In the world of inclusive cycling, Wheels for All stands as a beacon of freedom and accessibility, promoting the joy of cycling for disabled individuals and those who might otherwise be unable to experience the thrill of riding. With over 1000 bikes scattered across 30 locations in the UK, their commitment to providing fun and friendly cycling activities presents a logistical challenge. This case study delves into how the adoption of itemit, our innovative asset tracking solution, revolutionised Wheels for All’s operational efficiency, bringing a new level of control and accessibility to their diverse fleet.

Who are Wheels for All?

Wheels for All is a national accessible cycling charity that doesn’t just pedal bikes; they pedal freedom, joy, and a sense of achievement. Through their acclaimed community engagement programs, Wheels for All opens the world of cycling to everyone, including those who might have previously thought it impossible. Wheels for All embraces disabled individuals and others who may have thought the wind in their hair was a distant dream.

Picture this: over 1000 specially adapted bikes for every need, scattered across 30 sites in the UK. From the race track to the serene city bike routes, Wheels for All ensures that anyone can experience the exhilarating feeling of riding a bike: the breeze on their face, and the triumph that comes with inclusive cycling. Hailing from the heart of Warrington, Wheels for All has been on a roll, supported by funding from Sport England and proudly part of the Tier 3 Sport England organisation. But the journey doesn’t end there – they even wheeled their way as a finalist into the prestigious Smiley Charity Awards 2024. 

Wheels for All Stories

Image courtesy of Wheels for All.

The Challenge

Managing a vast array of bikes and other assets across numerous locations posed a significant challenge for Wheels for All. Their previously outdated system, relying on sticky labels and cumbersome spreadsheets, was proving inadequate for a dynamic and outdoorsy environment. As auditors declared their assets “out of control,” the need for a comprehensive solution became imperative. The struggle to locate, repair, and track each bike was inhibiting their ability to provide an accurate asset register when called open to streamline operations for their diverse user base. They dreamed of being able to scan each asset with a QR code and easily access all the relevant information relating to the bike including its status, where it has been used, where it is required to go next, which Location it is presently logged at and more. 

The itemit Solution

Enter itemit, a game-changing asset tracking system that seamlessly integrates into Wheels for All’s operations. By affixing unique QR codes to each bicycle and asset, itemit transformed their fleet into a well-organised peloton, putting the brakes on inefficiency and providing a smooth, well-paved path for streamlined asset management. itemit allowed the creation of detailed profiles accessible to the entire team, with which they can perform a whole host of asset management tasks, in real time, from anywhere. This eliminated the need for paper, tape, and convoluted spreadsheets. With itemit, Wheels for All now rides confidently, free from the tangled webs of outdated systems.

  • Unveiling the full picture: Asset profiles on itemit contain a wealth of information, offering a complete overview of each bicycle, its usage history, and repair status.
  • On-the-Go Repairs for real time riding: Team members can easily scan assets on the go, enabling real-time updates on repairs and maintenance requirements. This instant visibility improves the efficiency of the maintenance process.
  • Asset organisation unleashed: The use of Collections in itemit allows for easy asset organisation, effective disposal tracking, facilitating easy reporting for audit purposes.
  • Mapping the path to success: With over 30 locations, itemit provides a map-based overview of asset locations, simplifying event planning and asset allocation. Assets can be scanned in and out of Locations easily, as well as auditing Locations to check that everything is as it should be.
  • Collaborative control: itemit enables various stakeholders across different locations to view their entire fleet collectively, enhancing overall control and strategic planning.
Wheels for All Locations

Image courtesy of Wheels for All.

The geared up achievement: 

The implementation of itemit has propelled Wheels for All into a new era of asset management. The newfound control over their asset register has positioned them favorably for audits. Furthermore, in line with charity commission requirements, itemit assists in attributing funder codes, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations. Recording repairs accurately through itemit’s scanning capabilities has further streamlined their maintenance procedures.

Wheels for All’s journey with itemit reflects a seamless integration of technology into the heart of their mission – providing freedom and accessibility through cycling. As they continue to garner support and accolades, Wheels for All exemplifies how innovative solutions like itemit can propel charitable organisations toward operational excellence, ensuring that the joy of riding is truly accessible to all. They aren’t the only ones! Check out our other case studies involving inspiring charities such as Teachers in Space and Rhino Force. 

If you are interested in joining Wheels for All on this exciting ride, supporting their cause, and being a part of the Wheels for All movement – view their film here. 

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