How Does Hardware Asset Management Help Working From Home?

How Does Hardware Asset Management Help Working From Home?

Hardware asset management is a set of disciplines where you can log, track, and manage your IT hardware. It is a type of IT asset management, allowing you to keep an eye on your critical tools and equipment.

IT asset management operations are an effective way to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • See how is in charge of which assets
  • Purchase fewer duplicates
  • Lose fewer assets

So, if you’re working from home, how does hardware asset management help?

How To Choose The Best IT Asset Management Software For Your Business

What Is IT Asset Management Software?

IT asset management software is a system that you can use to log your IT assets. So, for example, each of your laptops will get a unique asset profile.

Then, you can populate this asset profile with data unique to that laptop. So, you can add the laptop’s serial number, warranty, user information, admin passwords, anything.

The benefit of having a unique asset profile is that the asset itself is unique. In this sense, you can pinpoint any critical data that you need to against that asset.

Therefore, if a laptop has an issue, such as a damaged screen, you can report the issue and know which laptop is damaged, where it is, all of its warranty information and who is responsible for it.

Hardware Asset Management In The Office

Hardware asset management is a subset of IT asset management. IT asset management includes software assets, where hardware asset management is specific to physical IT hardware, such as phones, desktops and laptops.

Therefore, a couple of years ago, implementing hardware asset management was much simpler as sooner or later, everyone would be in the same place. 

Even if you’re also tracking construction equipment, there’d be a place where you could all log, tag, and start tracking your IT hardware. The set-up being simple.

All you need to do in the office is audit your assets while you’re adding them to your asset tracking software so that you know they’re on your system, visible, and have the necessary unique data.

Hardware Asset Management And Working From Home

Working from home prevented an initial challenge. However, IT asset management software has adapted with some core features to help prevent the risks associated with remote working.

So, instead of a team effort within a single place, now you can set up your hardware asset management software from several locations with a team effort.

The core of any asset tracking software is increasing accountability and allowing your colleagues to log onto your IT asset management software and log their own assets does just this.

You can use asset tags to track where assets are on the map, too, ensuring that all of your colleagues have the tools they need to perform their responsibilities.

Then, you can use assignee and check in check out features to log who has assets. This means that, even with the distance, you still know who has which assets, where they are, and how they’re behaving, giving you as clear a view over your asset register as if you were in the office.

itemit’s IT Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s IT asset tracking software does all of this and more. With itemit, you can build a transparent, effective, and fluid fixed asset register. 

You can also implement a wide range of tracking technologies, including GPS trackers, QR codes, barcodes and RFID tags. This way, you get the highest level of transparency and accountability on the market.

When it comes to working from home, itemit is very easy to share, pick up and use. This means that you can share the system with your colleagues whether they’re a couple of houses down or across the globe.

You don’t need to stop at IT asset management, either. itemit allows you to log and track any assets from construction tools and equipment to school assets to healthcare assets.

To find out more about how itemit can save you time, money and a lot of grief, you can contact the friendly team at If you’re ready to give the system a go, you can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial. Working from home is simple when you use itemit!

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