3 Ways Fixed Asset Tracking Software Saves you Time and Money

Fixed asset tracking software saves you time and money through automation and by helping you formalise business processes. With fixed asset tracking software, you’ll have:

  • More clarity over what you own
  • More efficient operations
  • More saved time
  • More saved money

So, how does fixed asset tracking software save you time and money? Find out three of the main ways it can help. 


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Helpful Fixed Asset Tracking Software Features

Asset tracking helps you by giving you more control over your assets and more visibility over what they’re doing. So, you’ll be able to track maintenance with your asset tracking software, for example.

Tracking equipment maintenance gives you more control over asset downtime, minimising it, and even mitigating it. Being able to track how well your assets are performing, when a PAT test is due, or how much maintenance an asset has previously required gives you a clearer view of which financial decisions to make.

Not only this, but you’ll also be able to track who is using your fixed assets with streamlined equipment booking functionality. Without the ability to double-book, you save time with the visibility surrounding when assets aren’t available, as you’ll know to prioritise another task. 

You can use this booking functionality to check out equipment to companies you’re hiring your tools out to, to indicate that an asset is undergoing planned maintenance, or to let your team know that you’re using a fixed asset and when that asset will be available. 


Faster Asset Retrieval with Fixed Asset Tagging

You’ll also be able to use fixed asset tagging. This links your physical assets to their digital profiles in your fixed asset tracking software. Using fixed asset tagging gives you a clear view of fixed asset locations.

The ability to track asset location creates a full audit trail of where assets are, and where they have been. itemit allows you to mix and match asset tracking functionalities, so you’ll be able to use GPS tracking, RFID tracking, barcode tracking, and QR code tracking.

The ability to mix and match the way you track your assets allows you to see where assets are when they’re on the move and when they’re on-site. Overall, this gives you a streamlined view of where everything is and where it has been, aiding retrieval time.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Exportable Fixed Asset Register

You can then bring all of this together in your fixed asset register. Your fixed asset tracking software should create a fixed asset register for you automatically.

All of the movement, usage and maintenance data you collect by scanning and tracking your fixed assets is then viewable and exportable with reports. These reports will show you which assets have required maintenance and how much, for example.

Overall, an exportable fixed asset register gives you all the information you need to make better financial decisions. These decisions may be which assets to replace or which assets to buy more of if they’re trading hands frequently. 

Your fixed asset register also mitigates the chance of missing anything, minimising the risk of ghost assets or zombie assets. The transparency fixed asset register software provides you with ultimately saves you time and money by lending you more efficiency and more transparency.

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