Tips For Managing Your Office Inventory

Tips For Managing Your Office Inventory

Managing your office inventory may not be as easy as you’d hoped. This is usually because there’s a lot of assets on your inventory list. These assets can include computers, stationery, printers, modems, and even desks and chairs. In fact, your office inventory includes anything that you have and use in your office. With this in mind, you can see why managing an inventory may not be easy. 

The really good news, however, is that using an IT asset management tool can make life in the office easier. Let’s now take a look at why and how this management tool can help.

Use An IT Asset Management Tool

You can have more control over your assets and take better care of them by using an IT asset management tool. A tool such as this can give you full control and ensure that you can get on with your important tasks. 

You could have an easy-to-read user interface that ensures you can navigate your inventory quickly. It could also help you to get even more tasks completed on time. Offices all over the world are now using this type of tool. It helps to take the guesswork out of controlling your assets, such as IT-related assets and more. In fact, when you sign up to use an asset management tool you could find your office is more organised than it’s ever been.

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Delegate Tasks By Assigning Assets

One of the most-loved features of any modern IT asset management tool is the one that allows you to delegate tasks. You could, for example, message a colleague via the tool with “Can you pick up the new computers today and deliver them to site B?”. You could also assign those specific computers to your colleague so only they have the authority to move them.

Not only could this feature help you, it could also help your colleagues. The reason for this is because they’ll know what they need to do and when. They’ll also know what assets to use and what not to use. If this was not enough, your colleague could message you with “job completed”. They could also let you know if there are any issues with picking up the computers. They could do this via the asset management tool, which makes life a little easier.

Set Up A Maintenance Schedule

There’s no doubt about it, you know that when you are at your busiest things start to go wrong. Let’s imagine that a client has asked you to print out 400 instruction manuals. You know that as soon as you have that request something will go wrong with your printers. It’s almost as if these non-sentient assets actually know what’s going on. Thankfully, this issue can potentially be avoided. 

When you use an IT asset management tool you may have the opportunity to set up a maintenance schedule. A schedule such as this allows you to create a maintenance schedule for all of your IT assets and more. So, the printer that likes to break down could be examined at least once a year. During the examination, someone from your maintenance team will pick up on any issues and any potential issues. These issues will be dealt with, ensuring that your printer is less likely to break down. 

You could set up a maintenance schedule for all of your assets ensuring they’re all in a good state of repair.

Know When To Order More Stationery

Knowing when to order more stationery is tricky. However, using an asset management tool can help. You could, for example, scan a pack of pens when you open them and 2 weeks later, a new pack could arrive. In other words, you could tell the tool when to order more stationery and how much. Not only could this save you time, but it also means you’ve always got pens in stock.

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Learn How To Track Everything

One of the very best features of any trusted IT asset management tool is its ability to track assets. You could track your laptops, for example, so you know where they are. If your laptops tend to be used in the field, being able to track them is ideal. Not only can it help to prevent theft, but tracking your laptops automatically means they will be better taken care of. 

When you set up a digital profile for your IT/office assets, you’ll attach an RFID tag to them. These tags, when scanned, will start to track the asset in question. When you can track everything you can see where your assets are in moments. You can tell whether they’re in the right location or on the way. This feature is very useful and can even help you understand whether you have enough laptops, for example, to go around. 


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