Making a New Track

The screaming fans. The blaring speakers. The amps vibrating. Being in a band, whether it’s an indie rock band or a metal band, can give life meaning. Music can give your life meaning.

So maybe three years down the line you’ve made it. You can hear the festival crowds. You look to your drummer, your bassist, your guitarist. You can see the microphone onstage. You take the leap and everyone goes wild.

Now, though, is time for the graft. Playing in pubs and on the street on a Friday night. A singer trying to make it, fighting and loving their craft. Waiting for the next tour or at home writing for their next gig.

Whether you’re onstage in front of thousands or if you’re playing in garages and underground clubs, knowing where your equipment, instruments, and music is at all times is very important, and so is knowing what state it’s all in. Asset management systems can help.

The background work

Bands don’t just turn up to concerts and perform. Maybe if you’re a jazz band there’ll be some improv onstage, but generally, there’ll be rehearsals, practice, time to write songs and space for a few creative differences too.

The road to fame is difficult. It’s paved with disappointment sometimes. Looking around and seeing people buying into fame. Looking down at the song you’ve spent hours on and wondering if it’s good enough. That’s the graft. That’s the leap of faith.

Music is a leap of faith. It can be a leap of faith that takes one moment or years. Maybe, just maybe you’ll be in the right place at the right time. Maybe you’ll get heard by the right person. Or maybe you’ll have to struggle and fight for your place in the hall of fame.

Why take every risk then? If there’s anything you can do to make sure everything is where it needs to be, why wouldn’t you?

This is where itemit, the simple asset management software comes in.

Tracking your equipment

So let’s start at the beginning of the concert.

Maybe you’ve chosen to track the writing of the music itself, it’s possible to track your notes! But one thing’s for certain, you’ll want to track your equipment.

While you’re setting up, the nerves and the hours and hours of practise will be on your mind. You can get out your phone, open the asset management app and check that you’ve left all of your music in the correct places for peace of mind for a start. This’ll only slightly tackle the nerves, however.

If you want to be certain that everything that needs to be onstage is sitting where it’s supposed to be, though, itemit is the answer! Simply open the app and see that the location has been updated to onstage!

This is great for packing away as well. Don’t leave pieces of kit behind when you’re on tour. Stocktake in your van with asset inventory management. You can even use asset tagging to make this even easier! Use our unique asset tags, whether they’re QR codes or RFID tags, but stocktaking is much easier with RFID.

You can even know which of your groupies is in charge of what tech, just so there’s absolutely no confusion as to who has to pack away what!

Tracking your instruments

Now for the important thing. Using your creative asset management software to track your instruments.

Making music can be easier with your asset management tools. Less time setting up and tuning, more time jamming!


You can link all of your instruments to leads and amps and speakers, but getting it right is probably most important for microphones.

It can feel shameful to have the build up, to start owning the nerves, to bound onstage ready to yell “Good evening *insert place here*!” Only to be met with either silence or feedback.

This issue is easily avoided with cheap, simple asset management software. You can link up your microphones with the correct speakers and the correct wires.

Using different mics for different songs? You can even link these mics to your songs or your backing singers.


One of the fun ones. Know your stratocasters from your telecasters with asset inventory maintenance.

There are a lot of different ways to track guitars, but with asset maintenance management software, such as our app, you can track when the last time you tuned your guitar was.

Link your guitar to your capos, your amps, your leads, your loop pedals. Make sure it’s all plugged in onstage so that when you’re waving to the screaming fans, all you have to do is pick up and shred those solos.

This all goes for bass guitars as well, track them for your tour, and when you’re packing up, know your baby is safe and sound in the van without double, triple, and quadruple checking.

Now you can know she’s onstage waiting for you while you’re backstage, so sit back and have another drink.

Want a more futuristic look? Add a QR tag to the body. Want to keep it simple? Get a smaller asset tag. It’s just that simple.


This one’s more complicated, but still made simple with our asset management software.

Track each of the drums individually and then link them all together. This way, you can know which ones have and which haven’t been tuned or tightened.

Link the set to setlists, so you know exactly which drums you need onstage for when you’re playing hard and sweating to your crowd.

Now you can even transport them in different vans, making things quicker and easier. Instead of one by one adding a drum to the back of the van, separate them and know they’re all in the right place with a simple check of the app.

Plug in and play

So you’ve tracked your tech. You’ve added your instruments. Now what?

Bring the band together.

Link everything together so that you know where it all is at all times. Set up rehearsals and concerts alike in a matter of moments

All there is left to do… Is play!


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