcare asset management, and high-value asset tracking.

There are many benefits to using an RFID system, including speed, automation, and the fact that you can hide RFID asset labels. The ability to conceal labels, for example, means that you can track assets such as paintings, props, costumes, and wine bottles without affecting the value with a tag that must be visible.

Fixed RFID and automation are also incredibly helpful in environments where speed is a must. For example, if you’re working in healthcare, you may not be able to spare time to track your assets. So, automating this mitigates risks related to maintenance, accountability, and transparency.

itemit has a world-first RFID system that allows you to combine asset tags, too. This way, you’ll be able to set up your RFID asset tracking quickly and off-the-shelf, while also using GPS asset trackers and QR code asset management.

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Warehouse RFID System

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