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All about Asset Tags, Labels and Stickers

What is an asset tag?

An asset tag is a label that can assist with asset management. It will most often be a QR code or an RFID tag. Asset labels are used so that businesses can scan them to update data related to their equipment in real-time.

Asset labels can also be barcodes or serial number labels. These can be helpful but have limitations in the amount of data they can hold. With QR code or RFID asset tracking, all of your data can be safely kept and updated with ease, without the need for a spreadsheet.

Why do businesses need asset labels?

Asset tagging can help businesses track and manage their fixed assets with ease. Asset tags will provide a higher amount of accountability and functionality than a spreadsheet ever could. Asset labels link your physical assets to the digital world, making them easier to track and manage.

Instead of manually updating the movement of assets between sites, all it takes is the scan of an asset label to update relevant information, such as the asset location and the user who has scanned the asset.

Asset labels cut out the middleman by reducing the amount of time it takes to update asset records and fixed asset registers. They also increase accountability and transparency, meaning that they minimise the risks of human error or asset loss.

itemit’s asset tag stickers will also reduce the chance of theft, as they say, “tracked by itemit” at the bottom. All in all, the use of asset labels and asset tracking helps businesses save time and money.

The asset tag options itemit can provide

itemit provides a variety of different asset tags and labels. Any equipment, IT assets, or tools you need to track can be with our full range of asset labels.

qr code asset labels

Our three main tags are all QR codes. Firstly, we have 23mm vinyl sticker tags that you can stick to your IT assets and other assets such as this. They are the standard type but still look great and function perfectly. They’re also life-proof, so you won’t have to invest in more tags any time soon!

anodised aluminium QR asset label tags

The second two types are anodised-aluminium metal QR code asset tags. These have a stronger adhesive and come in 25mm and 50mm sizes. These aluminium tags are great at tracking your equipment, especially if it’s outside and under a lot of pressure. Resistant to weather, chemicals, and UV radiation, these tags will help you track the more significant assets without needing to worry about losing the asset tag.

We can also provide you with RFID readers and a range of RFID tags depending on your own individual needs. Talk to us today to discuss options about RFID asset management or using our app with RFID asset labels.

How quickly will I get my asset labels?

We endeavour to get you your tags as soon as possible. If you live in the UK and order some tags, we’ll send them to you first-class.

If you want asset labels outside the UK, we’ll provide you the options of express delivery (1-3 days) or standard. Depending on how quickly you need your tags, we’ll do whatever we can to get them to you right away.

Can I get samples of asset tags?

Yes! We send out free packs of asset tags so that you can try before you buy and to give you confidence that they will last. If you live in the UK, we can send you a free sample of our 23mm vinyl sticker tags, and 25 and 50mm anodised-aluminium QR tags.

If you live outside the UK, there will be a small charge to cover postage.

Who is using itemit asset tags?

Our asset labels have been used for a range of different companies. The Ministry of Defence use our RFID asset tagging system to track their high-value assets, such as paintings. Mountain Rescue teams use our QR code asset tags to track their equipment to help them save lives.

Researchers around the world have also used our QR codes to track the various equipment they need to make breakthroughs in science. Even schools have used itemit’s asset tagging and tracking capabilities to help them track everything they need to teach the next generation.

Do we make bespoke tags and labels?

Yes! With itemit, you can order bespoke tags that tick all your boxes. Whether these are tags that are vinyl, more flexible, able to iron-on to your clothes or materials, or tiny QR codes, we can help. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll sort out the best option for you all at competitive prices.

If you need asset labels, you can either buy them from the asset tags page, from amazon, or contact us for a quote or free sample. Now, you can also print off your own QR code asset tags. Contact us to find out more.

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