How RFID Can Help You To Track Assets

How RFID Can Help You To Track Assets

Can you track your assets without sticking a QR code or a barcode to them? Is it possible to track an asset when you can see it? The answer to all of the above is “yes”. In fact, the answer is not just “yes”, it’s “yes, and you can also…”. 

When you use an RFID tracking app to its full advantage, you can track all of your assets. In fact, you can track your assets no matter where they are in the world. It really is possible, but only when you use a tracking app that works well.

How Does RFID Tracking Actually Work?

RFID tracking works by using a tag whose information is read when you scan it. The RFID tag works by emitting very low frequency radio waves. When you scan the tag, the information is read and shown on your reader. 

You can add as much information about every asset as you wish to. There are no limits. In fact, the more details you add about each asset the better. Should you wish to retrieve the details you can and within a matter of moments. 

When you use a frequently updated and reliable RFID tracking app it makes tracking your assets a breeze. You can get the information you need about your asset’s location in no time at all. More about this later, for now, we are going to take a look at the use of RFID readers and tags.

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The Use of RFID Readers And Tags

As we have already seen, RFID tags work by emitting very low frequency radio waves. This action is caused by the chip and the antenna in the tag. Also known as an “integrated circuit”, the chip stores all of the asset’s information/data. It’s the antenna that receives and then transmits those very low frequency radio waves. 

The tags do not have any power source, in case you were wondering. They are merely powered by the radio waves that they are sent. The antenna that was previously mentioned is not the type of antenna that you may expect. This is because it’s very small. So small in fact that the antenna, the tag, and everything else it contains only weighs a few grams. 

The reader that you use alongside the RFID tracking app receives the radio waves that the tag sends out. Those radio waves are interpreted and translated, as such, and turned into data that you can read. RFID tags and readers provide an easy way for people everywhere to track their assets. Both individuals and businesses alike use tags and readers to locate their assets and get peace of mind.

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Using An RFID Tracking App To Track Your Assets

Now it’s time to take a look at using an RFID tracking app to track your assets. When you choose to sign up for an app, you need to make sure that it offers you everything you need. There might be many different types of tracking apps out there, but they don’t offer the same things. 

Think about what you want from an app and then look for one that suits you. For example, you may simply want an app that tracks your assets. Alternatively, you may want an app that also exports reports based on the data it’s created when your assets are used. 

You could also choose an app that allows you to set maintenance schedules, make bulk updates, and lets you access the app via different devices. In other words, it’s likely that you want an app that offers you a good range of features. The more features there are, the more convenient the app could be.

The Benefits Associated With Using RFID Tags

Did you know that there are a lot of benefits associated with using RFID tags? Some of the benefits can be found below: 

  • You can build an asset history and export the historical data
  • The tags used in conjunction with your RFID tracking app are discrete, allowing them to stay out of sight
  • Auditing your asset register is easy as your asset’s details can be read via an exported report in PDF format 
  • Your assets may not go missing or get damaged quite as much as they used to
  • You can store important details such as insurance and warranty information in your asset’s digital profile. You could also add details such as proof of purchase, and user instructions. 

It’s clear that using RFID tags ensures that asset tracking is easier than you think. Businesses all over the UK and further afield use RFID tags. This reliable technology helps them to gain more control over every asset, thereby enhancing productivity.

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