Manage your High Value Assets

Securely track and manage your unique collections. Record insurance details, valuations and the location of bespoke pieces.

high value collections
REME charity

itemit is working with the Ministry of Defense to track their High Value Asset Collections

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Insurance Records

Record the critical insurance information you need, including Insurance details, current value, insured value and more. Add your proof of purchase to the asset so everything is stored safely, in one place.

Complete your asset records by adding photos, certificates and even tagging each asset using QR Tags or RFID Tags. Tagging makes identifying unique pieces, quick and easy.

Museum Reports Data

Easy Auditing

Pull off a complete Asset register pdf report whenever you need to. Create unique reports to assist with auditing your high value collections.

The location of each asset can be recorded and updated simply by scanning the asset’s tag. This means you’ll have full visibility of where your assets are.

A complete and up to date asset register of your unique collections.

Location Tracking

Scan an asset’s QR or RFID tag to view its record. The asset’s location will automatically be updated along with who scanned it and when.

Gain more accountability and a greater peace of mind when your high value collections are on the move.

Add itemit QR code asset tags to create a greater theft deterrent, keeping your assets safer no matter where they are.

itemit is the asset management solution that you can afford.

Plans start from just £9.99 per user/month.

“Delighted with this product as a new customer to asset tracking. It is simple to use and particularly well laid out. Having sampled a few other (far more costly) products, I have found that itemit has lived up to all expectations. Exceptional customer service throughout has proven to be the cherry on the proverbial cake!”

Garry Wright-Rivers

Business Developer, REME, part of the MOD

It's time your asset tracking was easy.

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