Discover the journey of Riviera drinks, a rising star in the UK’s drinks dispensing industry, as they navigate the challenge of managing their assets scattered across the nation. Riviera’s mission is clear: to ensure that every venue is brimming with refreshments, whilst ensuring their team achieves operational excellence. With itemit’s centralised asset register, QR code asset tags, and cloud-based asset profiles, Riviera have gained full visibility and efficiency across their assets, from installation to maintenance.

Who are Riviera?

Riviera drinks is one of the fastest growing drinks dispensing companies in the UK. In layman’s terms, they are the guys behind the guns you see whooshing your drinks out in pubs and other venues. From the highlands of Scotland to the sunny shores of Brighton, Riviera’s reach knows no bounds. Whether you’ve savoured a crisp cola or indulged in a luscious strawberry daiquiri, chances are, Riviera have sprinkled their magic into your glass. Their clientele includes a diverse tapestry of community pubs, swanky nightclubs, and student unions.

In asset management terms, this means assets scattered across the nation, from lively city streets to hidden basement corners devoid of connectivity. Despite their nationwide reach, Riviera is managed by a small localised team from their head office in Colchester. They have some great players, but no matter how good a team – with assets and engineers up and down the country, installing and de-installing equipment, responding to maintenance calls and making sure everything is in tip-top order – they were bound to need some help at some point! 

Riviera faced a challenge however: how to keep their valuable liquid asset empire flowing smoothly?

The Challenge

When Riviera opens a contract with a new client, they have to install all of the fancy equipment which allows those delicious drinks to be whizzed up the pipeline and into the ever-waiting hands of happy fair goers all across the UK. In reality this means the delivery and installation of coolers, carbonators, bagging boxes, 10 button guns and more. With maintenance calls echoing across the nation and assets requiring constant vigilance, Riviera needed to find a quick and easy solution as diverse as their beverages!

Their previous system? A cumbersome spreadsheet shackled to an office desk, a relic of a bygone era. Emails flew, phones buzzed, yet amidst the chaos, details slipped through the cracks like melting ice cubes. Riviera thirsted for a solution that could unite their team, eliminate paper waste, and keep the beverages flowing seamlessly.

Ice Strawberry alcohol cocktail with lime and rum in a glass

Image of Strawberry Daiquiri courtesy of Riviera

The itemit Solution

Cue itemit, the software that revolutionised Riviera’s operations. No more spreadsheets, no more frantic emails. With itemit, every asset found its place in a centralised register, a symphony of organisation at their fingertips. itemit clearly and immediately shows the team which assets are in each location, including a full audit history of each asset, with maintenance being easily scheduled and completed from the click of a button! Even better: every asset is tagged with a QR code meaning anytime an engineer visits a venue, they simply scan any asset they want to interact with and away they go!

  • Savouring the full flavour: Dive into itemit’s cloud-based asset profiles, where every look reveals a rich history and audit trail of equipment. Engineers, sales reps, and management can indulge in full visibility across all assets, ensuring transparent understanding every time.
  • QR codes that sync to the cloud: Team members can easily and speedily scan assets on the go, enabling real-time updates on repairs and maintenance requirements. No dilution of productivity, just a smooth blend of efficiency and peace of mind!
  • Mobile Accessibility: With itemit’s user-friendly mobile app, participants access the centralised hub on the go, ensuring seamless collaboration and data accessibility, even offline.
  • Cloud synced data concoctions: Even when offline, itemit keeps the data flowing. Picture engineers navigating the depths of nightclub basements and updating asset information with the flick of a wrist. Once reconnected, the cloud pours forth, syncing seamlessly like a well-mixed cocktail.
  • Location profiles: Riviera are fairly unique in the way they take advantage of itemit’s location profiles. With a splash of information and attachments on their venue profiles, itemit makes it easy for anybody to gain a full picture of a venue within minutes.
  • Sip and simplify: With itemit’s user-friendly interface, there’s no bitter aftertaste of resistance. Handy templates make things quick and easy, and eliminate any risk of human error. In the hustle and bustle of busy environments, simplicity reigns supreme.
  • Collaborative tails: A toast to collaborative success! Across different locations, Riviera’s team shares a view of their entire asset and venue collection, crafting a recipe for enhanced collaboration and strategic planning.

A toast to success and achievement:

With itemit by their side, Riviera have raised their glasses to a new era of efficiency. Transparency flows like a clear stream, time stretches out before them like an endless summer day, and insights spark like bubbles in champagne.  Riviera have completely transformed their operational processes with itemit, and have gained so much in doing so: 

  • Transparency: It’s evident to see their whole asset database easily with no margin for error, the data doesn’t lie!
  • Time: Countless hours have been saved by the whole team: the office, the engineers and the sales reps. 

  • Insights: With so much information now stored against their venues, it’s super easy for their sales team to get a quick overview, giving them an upper hand when it comes to negotiating and managing deals with clients!

We love the way in which Riviera’s team have taken itemit and utilised it to fit their own needs. That’s the beauty of customisation with itemit – some ingenuitive thinking has led to Riviera’s custom touch. Leveraging itemit’s asset and location profiles, they have transformed their database into a treasure trove of client insights – a testament to their dedication to excellence!

Have an asset tracking challenge that itemit can help with?

Here at itemit we love understanding how our customers are using itemit to achieve their own inspiring missions – the more unusual, the better! If you’ve got an idea of how you might be able to use itemit and want to run some questions by our experienced team members, drop us an email to – we look forward to hearing from you and achieving great things together!

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