Who are Messenger?

Founded in 2011, Messenger Construction and Restoration has built a solid foundation of excellence, renowned for their high-quality conservation, restoration, and alteration work on listed buildings, stately homes, church buildings and unique dwellings. The firm boasts a directly employed workforce that is the bedrock of their operations, including chartered surveyors, experienced managers, and skilled tradespeople. Their impressive portfolio features regular clients like The National Trust and English Heritage to name a few.

Messenger is a master builder in the industry, offering a complete design and build or management contracting service, along with specialist restoration services. With an annual turnover exceeding £30 million, the company’s blueprint for success is well established. All of this quality work is supported by not only their team, but also their large pool of assets. Crucially, that’s where itemit stepped in.

The Challenge Messenger Was Facing

Before laying the first brick with itemit, Messenger’s asset management was built on shaky ground, relying on people’s memory and a manual board system. As the company scaled up, this method couldn’t support the weight of growing demands and compliance with rules and regulations. The need for a more robust, process-driven system became evident.

The construction firm had a diverse range of assets to manage, including:

  • Electrical tools
  • Lifting equipment like scaffold hoists
  • Construction vehicles such as forklifts
  • Construction equipment like cement mixers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fall arrest equipment
  • Health & safety items like defibrillators and face fit kits
  • Bulk items like Heras fence panels and tower scaffold elements, which required efficient tracking without individual tags

The itemit Solution

To fortify their asset management framework, Messenger turned to itemit, an advanced asset tracking platform. This move brought several significant benefits, cementing a new era of operational efficiency:


  • Enhanced Asset Visibility: With itemit, Messenger can confidently track the location of all their equipment. The platform’s Location feature allows site managers to see what’s available at local sites, reducing the need for new purchases and fostering resource sharing.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By knowing what assets are available and where they are located, Messenger saves money by avoiding unnecessary purchases or hires. The site staff can easily check the availability of items, leading to more efficient asset utilisation.
  • Improved Maintenance Scheduling: Itemit’s Reminders feature helps Messenger schedule planned and preventative maintenance efficiently. Automated reminders for testing and inspection and servicing of fuel-driven construction equipment, ensure compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Itemit’s Reporting feature is crucial for managing asset data. Messenger uses reports to filter for the likes of PAT reminders and fire extinguisher expiry dates, facilitating timely maintenance and compliance checks. This feature also aids in stock checks and overall asset management.

    The Impact of itemit on Messenger’s Operations

    The cornerstone benefit of working with itemit for Messenger is the newfound confidence in asset location and condition. While it relies on timely updates from sites, itemit has revolutionised Messenger’s asset management. The platform has significantly reduced the instances of missing equipment, which was a common issue before its implementation. The ability to track bulk items through a tag system has also been a game-changer.

    Messenger’s asset management has been transformed from a chaotic, memory-based system to a streamlined, efficient process. This transformation not only improves operational efficiency but also supports compliance with industry regulations, ensuring that all assets are accounted for and properly maintained.

    Messengers efficiency restored

    itemit has been instrumental in helping Messenger save time and money. Itemit reduces the need for unnecessary purchases and fosters better resource allocation. Messenger’s journey with itemit highlights the importance of asset tracking software for construction firms, demonstrating how technology can enhance operational efficiency and support growth.

    Have an asset tracking challenge that itemit can help with?

    Here at itemit we love understanding how our customers are using itemit to achieve their own inspiring missions – the more unusual, the better! If you’ve got an idea of how you might be able to use itemit and want to run some questions by our experienced team members, drop us an email to team@itemit.com – we look forward to hearing from you and achieving great things together!

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