3 ways to simplify your equipment maintenance tracking

Equipment maintenance tracking is essential when it comes to ensuring your equipment is fit for purpose, safe and reliable. As your business is reliant upon its tools and equipment, you may already have a form of asset tracking software in place. 

One thing we’ve learnt from working alongside businesses is that it can be very worthwhile to simplify existing processes with the use of new technologies. Here we’ll run you through our top 3 ways to streamline the process of tracking equipment maintenance.


1 – Tag your equipment

When you’re handling large quantities of tools and equipment, it can become a little overwhelming. A really easy way to track equipment is to tag it. We recommend QR code tags as they’re low cost, familiar and easy to scan. If you’re looking to purchase some tags, do check out our metal and vinyl tagging options.

How do QR code asset tags improve equipment maintenance tracking? Great question. Once your equipment is tagged, it’s uniquely identifiable. This is crucial as each piece of kit has a different maintenance history, and so any maintenance or work done on an asset must be recorded against the individual asset. A quick scan of the asset’s tag brings up the profile page for that piece of kit and gives you access to all information related to the asset. Also, your team can update the record to detail what maintenance or inspection has been carried out and even take pictures to confirm repairs.


2 – Make it simple to report issues with equipment

Another way to simplify equipment maintenance tracking is to allow your team to raise issues against tools and equipment so that you have full transparency as to which assets require attention. This is essential to the smooth running of your day-to-day operations as any pieces of kit that are not usable can be removed from circulation.

What’s more, is that your team can scan the QR code asset tag and report any issues with a piece of equipment instantly. You can see all incoming issues in the itemit web portal and monitor assets remotely. As a result, you and the team can have confidence in the assets you require to complete a job.

The itemit equipment maintenance tracking software gives you some added benefits. Issues can be reported by users that have access to the system, but itemit also offers a public issue-reporting feature. When this feature is enabled, anybody that comes across one of your tools can scan the QR tag and report an issue. The user can also see immediately who the kit belongs to and ensure its safe return.


3 – Make it easy to see which assets require maintenance 

Perhaps the most important way to simplify equipment maintenance tracking is to ensure you’re using software that lets you harness the data that it holds. For example, it’s no good having an easy way for the team to report issues on equipment if you’re not firstly notified of them and secondly able to monitor and run reports on affected assets.

The best software will let you configure and run your own reports using any combination of asset properties to ensure you have the answers you need. 


Are you looking for an equipment maintenance tracking system?

If you’re looking for a simple way to track equipment maintenance, itemit can do all of this for you and more. We work with Facilities Management, Construction and IT asset management teams across the world to simplify the process of tracking equipment. If you’d like a demo of our software, email us at team@itemit.com to book your free 20-minute demo.


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