Healthcare asset tracking software Critical inventory and asset tracking


In the busy environment of healthcare, healthcare asset tracking software ensures you have full visibility and control over your equipment and medical devices. 

Critical inventory and assets need to be tracked, maintained, used, disposed of, and loaned effectively. Especially in the current climate, tracking, managing and controlling assets, whether PPE or life-saving equipment, is crucial.


Maintaining Equipment With Healthcare Asset Tracking Software

Routine preventative maintenance is required to ensure that your equipment works when it needs to. Whether this is calibration, disinfection, or verification that your healthcare assets are viable, healthcare asset tracking software will help to keep your equipment maintenance under control.

 itemit’s healthcare asset tracking allows you to book assets, create and manage issues, set reminders, and log and view asset history.

This means that the entire process of maintaining an asset is created and logged effectively. You’ll be able to create a reminder for maintenance, book the asset out for that period of time, work on the asset, create an issue if anything needs to be rectified, and log your maintenance so it’s available as a permanent reference record.

A full asset history means that an audit trail of all your preventative maintenance is visible and usable. 

If you’re outsourcing your preventative maintenance to contractors, you’ll also be able to select which assets are visible to your contractors. Contractors will be able to log their interactions with equipment and update your records on the go – no more paper records and data entry!


Track Inventory Quantities

You’ll also be able to track asset inventory stock levels using your healthcare asset tracking software.

Each item can be listed with current stock levels and when more stock is added or items are taken to be used, it’s a quick process to update the new stock level, simply add in the quantity to increase or decrease by and the system will do the rest.



When you need to pull off a report of inventory stock levels, simply use the Reports feature in your software to do so. With the itemit software, you’ll also be able to save reports so that inventory count is instantly visible at the touch of a button. Reports also assist with your equipment audit trails, allowing you to see any asset changes quickly and without any risks of gaps.


itemit’s Healthcare Asset Tracking Software

itemit is already being used in multiple different branches of healthcare. We’re assisting Cambridge University with PPE management amidst the COVID-19 crisis. We’re also helping CamTech with inventory management and Sanguine Medical with medical equipment tracking.

The itemit medical equipment management software also allows you to launch a Google Form checklist from an item profile. This means you can build a custom checklist and integrate it into the asset profile in itemit.

itemit can help you with your healthcare asset tracking. Find out more about the many uses of itemit by contacting us at or phoning us at 01223 421611.

If you’re helping with the COVID-19 crisis, then you can use itemit for free.

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