What IT Asset Management Is And Why You Need it

What IT Asset Management Is And Why You Need it

Using an IT asset management system may seem quite alien to some. However, asset management is becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits that it offers. When you manage all of your IT assets, you can have much more control over them. Imagine having more control over your assets and what it could mean for your business. Whether you have 3-4 IT assets or you have 300-400+ IT assets, managing them is the way forward.

What IT Assets Are

The term “IT assets” refers to any asset that is a type of computer or related to computers, such as modems and printers. An IT asset could also be a fax machine (if you still use them) or a power cable. Anything that is remotely related to IT such as your smartphone could be added to your new IT asset management system. 

Did you know that even if you have a few assets that aren’t IT-related you could still add them? In fact, the more assets you add, the merrier. You could add those non IT-related assets to their own group so you can manage them separately. This is the beauty of asset management systems.

Business Asset Tracking

What An IT Asset Management System Is

So, what exactly is one of these very popular management systems? Basically, it’s a really easy way to track all of your assets. It’s a good way for you to see what assets you have and where they are. An asset management system of any kind is one which is located in the cloud and allows you to store data while you track everything. 

You can use your new management system on your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, and even your tablet, if you wish. The level of flexibility makes asset management very easy to use. 

When you choose to manage your IT assets you could create asset profiles and populate the profiles with information such as the: 

  • Make
  • Model 
  • Serial number
  • Insurance details
  • Warranty details
  • Maintenance/inspection schedule 
  • Date of and price at purchase
  • Instruction manual PDF or link to the manual 
  • And so much more!


All that you need to do is to make a start by adding asset tags to your hardware. Once you’ve added a tag to every piece of IT hardware you have, the tracking begins. 

Did you know that you can also track your software? Simply create a digital profile and start tracking that too. This way, you can keep a close eye on your software. 

Whether you track your IT hardware, software, or both, you can have more control and more security. You could see a huge difference in the way that you use your assets. This is all thanks to the data that your new IT asset management system will provide. There’s more information about this in the next section.

Why You Need IT Asset Management In Your Life

Did you know your new IT asset management system creates a report entirely based on the data that the management system itself creates? This report can be customised and exported as and when you please. You could have a lot of information at your fingertips. This information could prove to be vital for your business as you can potentially see it in a new light. 

Additionally, you could have a: 

  • Complete inventory of your hardware and software 
  • The ability to create a unique and detailed user history
  • A system that Improves every asset’s life cycle 
  • The ability to help you to create and stick to maintenance schedules 
  • Improved accountability as you’ll know where assets have been and who’s used them
  • Increased visibility as you can create and gain a lot of information about each asset

This is why more and more businesses are now choosing to manage their IT assets. It makes perfect sense to be able to track and take care of those costly assets that your business uses every single day.

Additional Benefits

When you track your IT assets, depending on the tracking software you choose, you could find that it helps to lower costs. If this was not enough, there’s a real chance that your new management system could help to save you time. This is simply because you can see where your assets are and you can tick boxes quickly and get on with other tasks. A direct result of this means that you could find productivity is boosted. If this was not enough, your new IT asset management system also ensures optimum asset utilisation. There’s a real possibility that you could get more out of your assets as you’ll know how to use them to their best ability. 

You can do all this and more if you start managing your IT assets.

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