metal qr tag equipment tracking

Using metal QR tags to track your equipment, tools, and machinery

For busy and growing construction companies, it’s paramount that teams know firstly, which assets they have available to them and secondly where those assets are. This knowledge allows teams to move quickly and efficiently from one job to another.

One of the most effective ways of tracking plant and machinery across construction sites is to tag construction assets using hardy metal QR asset tags. Combined with the right asset tracking system, you’ll be able to track and manage your asset register, from your phone. What this means is that moving equipment from site to site and knowing who has it and whether it requires attention is a breeze.

Not only does an asset management system give you the full real-time visibility of where your assets are and who has them, you’ll also be able to track maintenance, report issues, and set reminders for inspections or servicing is due.


  • Tag critical assets with hard wearing QR asset tags
  • Scan a tag to view that asset’s unique profile
  • Every scan updates the asset’s location, who has it and when
  • Full audit trails of where assets have been, digital records accessible by your whole team, from their smartphones

To get a system up and running that will prove to be a success and help your business to grow, it’s crucial that you have the right tags for your assets.

The Problem with Regular Stickers

Some assets require a different, hardy tag. Assets that are stored permanently outdoors, those that are exposed to harsh chemicals or those that just get thrown around in the back of vans on a daily basis need a tag that can withstand these harsh environments.

Imagine you want to track a box of tools. With this it’s a simple process of using a QR code sticker and you’re ready to go. It’ll stick on and the wear and tear and weathering it will endure will often be minimal as it’s stored indoors and is heavy enough that it doesn’t get thrown around the van in transit.

What if you want to track a pneumatic drill, however? A basic sticker tag won’t cut it. You’ll find a simple QR sticker will fall or peel off and you’ll regularly need to apply a new sticker. This won’t give you the time savings you hoped for.

The same goes for many of the larger assets that will be exposed to the elements. You need something that will last.

The Solution of Metal QR Codes

Track your critical tools, equipment, plant and machinery with metal QR tags. At itemit, we know your assets have different requirements and that’s why we offer a range of tags to suit each asset. Most of our construction clients opt to use our unique anodised aluminium tags, available in 2 sizes as standard – for even greater flexibility. Custom tags can also be made to satisfy all of your requirements. All of our metal QR tags have a 3M adhesive on the back, making it quick and efficient to stick tags onto assets.

Using weatherproof, durable, and super sticky tags from the start means that you won’t have any worries about needing to replace tags anytime soon.

Another great reason to use anodised aluminium tags with itemit is that you can use all of itemit’s features offline. If you’re in a sparse and remote location with no signal or wifi, you’ll have both the app and the tags you can trust in order to simply scan and update your assets!

Wouldn’t you like to see at a glance where your assets are and who has them?

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