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The Vine Church is an international English speaking Church based in Hong Kong. Their services are held every Sunday, but it doesn’t stop there. There is also outreach and teaching about the Christian faith, as well as an importance put onto creativity. With all this creativity and activity, there are a lot of church assets that need to be maintained.

Making sure they’re active in both the community and in creating sermons to teach about the word of God in a modern context, the Vine Church also have courses and missions to evangelise and teach.

itemit, the simple asset management software, has helped them keep their church assets in order, making it easier for them to spread the good news without worrying about which assets are where.


About the Vine Church

The Vine Church was set up with the mission to evangelise and teach the word of God. Not only this, but their goal is to outreach in the community and help out anybody in need.

Their team is large and international, with volunteers and workers spanning the continents. With many holding impressive accolades including theology Masters and degrees, a lot of the leaders have more than one job to best help the community.

They preach through sermons and by educating, with creative programmes and activities hoping to generate more interest and enjoyment in worship.


What they do

Primarily, the vine Church teaches about the word of God. Their one goal is to help people grow using worship to do this. They hold services each week and display special sermons with guest speakers from around the world.

They have also created their own communities, to connect people with each other and to help people grow by discussing their faith. They put on courses to help people learn and deepen their knowledge of their faith.

Of course, they also work in a charitable capacity with volunteers and carers to give support to those less able. This will mean travelling around and seeing and helping those who struggle on their own.


The Problems Facing Church Asset Tracking

With all this travelling, evangelising, preaching, and teaching, however, there is a difficulty when it comes to asset monitoring and church asset tracking. There are so many different aspects of stage performance that it’s difficult to know what can be used and when and where it is.

First of all, it’s difficult to track specific church assets, such as bread or wine or robes, but add onto this equipment and tools used to reach a wider audience. Suddenly your church assets involve speakers and instruments and in-ear monitors and stage accessories.

All of this equipment is hard to keep track of without asset management software, without an asset register, and without asset and tools tracking.

It’s almost impossible to stocktake without asset tags, whether QR code or RFID, and without asset management system software which can create a simple and automatic asset register, it’s difficult to know what you own. Without mobile asset tracking software, it’s difficult to know where everything is. Without an equipment maintenance tracking app, it’s difficult to know what is and isn’t worn down.

Luckily, itemit does all of this and more.


The Solution

After discovering the difficulty in asset management, the Vine Church looked to find some simple asset management software. When they found itemit they discovered it was easy to use and access and that it was an incredibly useful mobile asset tracking app.

The most helpful feature for the Vine Church is the fact that QR code asset tags are able to recall records from the app. itemit can also be used as an RFID tracking app using RFID asset tags. itemit can even be used as barcode asset tracking software.

Not only this, but the fact that itemit automatically creates an asset register, meaning that Church asset tracking was instantly made simpler, with a clear inventory and list of locations at the touch of a button.

Also, the fact that the Vine Church can add comments and reminders for technology that needs to be inspected or maintained. This means that damaged technology can be fixed sooner, and important dates are never missed again.

The price is also affordable, with a fourteen day free trial to test out all the features and see how well the app works. After using the trial, the Vine Church was hooked on itemit’s helpful stocktake, asset tracking, and maintenance report features.



When we asked Winnie Lo, the technician at the Vine Church, for a Testimonial, this is what she said:

“We were struggling with keeping track on our equipment inventory, when to check up and repair. itemit helps us in a lot of ways. We are able to put in reminders for checkup, QR code tag our items, and it is easy to search for data of the tagged item.”

Winnie at The Vine Church also reported that itemit was easy to use, helpful, and that she would recommend it to other similar organisations.

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