How To Get Started With RFID

How To Get Started With RFID

RFID tracking is becoming hugely popular thanks to its ability to help businesses and individuals track their assets. Due to the way that RFID tags work, it’s now easier than it has ever been to keep an eye on your assets. All that you need to do is to use some RFID tags alongside asset tracking software and you’re good to go.. 

Let’s now take a look at how you can get started with the world of RFID asset tracking.

What Are RFID Tags?

RFID tags are everywhere these days. If you’ve eaten out in a restaurant or a bar you may have seen some on tables. These are the tags you scan to open up a menu and/or to make payment. You may have also seen tags such as these on TV, on websites, in shops, and just about everywhere else.

However, what you may not know is that these tags are ideal for tracking assets. RFID tracking allows you to track all of your assets no matter where they are. You can see your asset’s last location, what they were used for, and even their maintenance rota. RFID tags are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a simple but secure way to track assets.

Business Asset Tracking

What Assets Can You Track?

Businesses of any type and size can potentially use tags all day, every day. It doesn’t matter whether you run a factory, you have an IT business, you sell pizzas, or you run a sports club, you can use tags. Whatever you do and wherever you are, you could benefit from RFID tracking.

So, you could track fixed assets such as machinery to make sure it’s properly used and maintained. You could track laptops so you can see they’re safe. It’s possible to track sports equipment, theatre production equipment, tools, software, vehicles, and everything in between. 

It’s not only businesses that can track their assets, iIndividuals can do the same. Think about how many tools you have in your garage, do you know where they are? How many books do you have? Are you certain that all of your Agatha Christie’s were returned to you? As long as you have assets/personal belongings you can use RFID tags to help you track everything.

The Type Of Software To Use Alongside RFID Tags

When you decide to use RFID tags you also need to use tracking software. Software such as this allows you to see exactly where your assets are. However, you should be aware that some asset tracking software has more features than others. Some will allow you to see where each of your assets are without offering you any extras. However, some tracking software will work alongside your tags to ensure that you have much more control over all of your assets. This is where RFID tracking can become very useful to you. 

Before you sign up for any software, take a look at what it offers you. Ideally, you will be able to add a lot of information to each asset’s profile. You should also be able to see where your assets have been and who has been using them. Finally, many businesses find it beneficial to be able to export reports, allowing them to examine historical asset data. If this is something that interests you, opt for tracking software that comes with this feature.

How To Get The Most Out Of RFID Tracking

When it comes to tracking your assets via RFID tags, there are two ways to go about it. The first way consists of you merely tracking each asset’s location. There is nothing wrong with this, however, when used to its full advantage, RFID tracking can offer so much more.

You can get the most out of tracking your assets by adding a lot of information to your asset’s profiles. Add details such as where you purchased assets, the warranty information, and so on. You could also add a maintenance rota, photographs to make identification easier, and an instruction manual. If you don’t have a manual to upload you could add a link to your manual. Doing this ensures you can get the information you need, when you need it, without any fuss. 

Opt to use a check-in and check-out feature, if there is one. Doing so will help you to see who has what and whether they have returned it. Finally, another way to make the most out of tracking via RFID tags is to use compatible software that can be accessed via different devices. The more devices you can use, the better. It makes life so much easier when you can log into your software via whatever devices you want to use. When you make the most out of tracking assets you can potentially run your business on a whole new level. 

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